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Breakfast and Brunch spots in Budapest

Hungarians love having a decent breakfast, especially when it comes to a relaxed Saturday or Sunday brunch. There is no typical breakfast that Hungarians eat, but they love “Szalonna” – a kind of a bacon but prepared much differently – with bread and veggies. Egg is also quite often on the menu as it is easy and fast to prepare. When it comes to brunch in a restaurant, fresh French pastry is definitely top priority for Hungarians too, as those are relatively difficult to prepare at home.  


Previously featured in a New York Times article, Szimply has recently become one of the most popular breakfast spots in Budapest. It’s almost impossible to get served for a decent breakfast unless you have a reservation. There is of course a big variety of food to choose from, so we are sure you will fall in love with the place. 

Két Szerecsen

Address: Budapest, Nagymező u. 14, 1065

We don’t often cooperate with hotels or accommodations which don’t serve breakfast, but if we do, we make sure to have an amazing breakfast place nearby. Két Szerecsen is definitely such a great place. Breakfast is served between 8 am and 11 am and offers the classic menus, such as English-, French- or Hungarian breakfast. Portions are decent, flavors are amazing, and they also have good coffee. Definitely one of our favorite picks. 

Double Shot Partisan Coffee

We definitely wanted to feature a specialty coffee shop in this list which serves breakfast-type of food all day long (or at least as long as they are open). And Double Shot serves this purpose extremely well. Quite many internationally beloved options can be found on their menu, from Avocado toast, through yogurt stuff, to fresh croissants. So in case you are into this kind of food even during the day and are also looking for one of the best coffees in Budapest, this place is just for you. 

Gerlóczy Cafe

Address: Budapest, Gerlóczy u. 1, 1052

Here’s the situation: you’ve visited Paris recently (or maybe during your university years) and been dreaming to go back as you fell in love with all the amazing cafes and cobblestone streets but somehow you decided to visit Budapest instead. Don’t worry, Gerlóczy Cafe got you covered. It’s located in a quiet street right in the heart of the downtown area of Budapest and also functions as a boutique hotel. They have a wide variety of breakfast options with decent coffee and delicious cakes. But if you are looking for a glass of nice and cold champagne in the morning, because why not, that’s also possible at this place. 

Déryné Bistro

We wanted to make sure to include a breakfast place on the Buda side on our list as well, as the concept of brunch is somehow more closely connected to the lifestyle of the Buda side residents. And Déryné is definitely the alpha and omega of such places on the Buda side. It’s most probably the oldest functioning brunch type of restaurant in Budapest. The style is hip and classy at the same time, the selection of food is huge, location wise it’s just under the Castle district so you can imagine that it draws people from the “upper class”. It’s a bit pricey but in case you are looking for an exceptional brunch experience, you shouldn’t miss this place. 


Address: Budapest, Nádor utca 23, 1051

Börze has been one of our favorite places in Budapest for a long time now. It’s quite a unique restaurant as it serves quite many different purposes. In the morning breakfast is served, during lunchtime, they offer cheap menus and in the evening it turns into a nice French-Hungarian fusion restaurant. The interior definitely reminds us of a French bistro but in the meantime, local Hungarian food is also served. And here’s our insider tip for you: if you happen to visit Budapest between late Autumn and early Summer, make sure to try the Rigójancsi cake. You are welcome.

Four Seasons Budapest

In case you are looking for an all you can eat the type of brunch in a luxury 5-star hotel in Budapest, Four Seasons got you covered. There is a Sunday brunch available from 12 pm until 3 pm, during which you can enjoy some freshly prepared dishes with unlimited wine, beer, and lemonade. 

Marriott Hotel Budapest, DNB Restaurant

Address: Duna korzó 1, Budapest, 1052

Another great option for a luxurious Sunday brunch in the restaurant of the Marriott hotel. This one is of course also an all you can eat and drink version of a Sunday brunch but with a seriously amazing view of the Danube and of the Buda side. The brunch is between 12 pm and 3 pm.

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