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Essential Workation Tech

Just shove your laptop in your bag and you’re good to go, right? If only it were that simple. To be at your most productive there are a whole load dongles, doo-dads and accessories you need to pack. If you’re new to remote working, this list deserves serious consideration. Even if you’ve been doing it a while, you might pick up a few tips. We’re Mac users, so you might find a bit of an Apple slant to this grab-bag of wonders.


Ever since Apple ditched the legacy ports for USB-C back in 2015 we were supposed to be living in a single plug style nirvana. That hasn’t come to pass yet, so for now we need to pack a USB-C hub. It seems like there are thousands of vendors for these, with various ports and slots. Depending on what you’ve got to plug in you could get away with Apple’s minimalist and ironically named USB-C Digital AV Multiport Adapter. At $69 it’s overpriced and under-specced, giving you just a single old-school USB-A and an HDMI port to connect a monitor or TV. We prefer a more fully featured option, like Anker’s 7-in-1 offering. It’s got two regular USB 3.0 ports, HDMI that supports 4K monitors, an SD card slot for your digital camera’s memory cards, USB-C power input and a USB-C data port so you don’t even lose any ports when you hook this up. Other models are available that sport ethernet connections but realistically when was the last time you connected your laptop to a wired network?

International Power Adapter

Forget those old single plug adapters you used to take on your European trips. With all the chargers we’re packing these days we need a few more outlets than that. This Trond US to EU adapter has three US-style sockets AND three USB sockets and plugs into any European socket. It’s a charging powerhouse. If you’re a MacBook user and being utterly minimal however, you could just swap out the corner piece from your Apple charger for an EU ‘duckhead’.

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