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Croatia Workation

Discover & Work in Croatia

Croatia embodies the ideal Mediterranean fantasy perfect for a Workation any time of year. Enticing, unique, and charming, Croatia can feel unspoiled among its islands along the Adriatic Sea where fishing villages and boats linger above the sapphire waters and the dramatic medieval walls of Dubrovnik loom large as the quintessential image of the country. With incredible food, immersive nature, and cities that reflect the unique historical layers from ancient Rome to the Venetian Republic and Austro-Hungarian Empire, a Croatia Workation can be as blissful or adventurous as you like. 


Croatia is approachable, inspiring, and affordable making it one of the best places in the world for a Workation. Highlights for Workation in Croatia include: 

Croatia is an incredibly popular destination but still feels like an authentic place to visit with historic towns, breathtaking city walls, and inspiring natural beauty from waterfalls to beaches. Just a few of the highlights Croatia is known for include:

Croatia is part picturesque port, part nature reserve, part charming coastal towns, and part preserved cultural center set beneath the golden rays of the Adriatic sun. Inviting climate, incredible islands, and unforgettable cuisine add to the countless reasons to enjoy any visit to the country. Each element creates the quintessential character of Croatia you can experience during your Workation with activities like:

Cities to explore in Croatia

Croatia’s cities and towns give you better insight into the heritage of yesterday and the culture of today, influenced by the various civilizations that touched the island shores or ruled the hinterlands. The diverse customs and shared traditions have created incredible things to do and see with the following cities offering the best options for Workation due to their location, infrastructure, and connectivity:


Dubrovnik has earned its nickname, “Pearl of the Adriatic.” With powerful walls that wrap around the historic Old Town, homes topped with orange-tiled roofs, and crystal-clear waters that shine a stunning azure, the city remains one of the most popular places to visit in Croatia for good reason.

Narrow cobblestone streets, access to panoramic views from the top of Mt Srd, layers of elemental history, and a seafront that looks out to the Dalmation Coast add to the city’s luxuries. The evocative ambiance couples with incredible gastronomy that captures the coastal flavors of the greater nation emphasized by baroque architecture and the scent of the Adriatic. Dubrovnik’s timelessness helps make it one of the best cities in Croatia for Workation because of how it immerses visitors in the past while enjoying contemporary amenities.



Split is a city that feels endlessly lively. The vibrancy of the streets spills through the remains of Diocletian’s Palace, making it one of the largest Roman structures still in use. Old Town continues a tradition of inhabitants that has continued for millennia, from the Romans to the Byzantines, Venetians to the Austrians, with each empire adding a little of itself to the local culture and surrounding architecture. 

Split acts as a bridge between the past and present, where modern life fills the remains of the past and the past shapes the cafes, restaurants, bars, and galleries. Wedged between the mountains and the Adriatic, the natural beauty of the water, islands, and the landscape add to the thriving atmosphere. It’s a perfect blend of social activity, cultural history, and possible exploration. 



Zagreb is the cultural heart of Croatia. Dubrovnik has the preserved charm, Split has the incredible architecture, but Zagreb has the energy. Artistic and bohemian, unique and delicious, Zagreb shares a different side of the country’s culture with incredible museums, a multitude of cafes, and shopping that can tempt anyone. The city center consists of the historic Upper and Lower towns where preserved architecture like the Cathedral and National Theatre reflect on a different age. 

Beyond the traditional arti galleries, the museums in Croatia’s capital celebrate and question artistic form with exhibits like The Museum of Broken Relationships and the 80’s Museum. Sidewalk cafes, boutique shops that line elegant streets, and colorful murals made by local artists demonstrate how much the city was designed for exploring. Endless energy, great cafe culture, and a year-round vibrancy make Zagreb uniquely its own for a Workation.


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