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Date Night Restaurants in Krakow

Dating in Poland does involve some traditions and set of unwritten rules that it’s best to go by, to make sure that the evening was enjoyable for both parties. For a man it’s a common occurrence to bring flowers, especially roses (although not the yellow ones – those tend to be associated with jealousy). It’s important to honor the agreed upon time of the meeting, and not be late, as in general, Poles are punctual. If it’s foreseeable that arriving on time won’t be possible, it’s best to write, or call ahead.

It’s good to stay on a traditional side of things when it comes to planning the evening activities as well. No need to strive for originality too much. A nice dinner in a romantic setting, combined with a pleasant stroll around the center is sure to be appreciated and should allow for the second date. Always reserve a table for your date night dinner. The restaurants we’ve picked out are popular, and there’s nothing worse than showing up without a table.

Where to Wander with Your Date

Here are some of the outdoor spots in Krakow that can be ideally linked with a dinner:

Vistula Boulevards with an emphasis on Father Bernatek’s Bridge – a pedestrian and bicycle bridge over the Vistula River, connecting Kazimierz with Podgorze. It’s a place where couples hang padlocks with their initials inscribed, as a symbol of their everlasting love.

The Planty Park (above) encircles Old Town almost in a perfect round shape, giving a great way to just walk around, or seat on of the many benches. Park looks great in the evening. It is very charming in the winter with snow on the ground.

Take things up a notch on the floral front at the Botanical Garden of the Jagiellonian University. Located just off the Square this enchanting area presents the wealth of beautiful vegetation, numerous greenhouses and museum exhibitions. It is therefore an ideal place for a romantic walk.

An additional idea for a day-long romantic outing outside the city is to head to Tyniec Abbey. This a great way to spend a day actively together by going on a bike ride to Tyniec, along the Vistula. 

Where to Dine with Your Date

And here’s the list of some suitably romantic restaurants for a date night in Krakow:


Romantic, folklore decor at the prime location, right in the heart of the main square. Menu consists of Polish dishes.

Szara Gęś

Another venue located in the city centre. Very high-end restaurant with limited offer, albeit every dish exquisitely presented and tasty. Place itself is very elegant, and charming. Their signature dessert “Grey Goose” is a true stand-out.

Cyrano de Bergerac

A spot on place for a candle lit, romantic dinner. Top quality french cuisine based food, and impeccable service. The ideal place to romance your date with sweet nothings.

Garden Restaurant

Modern style, living up to its name, set up in a picturesque garden area. Couple of different options of set up menus with wine pairing. Located a bit off the centre(walkable distance from the main square), but the aforementioned romantic setting of the venue, and the quality of the food easily makes it worthy to be discovered.

Pod Nosem

Located right below the majestic Wawel Castle, on quaint, historic Kanonicza street that houses some hundreds years old renaissance and baroque style buildings. That alone makes for a very romantic late evening setup. The restaurant is charming and the food elegantly presented. Again, there is a pretty limited menu that changes seasonally. Additionally, below the ground level, there’s a cellar that offers a wide range of wine options, plus some other interesting alcoholic beverages. 

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