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Six Ways to Max Your Mornings in Budapest

When you’re workationing in Budapest, you’re in one of the most interesting cities in Europe, so it would be a shame to let any time go to waste. If you need to sync your working hours with colleagues in the US, that means you’ve got your mornings free to enjoy and explore. Here are a few ideas to help you plan your morning activities.

Visit One of the Famous Baths

If you’re looking for a relaxed way to start your day, visit one of Budapest’s famed thermal baths. We’ll be happy to recommend places close to where you’re staying, but we have two main recommendations. Visiting the Gellert Baths lets you visit the Great Market Hall afterwards for a meal or shopping. If you visit the Szechenyi Baths, pictured above, you can enjoy a walk before or afterwards in the surrounding City Park. Both open at 6 AM, and offer various pools and spas, with relaxing massages and treatments. And are naturally much less crowded in the morning than on a hot afternoon.

Get Some Exercise on Margaret Island

If you seek an active morning, follow the locals in going for a run, bike, or swim at Margaret Island. The island is encircled by a five-kilometer running track, and features a swimming area that opens at 6 AM and offers three pools to choose from.

Breakfast at Két Szerecsen

One of the most popular breakfast places in town, Két Szerecsen serves breakfast from 8 to 11 AM. Located close to the Opera House, you can follow up your meal with a stroll down the UNESCO-protected Andrassy Avenue, ending at Heroes’ Square and the City Park. You could even continue to the park’s Szechenyi Baths.

Visit Buda Castle or Gellert Hill

If you’re an early bird, be sure to visit Buda Castle or Gellert Hill around sunrise for a truly memorable moment! The citadel atop Gellert Hill offers the city’s best panoramic views, especially as the city awakens from its slumber. Of course, with such an early start, you can avoid daytime crowds and heat. After climbing the hill, you can visit the Gellert Baths at the hill’s base, to refresh yourself after the short but steep climb to the top. 

Join a Walking Tour or Hire a Private Guide

As one of Europe’s largest cities, with a past reaching back to the Romans, Budapest has a rich history and countless hidden corners. We recommend getting to know both with a professional guide. This will also let you hit the ground running, and develop closer connections to the locals and their culture. We offer popular group and private tours covering a variety of topics, and have general tours of the city.

Enjoy a good coffee

One of the clearest reminders of Budapest’s Austro-Hungarian era are its many coffeehouses, offering great coffee, cakes, and pastries. Some even date back to the 19th century, and have kept their decor and atmosphere intact. Some of our recommendations are: 

Espresso Embassy – specialty coffee

Madal – specialty coffee

Central Café & Restaurant – classic coffeehouse

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