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Business Travel: Will ‘Work From Home’ Save The Industry?…

Work from home and remote work could save the travel industry, and many of the most ‘at risk’ local economies with it. Why? Because your boss doesn’t realistically care where you’re working from, just that the work is getting done, meetings are being attended and productivity remains.

The greatest pleasures in travel have always been the deeper experiences, such as finding where you’d fit in – in any given city, society or destination. It’s hard to do that in a week, during peak holiday travel times smushed in between tourists. But in a month abroad, where you work from home, or even from the beach, meet locals and learn the ways of the land, you stand a fair chance.

It could mean fewer flights, due to people taking fewer trips, but a form of travel which has deeper meaning and matter. We took travel for granted, and this may be a better way to praise it like we should, while getting more joy out of our daily work life.