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Budapest’s International Dining Options

Hungarian cuisine is without a doubt the most flavorful of all of Central Europe’s offerings but if you’re spending an extended time anywhere you’re going to crave something a little different. With that in mind, I’ve prepared this list of some of my favorite spots to get a taste of something different.

Definitely one of Budapest’s best Italian restaurants, Pomo D’oro’s atmosphere resembles a big cottage in the Italian countryside. It’s a perfect balance of wood and stone, complete with white tablecloths.

The owner and chefs are Italian, as are the ingredients. The daily menu can vary, but classics like perfect pasta and stone-baked pizza are never missing. If that’s not enough, in 2019 Pomo was voted one of the world’s 70 best pizzarias by the Italian Chef Association. Be sure to make a reservation!

Okay, it’s tricky to connect this restaurant with just one specific cuisine, but if you are fond of food from the Caucasus or Middle East, you’ll love Dobrumba. The design is clean and minimalistic, but it reflects the eatery’s focus on its food. 

The first truly traditional Japanese restaurant in Budapest, since 1991 Fuji has been the closest you can get to Japan without leaving the Hungarian capital. Peaceful and quiet, this eatery truly reflects Japanese culture and traditions, down to several rooms where you eat while sitting on the ground. The menu is perfect, and the food is delicious, making this place a must for lovers of Japanese cuisine.

When it comes to Indian food in Budapest, you don’t have many restaurants to choose from, especially if you’re looking for quality. Fortunately, Curry House is an option. Its head chef has cooked in many of Dubai’s best hotels, and originally hails from India. The prices are a bit higher than in the city’s other Indian restaurants, but the food is worth every forint. The design and atmosphere are Indian, but with some Chinese touches.

The most popular Spanish “chain” in Budapest, Pata Nega offers two authentic tapas restaurants, and a Spanish steakhouse. The tapas restaurants are relatively small, so reservations are always a must, but their experiences don’t disappoint.

If you want to try out Europe’s burgers, this place should be a top priority, as it has been rated Europe’s fifth best burger restaurant. Bambamarha offers seasonal burgers, so if you find yourself in town for November, be sure to try their foie gras burgers, which are easily the best in town (if not in all of Europe). 

A local chain, Hummusbar has 13 locations, nine located in Budapest’s very center. With its emphasis on hummus and shakshuka (the founder is Israeli), nearly everything here is vegetarian. This chain’s first few locations, in the city center, are strictly vegetarian.

The name isn’t the most original, but the authentic food more than makes up for it. If you’re seeking something fresh and spicy, Bangkok is the place for you. 


It’s not often that you can come across an authentic Georgian restaurant in Hungary, despite the fact that Georgians and Hungarians have a good relationship, and Georgian food is celebrated in Hungary. Aragvi’s Georgian owner came to Hungary as a diplomat 30 years ago, and his love for his homeland is reflected by his restaurant. The eatery, and its menu and chefs, truly reflect Georgia, and you’ll be blown away by the flavors of its storied cuisine.

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