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Italy Workation

Discover & Work in Italy

Italy is a country of passion, beauty, and pleasures making it a perfect Workation destination any time of year. Popular but with hidden gems with endless charm and famous cities, Italy can feel like the place everyone has already visited but the stretch of coastline, mountains, and historic cities turn the real-world destination into a place of fantastic dreams. Taste the incredible food, explore the beautiful nature, and visit cities that showcase the beauty of imperial Venice or the opulence of ancient Rome. An Italy Workation can be as quiet and secluded or as adventurous and immersive as you’d like.


Italy is surprising and breathtaking, and blends the known with the neglected making it an incredible place for a Workation. Highlights for Workation in Italy include:

Italy is one of the most popular destinations in the world but still has neighborhoods, towns, cities, and regions that feel untouched by massive crowds. With gorgeous beaches, medieval walls, Roman fortresses, and elegant artwork, a few highlights of Italy include:

Italy combines the beauty of its picturesque coastlines with charming fishing towns, traditional hilltop villages with the rugged mountains creating a spine across the center and top of the country. The climate changes by region, supports flood plains and alpine peaks, but also shapes the exceptional cuisine found in each distinct area. During your Italy Workation package, you can experience how each region has its own flavors, ingredients, and ideas on what makes great dishes with activities like:

Cities to explore in Italy

Italy’s cities and towns demonstrate the centuries and millennia of heritage that speak to the culture of today. Influenced by the lush hills and rugged mountain tops or the secluded seaside cliffs and volcanic soils, each region possesses its own set of customs with traditions locals are eager to share. The incredible collection of things to do and see in the following cities highlights the best options for an Italy Workation package due to the quality location, infrastructure, and connectivity:


Rome quickly introduces visitors to its nickname, “The Eternal City.” Layers upon layers are quickly revealed around the historic city center, where cobblestone streets weave between medieval tower homes and the ancient empire emerged grandeur in the form of the Colosseum and Roman Forum. Equal parts romantic, charismatic, and chaotic, Rome has a special flavor unlike anywhere else in the world.

History feels monumental and graspable, with artistic treasures at your fingertips displayed in the countless museums found across the city. Locals live their lives in the tradition of La Dolce Vita, focusing on the sweet little pleasures that exist each day while tasting great food, sipping delicious wine, and talking with friends as the city passes by. Feast on the art and architecture, the flowers and historic decorations, or the cuisine to enjoy the timelessness the Eternal City offers making it one of the best cities in Italy for Workaiton because it immediately immerses visitors in the joys of the past with the comforts of contemporary life.



Tuscany is unquestionably Italy’s most famous region and for good reason; the landscape itself is as famous as the towns and cities, conjuring images of rolling hills, rows of cypress trees and estates sprawling with grape vines. Practically overflowing with ancient and medieval history, the scenery shining with emeralds also delivers the iconic medieval towns crowning the famous hills, where towers, defensive walls, and cobblestone streets reveal antique restaurants steeped in tradition or artisan shops showcasing customs passed down for centuries.

Michelangelo’s David in Florence, Pisa’s Leaning Tower, the wines of Montepulciano, or the horse races in Siena each add a unique texture to the culture, history, and charming personality of the greater region. In Tuscany, you can slow down and taste the flavors, witness some of the Western World’s most notable artworks, and find how the perfect landscape can shape your work-life balance on an unforgettable Italy Workation package.



Venice can feel opulent and, while connected to Italy, worlds away in how it enchants, enraptures, and shapes the perspective of visitors. Walkways stroll beside and open to panoramas of the famous canals. Secret corners hide away local neighborhoods where history comes alive. Golden mosaics glow and shimmer in the light highlighting Byzantine history and illustrious images of the preserved past. The Grand Canal features the luxurious palaces of a bygone era, when the Republic rules as an Empire across the Adriatic Sea and beyond. 

Enticing neighborhoods, serene islands, artisan crafts, and delicious small dishes known as cicchetti represent the elaborate local culture often ignored in Venice, overshadowed by the famous domes of St. Mark’s Basilica and the gondolas cruising on the water. But Venice is all these things and more, embracing a history of romance and power, expansive grandiosity and intimate charms creating an Italy Workation package experience unlike anywhere else in Italy or the world. 


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