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Cafes you can Work from in Zagreb

One of the perks of working remotely (besides being able to work in your PJs) is the freedom to work from almost anywhere. While we’ve checked all the apartments we put our guests in, sometimes you need a change of scene and a place with some atmosphere. However, when choosing a location, a wise digital nomad needs to consider WiFi availability and speed, power outlets, noise level, how comfortable the seats are, whether the place is generally work-friendly, etc. We scouted out Zagreb cafes and bars conducive to work and made this list for you to be able to channel your thoughts and focus on work without being afraid of overstaying your welcome.


Quahwa is a hip industrial style coffee house in the city center, tucked away in a quiet courtyard. They have plenty of inside and outside seats, and the upper floor, with colorful retro armchairs, is perfect for working. The staff are professional and friendly, but not intrusive. They serve specialty coffee from all over the world. A cappuccino costs HRK 14 (a little over $2). Unfortunately, they don’t sell any snacks, but the house is in an area with lots of places for a quick bite. With 88 Mbps, their WiFi rocks, especially by Croatian standards.

Program Bar

Address: Martićeva 14f

Program Bar is a unique and slightly quirky cafe on the vibrant and artsy Martićeva Street. The bright interior is decorated with scaffolding, bags of sand, wood planks, and deliberately unfinished paintwork. Although it sounds crazy, it is one of the most comfortable and appealing cafes in Zagreb. Most customers are regulars so the place has a lovely neighborly feel. They serve coffee and gluten-free cakes. A cup of cappuccino costs HRK 12 (under $2). The WiFi goes up to 15 Mbps.

Vivas Bars

This chain of modern bars has venues at eleven different locations spread out in the city. Each bar works as a great co-working space during the day. The WiFi is always steady at 100 Mbps, almost every table has a power outlet nearby and the chairs are cozy enough for long sessions. A lot of people come to enjoy a cup of coffee and get some work done. A cup of cappuccino costs HRK 12 (under $2). Besides coffee, they offer toast, croissants, cakes, smoothies, and milkshakes.


Address: Dežmanova 9

Velvet is a beautifully designed cafe at the edge of Tuškanac forest and an oasis of peace in the middle of the city. They paid a lot of attention to furnishing and besides looking great, the chairs and armchairs are very comfortable. The price of a premium cup of cappuccino is HRK 18 (nearly $3) and they serve a cookie or a cake (depending on the time of year) with it. Besides these little signs of appreciation, they are well-known for their tasty homemade salty and sweet snacks: toast, cakes, croissants, and pies. The offer depends on the time of the year, but there’s always something delicious and fresh. The WiFi is steady and goes up to 4 Mbps, which is just about good enough for basic work.

KIC klub

A cultural information center/cafe with a relaxing artsy vibe, located in the downtown area. Books on shelves give it a bit of an office feel and you will easily blend in with the rest of the working customers. If the downstairs cafe gets too lively, there’s a small library upstairs where you can enjoy a more peaceful atmosphere. A cup of cappuccino costs HRK 13 (around $2). No snacks are available, but there are a lot of bakeries nearby. The WiFi speed goes up to 24 Mbps.

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