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Cafes and Unusual places to Work from in Bucharest

In the last few years, Bucharest has once more become the vibrant, multicultural city it was before World War II. Bucharest’s biggest boom started during the mid-19th century and, together with the weakening of the Ottoman Empire, allowed the city to become a neutral trade hub for merchants from both Europe and he Middle East. … Read more

Networking Opportunities in Bucharest

Bucharest, the EU’s 6th largest city, is a vibrant and busy capital that has seen a big come-back in recent years, following the rather underproductive and grey years spent under communism (1945-1989). The last decade has bee marked by a focus on architectural restoration, culture, art, and leisure, as part of a concerted effort to … Read more

Bucharest’s Best Parks

Bucharest has an intriguing mix of magnificent 19th century Belle Époque architecture, relatively bland communist-era buildings and, of course, modern glass structures. The city suffered the most changes, usually for the worse, during the communist era, when many old boulevards, palaces, and houses and villas were replaced by communist apartment buildings. Back in the 60’s, … Read more