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Workation is more than a working vacation

Most definitions describe a workation as a vacation where you also get some work done. We have workationed a lot and that doesn’t even begin to cover it. Here are some of the reasons why you should workation…


Leave the everyday noise behind to a destination where you can reset. Escape from routine and breathe freely. Venture to a place where nobody knows you and redefine who you are.


Did you study abroad or wish you had? Workation is Study Abroad for grown-ups. Unlike a vacation, you’ll have time to fully discover a city and maybe find out something about yourself too.


Take a chance and challenge yourself to try something and somewhere new. A workation will force you out of your comfort zone and expose you to experiences you never expected.


Workation gives you distance and removes the everyday distractions. Change your perspective and focus on the task at hand. Just being in a different timezone can benefit your productivity.


As we get older it seems harder to make friends, we are too set in our ways. There’s nothing like being somewhere new to get you out of that rut. Meet new friends, business contacts or even loves.


Make the most of your new surroundings to pick up a new skill. Learn a new language or find a unique hobby. Get familiar with the local culture and history, open your mind!


A change of scenery is the ideal inspiration for creative work. It is also great for solving problems differently. Immerse yourself in somewhere new and the ideas will start flowing again.