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Date Night Restaurants Zagreb

There are many great restaurants in Zagreb, from traditional eateries serving typical Croatian food, to fusion and high-end places taking great pride in their originality. Choosing from these great options is especially difficult if you want to really impress someone, but luckily for you, here’s a short list of tried and tested restaurants. Don’t take any chances, booking in advance is a must! 

Mali Bar

This Croatian-style tapas bar is run by a star TV chef, Ana Ugarkovic. Located near the city center, this bistro is tucked inside one of Zagreb’s old-style courtyards, with cozy and pleasant indoor and outdoor seating. Although owned and run by an extremely talented celebrity chef and culinary expert, there is nothing pretentious about Mali. The menu is simple but sophisticated, includes many shareable, small-plate dishes, and offers a great selection of wine and beer. Find a perfect combination of mini burgers, crispy veggies, salads, and dips, all served by knowledgeable, attentive and friendly, yet never intrusive staff.

Pod Zidom

Address: Pod zidom 5

This quaint and cozy bistro with a bright, beautifully decorated and contemporary interior, is located right in the heart of Zagreb. From its lovely terrace, you can enjoy a great view of the Cathedral. The romantic ambiance makes it a real pleasure to sit and chat while enjoying delicious food paired with excellent wine. Pod Zidom‘s small but interesting menu, with amazing signature dishes, is prepared from carefully chosen fresh and local ingredients, with attention paid to every single detail. A tasting menu is available. The service is prompt and professional, offering excellent recommendations for wine pairing. The music is always pleasant, and there is often live music on weekends. 


The restaurant is located on a very popular pedestrian street and set into the side of a hill, with stunning terraces on several levels that overlook the bustling Old Town area. A flight of stairs ascends from the street and sets you apart from the crowds, and the green terraces are perfect for a candlelight dinner. The menu is not huge, but everything is cooked to perfection, blending traditional flavors with modern, refined cuisine. The plates are very nicely arranged, and presented by well-trained, enthusiastic and polite staff. Agava has a nice selection of Croatian wines to accompany the super fresh and fabulously tasty food, and its attentive staff will gladly help you with pairings.

Dubravkin Put

Address: Dubravkin put 2

The Dubravkin Put restaurant and wine bar, nestled in the Tuskanac forest, is just a few minutes from the city center by foot. The cozy and modern interior and the beautiful terrace surrounded by eye-pleasing greenery provide an out-of-city experience from right in the middle of it.

The restaurant puts quality over quantity, hence a short but perfectly executed two-page menu, offering a sophisticated and innovative dining concept. The service is immaculate and ready to help you with selecting a wine from its extensive wine list.


This Asian-fusion double concept, a modern restaurant and a bar, is located just off the main square. The great interior design, excellent music, and a completely unique idea will knock anybody off their feet. Time offers a blend of mostly Japanese cuisine and a selection of cocktails, spirits, and wines, which easily turns casual dinners into nights out. A tasting menu is available and includes a round of appetizers, sushi, main dishes, and desserts. The staff is welcoming and professional, serving food and drinks in a ritualistic and courteous manner, just like in Japan.

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