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Take your company
on a Workation

Although there are many benefits to remote work, there is much to be gained from face-to-face interaction. Team chemistry, collaboration, and innovations stems from the relationships we build with one another beyond the scheduled meeting hours. Allow your team or company the benefit to build these valuable connections on a Workation experience.

Let Workation handle all of the complex planning and logistics to allow your team to focus on what matters most — bonding as a team!

Why should you take your team on a Workation retreat

Encourage One-on-One Interactions Between Employees

Help Employees Learn and Grow

Bring Greater Direction and Meaning to the Workplace

Creates a stronger-knit team

Taking a company workation has helped me connect better with my co-workers outside of the office. We’ve formed a strong bond and we’re able to work as a team with better understanding.

– Olivia

Team building without missing the important work tasks

If you have ever been involved with the planning and execution of an off-site meeting or event, you know that there are a multitude of variables to consider. Trouble shooting the unforeseen circumstances often results in losing valuable time and ultimately, money. When traveling with Workation, you will have a Local Hero designated to assist you throughout the duration of your travels in your destination. As an expert in your local area, your Local Hero will provide the support and resources to have a successful event.

Team building events and activities can be arranged with our vetted local suppliers. Your team can enjoy the events with peace of mind and to fully immerse themselves into the experience.

Take your team meetings outside of the office country

Providing a change of scenery from the office brings renewed energy, perspectives, and ideas to a team meeting. Imagine what changing the country does as well.

Immerse your team into an environment where the food, culture, and language provide a contrasting perspective to the problems your team has faced throughout the year. When viewing the obstacles and challenges through a new lens — new ideas and solutions may be discovered.

Looking to take your team on a company workation?