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Prague’s Best Breakfast & Brunch Spots

A typical Czech breakfast at home might be muesli and yogurt, or a slice of cheese or ham placed atop a rohlik (something akin to a small, crusty hotdog roll) but breakfast out is a whole other thing, as you’ll find out in this article. You’ll find local adaptations of hipster classics (avocado toast isn’t hard to find) and a strong showing from the American and English styles too. Brunch has been a thing since the early aughts in Prague as a result of the city’s large expat population and you’ll find options that are essentially breakfast all day, at normal prices, to all-inclusive buffet or served brunches that tend more towards a full-on Sunday dinner at more upscale restaurants and hotel restaurants.

Eska (breakfast)

Eska is a joy to sit in in both summer and winter, thanks to its outside seating area and cozy, warm interior. As is typical for the hip Karlin district, Eska’s interior has an industrial-chic design, thanks to its location in a former workshop. The breakfast menu is served from 8 to 11:30 AM. In addition to fresh bread and pastries such as sponge cakes, tarts and sweet rolls from its own bakery, Eska offers breakfast classics.

The signature “Eska breakfast” will treat you with fermented wheat, mushrooms, egg, bread, lard, and wild garlic while the “Karlin breakfast” includes a sweet bread roll, salmon, trout, vegetables, eggs, sweet curd, and seasonal fruit. You can usually find a place quite easily on weekdays, but weekends it can get busy, so it’s wise to use their online booking system.

La Bottega Bistroteka (breakfast/brunch)

La Bottega offers five very similar locations in Prague, which serve Italian dishes. The Bistroteka location on Dlouha street is the most centrally located of the five branches. Homemade liver pate with mostarda, baked eggs with pancetta, prosciutto cotto, delicious free-range Eggs Benedict with marinated salmon, scrambled eggs with black truffles, and poached eggs with mashed avocado are just some of the dishes you’ll find on their breakfast menu.

No matter what you order, you’ll find friendly service and Giamaica Afriborn coffee, (Italy’s premium blend). These locations work for both a quick breakfast or a several-course brunch. If you’d like to enjoy a weekend morning coffee in the La Bottega Bistroteka without waiting for a table, be sure to make a reservation. 

Kavarna co Hleda Jmeno and Bockem Bistro (breakfast/brunch)

The city’s most instagrammable breakfast item, the Eggs Benedict soufflé, is why everyone’s here, including you. This “Cafe Seeking a Name” is housed within a reclaimed industrial space, which helps make it a pleasant place to work, although you’ll likely have to wait for a table.

The signature Eggs Benny is available until noon on weekdays, and a more accommodating 3 PM on weekends. From Wednesday to Sunday there’s a backup option in the form of Bockem Bistro, which has the same owners. A ten minute’s walk from Kavarna co Hleda Jmeno, it offers the same soufflé.

Cafe Savoy (breakfast/brunch)

Cafe Savoy is a classic breakfast spot in Prague, and you can’t go wrong by starting your day there. Mentioned in every guide book to Prague, it’s renowned for its classy Viennese cafe atmosphere, Neo-Renaissance ceiling lined with beautiful chandeliers, and brisk, liveried waiters. Expect a down-to-earth but quality European-style breakfast with a variety of traditional Czech cakes and pastries, and wide selection of bread, butter and jams, egg-based dishes, and sandwiches.

There are also vegetarian/vegan and gluten free options on the menu. As breakfast is served from 9 AM to late afternoon, it’s a great place for brunch as well. Due to Savoy’s popularity, it’s essential to reserve a table, especially on weekend mornings.

The Tavern (brunch/brunch)

This American BBQ and burger restaurant offers brunches that will fill you up for a full day. On weekends from 11 AM to 5 PM, you can enjoy American classics, such as burgers, Texas chili cheddar omelettes, fried chicken biscuits with bourbon maple butter, waffles, and a selection of cocktails including Bloody Marys, Grenadine Mimosas, Campari Spritzes, and Pickle-Back Shots. We recommend making a reservation.

La Rotonde (brunch)

If you want to treat yourself to a classic brunch with all the trimmings, try the time-proven La Rotonde in the Alcron Hotel. You can look forward to everything from starters such as beef and salmon carpaccio or Black Forest ham, through roast duck with cabbage, and a selection of dumplings or seafood and selected fishes, up to desserts like chocolate mousse and creme brûlée. Live music and Champagne just underline the experience. The brunch runs from 7 AM to 4 PM, and reservations are essential.

Marthy’s Kitchen (breakfast/brunch)

This rather small French bistro has two branches, in Vinohrady and in the New Town. The breakfast menu is quite extensive, featuring French breakfast favorites like fresh baguettes from their own bakery, cheese, omelettes, Eggs Benedict, and French toast, completed by a glass of Prosecco. You can also find a classic English breakfast, pancakes, waffles, and a variety of pastries and cakes. You can order breakfast until 4 PM, which makes it a perfect place for a half-day brunch with a bunch of friends on a lazy Sunday afternoon. This very informal place that is popular with locals and tourists alike. The New Town cafe accepts reservations, but the Vinohrady location works on a first come, first served basis.

Mlynec (Saturday & Sunday Brunch)

Matching up views of Charles Bridge with a served set menu brunch, Mlynec is popular with locals and expats. Not a cheap eat, but the all-in price of 890Kc (around $40) includes prosecco, wine, beer and soft drinks. It’s cheaper than the big buffet brunches at the city’s 5 star chain hotels and it feels like more care goes into everything there. Mlynec is part of the fine-dining Zatisi Group, you’re guaranteed a tasty meal and you definitely won’t leave hungry (or sober). The menu changes weekly and is published by the preceding Monday so you can check what’s on offer.

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