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Workation Facts & Figures

Benefits of Remote Work & Travel

  • 75 million U.S. employees (56% of the U.S. workforce) have a job that allows for remote work due to COVID-19.  
  • Employers are struggling to provide incentives and benefits to sustain employee morale.  
  • For 78% of remote workers who are working from home, networking with people face-to-face can reduce feelings of isolation, increase collaboration, and build connections and community.
  • Workation clients found a renewed sense of inspiration when traveling and learned valuable skills and tools whilst working remotely.

Statistics of Remote Work

  • Flexibility increases loyalty; 85% of millennials want flexible work
  • Remote travel work gives access to new markets and networking opportunities
  • 93% of respondents are more productive when working remotely
  • Remote workers are happier, healthier and feel more valued
  • 82% of telecommuters report lower stress
  • Remote workers cite they accomplish 30% more in less time
  • Workplace interruptions cost companies $588 billion a year
  • Ineffective communication is one of the largest productivity drains in an office
  • The avg employee wastes 31 hours a month in unproductive meetings
  • Remote workers are 20% more productive
  • On average, companies save $11,000 per remote employee per year