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Czech Republic Workation

Discover & Work in Czech Republic

The Czech Republic is a country celebrating the Gothic, enjoying it’s beer culture, and showcasing its lengthy history in it’s timeless connection to folklore. Passion takes the form of art and philosophy, literature and landscape with delicious food reminding people of the country sitting at the crossroads of Western and Eastern Europe. With dramatic architecture, charismatic music, and connections ot fast-paced cities and quiet villages, the Czech Republic is a wonderfully diverse environment for a Workation at any time of year. 

Popular for its castles and palaces, as well as a wine region known to Europeans but overlooked by North Americans, the Czech Republic is an impressive blend of secrets and fame, mountain towns and lakeside villages, thrilling caves and unique churches for an immersion into the past and the joyful perspective of present-day life. 

Wine is flavorful but beer is king in the Czech Republic, home to the eponymous city of Pilsner and a country known for brand names that have acted as the foundation of the global popularity of beer. Microbreweries provide a range of tastes specific to the region and beyond, while wineries blend the countryside with culture, both adding to the growing popularity of Czech cuisine on an international stage. Explore medeival cobblestone streets, find the countryside edging even the most vibrant city, and enjoy a Czech Republic Workation filled with luxury and charm, vibrancy and seclusion, focused on the type of experiences you want.


The Czech Republic’s enticing nature is exciting but often surprising to people, but it’s the blend of natural beauty with the cultural traditions in and around the larger cities that offer unique experiences and memorable places for your Workation. Highlights for Workation in the Czech Republic include:

The Czech Republic is one of Europe’s most popular destinations, with Prague often considered the most popular city in Central Europe. The country as a wholel has districts, regions, towns, and cities that feel undiscovered by travelers and massive crowds away from Prague. Beautiful lakeshores, medieval castles, dramatic cathedrals, and unexpected caves demonstrate the history and emphasize with highlights of the Czech Republic, including:

The Czech Republic is full of surprises, beyond the typical beauty of Prague, creating a fantastic blend of adventure and discovery around medieval streetscrapes, glitzy art galleries, impressive museums, and charismatic towns. The temperatures change throughout the year with each season giving way to a new reason to visit, with lush scenery in summer, refreshing breezes in fall, delicate spring showers, and the famous local Christmas markets in winter.t During your Czech Republic Workation package, you can experience how the country focuses on its own traditions, characteristics, and culinary flavors to make great dishes and offer fantastic activities like:

Cities to explore in Czech Republic

The Czech Republic’s cities and towns demonstrate the changes of the country through the centuries, with medieval beauty to Baroque majesty, Communist influence to the contemporary life of capitalism, with the past heavily influencing today’s culture. 

Fashioned by rugged mountains draped in forest, gorgeous lakes rimmed by gentle beaches, and secluded caves offering a new perspective of the scenery, the Czech Republic opens new doors to a different culture by celebrating customs with ease and eagerness and sharing its own fascinating history. The collection of things to do and see in the following cities emphasizes the best options for a C


Prague the capital of the Czech Republic and whose beauty is often compared to Paris, yet overlooked by many travelers eager to vist more famous European destinations. The city unfolds in layers, with its history quickly uncovered around the Vltava River, looming medieval castle, and stunning Charles Bridge. Cobblestones pave the historic streets connecting colorful homes with towering church spires and modern art galleries  in view of lively public squares for an atmosphere solely unique to the city. 

Culture becomes tangible in Prague as a center for European culture to blend for centuries. With lively cafes, aromatic restaurants, and vibrant bars, the pace of life speaks to modernity while holding fast to the past. Museums reflect the stories of folklore, where traditional stories meet regional artifacts that tell the history of the broader Czech Republic, as life both past and present becomes an experience through food, music, and animated conversation. 

Feast on the local architecture and sit in the atmosphere of cafe culture where favored desserts ease the bitterness of political disagreements among preserved buildings and glowing artwork that make a Czech Republic Workation an immersion into one of the best spots in Europe. 



Brno is one of the most interesting cities in Central Europe but is overlooked and overshadowed by larger destinations, including its sister city Prague. As it steps out of the shadows of others, Brno emerges with an incredible history dating back to prehistoric times and an atmosphere radiating contemporary energy.  

The city center is full of historical buildings with fascinating medieval churches, gilded theaters, bubbling fountains, accentuating sculptures, energetic clubs, and atmospheric restaurants. It is easy to wander around the charming historical center and take in all the sights featuring the Cathedral of St. Peter and Paul and the Spilberk Castle, markers of the city’s more than 1000 years of existence. 

Brno is also home to a thriving cultural scene with art galleries, music venues, and museums creating ample opportunity to explore traditions and customs in new ways while venturing outward to discover the Moravian countryside making it an ideal destination for your Workation. 


Cesky Krumlov

Cesky Krumlov is a small but mighty city famous for its enchanting atmosphere stemming from the medieval town and castle. It’s Unesco World Heritage status protects the historical center,’s Inner City and Krumlov Castle, which looms large above the Vltava River. Surrounded by water, the Inner Town bursts with Gothic, Baroque, and Renaissance architecture edging the pastoral countryside reminiscent of a fairytale.

Get lost wandering in the medieval cobblestone streets, get lost among the history and the smells of traditional Czech food. The city’s many cafes and restaurants create a thrilling atmosphere connecting contemporary life with surrounding history. Climb the castle tower and wander the manicured gardens, or glide through the city with a view from the river. With the elaborate castle theater and lavish museums, art feels all-encompassing giving Cesky Krumlov something for every kind of Workation experience. 


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