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Company Workation

We will help your company design and implement an employee benefit for your remote working staff. Attact and retain top talent, incentivize performance metrics, and nourish the mental health of employees who work from home. We can also arrange a team or company-wide Workation to bring your next off-site meeting to another level.

Attract and retain top talent at your company

How to implement a ‘Workation policy’ and its benefits

Industry leaders such as Spotify, LinkedIn, Adobe, Slack, and many more have implemented remote work policies in order to recruit and retain the workforce necessary to continue their operational success and growth. Traditional employee benefits such as breakrooms, snacks, and social meeting spaces are no longer applicable to this remote workforce. As Human Resource departments across the United States attempt to implement new employee engagement solutions, many are turning to Workation for help.

Open your door to hosting

How to list and prepare your property for a Workation rental

Determine if your hotel, apartment, villa, or house may be listed on Workation. We will walk you through our checklist to help you equip your property with the essentials to serve the millions of work-from-anywhere travelers from around the globe.

As a vetted partner of Workation, you could expand your revenue stream, increase your occupancy rates, and diversify your marketing to a broader client base.

Plan a group workation

Get your team excited for your next team meeting with Workation

If you have a remote team spread throughout the state, country, or world, it is ideal to bring everyone together at least once a year. Bringing them back to the office is not as exciting as planning an international trip for the team to look forward to. Whether a Team Meeting, Annual Incentive Trip, or Leadership Strategy Meeting; let Workation handle all of the complex logistics so your team can simply enjoy the experience.

The Value of Partnering with Workation

The partnership model of Workation derived from the repeated requests from our loyal clients who wanted to implement a program to benefit their remote working staff. Having experienced first-hand the benefits of what a Workation does to the mind, body, and soul — Business Owners pleaded for us to help them to implement a benefit that would cater to their underserved remote working staff.

From this synergetic approach, Workation established our first business partnership in 2021 by creating a fully customized partnership program. Since then, we have been blessed to establish multiple partnership programs for companies in various industries, and we are very proud of the fact that each company’s program is fully customized.

Synergy is our primary goal for any new partnership we establish. All parties involved must gain value as only then can we reach a Win-Win solution.

“Workation made traveling stress free. They handled everything so all I had to do was enjoy myself. My contact person was very friendly & helpful. I also liked having a local cell to contact her, it was nice having that security if I needed help.”

Kate W.

Social Media Specialist

Benefits of Workation

Work-Life Balance

Increase in Productivity and Focus

Discovering Inspiration For Their Work

Enhanced Morale and Appreciation for Their Work

Traveled to Farther Destinations Than They Would Have Otherwise Traveled

Efficient Use of Their Annual Vacation Accrual

Heal The Mind, Body, and Soul

Expand Network Of Professional Contacts

Cultural Enrichment

“…a key part of my job is to present the Zoom platform to our enterprise customers over video and screenshare. Because I lead so many customer calls, I generally shy away trying to work while traveling internationally. The risk of botching a critical meeting is simply too high when considering the unknown logistics of traveling to a new country.

My experience with Workation has changed this perspective. This is a travel service that is hyper focused on remote working professionals like myself. Their unique services allowed me to stay productive while working from Greece and Italy for a little over two weeks. “

– Edward, Technical Product Specialist

What makes a Workation special?

Work-Ready Living

Hand selected options to ensure your staff are connected & productive.

Local Assistance

Our on-the-ground team provides support before and during the stay.

Complete Customization

Using our connections we can curate the ultimate Workation experience.