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Looking to take your team on a company workation?

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How Does Workation Benefit Your Company?

Workation allows you to stand out from the crowd with innovative incentives and recruitment strategies to retain top performers and attract the best talent. In a world where work-from-home benefits are the standard, Workation provides your staff a whole new level of self-fulfilment.


Retain and motivate your company’s top performers and reduce turnover.


Attract the industry’s best talent with highly competitive benefits.


Increase productivity, focus, and development of new skills.

What Makes a Workation Special?

Work-Ready Living

Hand selected options to ensure your staff are connected & productive.

Local Assistance

Our on-the-ground team provides support before and during the stay.

Complete Customization

Using our connections we can curate the ultimate Workation experience.

What Can Your Employees Expect From a Workation?

Self Development

Broaden horizons, develop new skills and bring back new ideas


A change of scenery and an escape from everyday stresses


An unforgettable experience, forever linked to your company