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How Does Workation Benefit Your Company?

Workation allows your company to stand out from the crowd with innovative incentives, recruitment strategies, and health & wellness programs to retain and recruit top performers. Workation provides your remote working staff with a whole new level of self-fulfillment and benefits in a world where work-from-home is the standard.


Retain and motivate your company’s top performers and reduce turnover.


Attract the industry’s best talent with highly competitive benefits.


Increase productivity, focus, and development of new skills.

Why your company needs a Workation Policy

96% of HR leaders are more concerned about employees’ well-being today than they were before the pandemic

Employers are struggling to provide incentives and benefits to sustain employee morale for their remote workforce.

Workation clients found a renewed sense of inspiration when traveling and learned valuable skills and tools whilst working remotely.

Workation provides a Win-Win solution for a company.

- No down time in productivity for company
- Employees do not have to use valuable vacation accrual

96% of HR leaders are more concerned about employees’ well-being today than they were before the pandemic.

Create a unique Workation policy

Recruit the top talent in your industry

Fulfilling open staff positions has become extremely challenging and costly since the pandemic. In 2021, 78% of US companies implemented fully-remote or hybrid positions to counter high turnover rates, yet these alone are not enough. With candidates’ salary expectations at an all-time high, some enterprise-level companies have brought back traditional signing bonus incentives which only add to the problem.

Workation allows your company to offer your new hires a unique onboarding and orientation process that provides an intrinsic and extrinsic value to the employee’s experience. A one-week itinerary will be custom crafted for your new hire to accommodate his/her work schedule as well as provide a culture-rich experience they may cherish for a lifetime.

Reduce turnover with annual Workation time

Employees at all levels need a periodic change of scenery, a refresh of their mind, and recalibration of their work+life balance. Workation can help your company to provide your remote working employees with an Annual Workation benefit which allows them to take (X) days annually to work from a destination of their choice.

If your company is registered as a Workation Partner, your employees will receive additional inclusions and benefits if booking a Workation package. Additionally, your company will have the option to contribute to an employee’s Workation package and be invoiced separately at the company’s discretion.

There is currently no fee to register your company as a Workation Partner therefore this amazing employee benefit could be at no cost to your company!

Motivate employees with creative incentives

Providing incentives is a ‘tried and true’ process that most companies implement to achieve their objectives and key-results. Determining the right incentive, however, is challenging as these can either be very costly or have little impact to performance.

Workation provides an ideal incentive solution that creates a Win-Win strategy for both the employee and your company. When a remote working employee takes a Workation, there is little to no productivity lost to the company. In return, the employee is able to enjoy a travel experience without having to use all of their earned vacation accrual.

If your company has implemented an Annual Workation Policy,
here are a few Best Practices of Workation Incentives:

(X) amount of credit to be applied toward their Workation trip package

(X) = the amount of incentive to implement for their performance goals

Upgrade an employee’s Workation trip package with inclusions such as:
  • Spa Treatment(s)
  • Gym Access
  • Group or Private Activity (e.g. Cooking class, Sight Seeing Tour, Boat Excursion, etc.)
  • Yoga Classes
  • Foreign Language Class(es)

A fully paid Workation package that includes all accommodations, local transportation, activity, and guides.

Mental Health & Wellness for Remote Workers

A study done by the APA (American Psychiatric Association) found that nearly two-thirds of people working from home feel isolated or lonely. On the other hand, a study done by Global Workplace Analytics found that 82% of remote working employees would quit their job if they were forced to return to the office. This conundrum challenges most HR professionals as they struggle to balance their remote workforce’s mental health and productivity.

Workation provides an ideal solution to companies, HR professionals, and remote working employees. An Annual Workation Experience allows the remote worker to satiate their need for human interaction by providing a stimulating travel experience in culturally diverse destinations. Each Workation itinerary can be custom designed to each individual creating experiences that match their interests.

Cultivate the mind, body, and spirit of your employees with these socially immersives activities:

Having a ‘workation’ policy has helped tremendously with our company’s growth and we also noticed a happier work culture when the mind and body is taken care.

– James, HR Manager

How to enroll your company for a Workation - It’s Free!

Enroll your company

There are no costs or fees to enroll your company with Workation. A Workation Advisor will assist you and answer any questions.
*Only accepting applications from US-based companies at this time

Create Your Company’s Workation Policy

Create your company’s own unique Workation policy suited for your business size, staff, and objectives. Our Workation Advisor will share some best practices to help you get started.

Announce Your New Employee Benefits

Your Employees will enjoy exclusive partnership benefits and inclusions when creating their custom Workation itinerary.
*Inclusions and benefits will vary based on a company’s annual usage.

Partner up with Workation

We’ll help you draft up a Workation policy so you don’t have to.

Workation is only accepting partnership applications from US-based companies at this time. We hope to be expanding these services to other countries in the near future.