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Czech Republic Workation

Czech Republic Workation FAQs

The Czech Republic is beautiful, charming, and exciting offering a unique experience and we answer the questions travelers need to know before visiting for exploration or a Czech Republic Workation.

The weather may fluctuate greatly by season, the culture may feel differently about tipping than your hometown, and where you think you should visit may not meet your expectations. Find the answers to the questions you want to know and should know before leaving for your Workation to make sure you have the best experience possible, one that meets and exceeds your initial ideas. 

The best Czech Republic Workation can give you a moment of self-discovery and what you need to know before visiting the Czech Republic can ease your anxieties during your introduction to a new country. Our answers will help give you memorable adventures, enjoyable outings, and unforgettable experiences. 

In general, the Czech Republic is a safe country to visit with very low levels of violent crime and a high level of security. As long as you use common sense and follow the local guidelines, you should be able to enjoy your Workation experience without worrying about any safety concerns. When considering the chance to work from anywhere, the Czech Republic is home to some of the most beautiful cities in Europe, so you’ll be able to explore and take in the stunning views without the fear of encountering any criminal activity.

When traveling to the Czech Republic, you should take precautions like being aware of your surroundings, keeping your belongings safe, and not engaging in any activities that may put you in danger. Petty crimes do occur, but are generally voidable by using common sense and staying aware of your surroundings, resulting in a positive and enjoyable stay. It’s also easy to stay safe when visiting or working in the top places to visit in the Czech Republic.

The tap water is safe to drink in the Czech Republic. The government regulates and monitors the quality of water around the country regularly, ensuring it is safe to consume for drinking, cooking, and refilling water bottles. Because of the quality of water, you can bring a reusable water bottle with you rather than buying plastic bottles. 

In case of an emergency when visiting the Czech Republic, dial 112. 

This is the universal emergency number for the whole of Europe. It connects you to emergency services 24/7 regardless of your network or wifi capabilities. This number will connect you to the police, fire, and ambulance services. 

The Czech Republic has a list of recommended vaccinations travelers should  have before arriving in the country but none that are required. However the requirements for vaccines depend completely on the Czech government, which can change what types of vaccinations visitors need depending on the national health situation and what they deem as necessary. 

Visit Passport Health for more advice on what vaccines you should get before visiting the Czech Republic. Also, speak to a travel nurse or your primary care physician to learn more about the vaccines, what’s expected, and your personal health. 

The official currency of the Czech Republic is the Czech Koruna (Kč / CZK)

The Czech Republic is a member of the EU but has not adapted the currency. When visiting, ATMs are easily available, especially in larger cities like Prague and Brno. Credit cards are an accepted form of payment in most establishments, such as restaurants, shops, and hotels. 

This makes traveling around the Czech Republic much easier without requiring you to take out money often. We advise having some cash on you at all time, especially if visiting villages or small towns that may not take credit cards or have ATMs. Cash is the preferred currency of emergencies.

It’s better to exchange money after you arrive in the Czech Republic. 

Banks and currency exchanges are readily available at points of entry into the Czech Republic, while banks at home usually charge large transaction or conversion fees making it easy change money if you need during a bleisure trip no matter when or where you visit. Rather than deal with those fees, you can quickly and easily get money once in the Czech Republic by using your ATM card or a credit card without foreign transaction fees for better exchange rates. 

Tipping is normal and even expected in the Czech Republic. The custom differs from the expectation in North America but the sentiment remains the same. 

Different sectors of service have different expectations of the tip percentage. When dining in a restaurant, it’s customary in larger cities like Prague or Brno to tip the servers between 10 – 15%. Bartenders my expect between 15-17%.

With the expectation for tipping higher in the Czech Republic, it also comes with a better established service economy than other European countries. Customer service and tipping is about the quality of the service. Taxi drivers rarely receive tips but could receive the extra change from rounding up the overall bill but hoteliers may only expect a tip in 5-star hotels.

As part of the European Union, you do not need a visa for visiting the Czech Republic when traveling from the United States or Canada. If holding a US passport, you can visit for up to 90 days within any 180-day period. This includes visiting the Czech Republic for a Workation. 

By November 2023, travelers from North America will need the ETIAS. 

Travelers from the US and North America will need a travel adapter and converter during a visit to the Czech Republic. 

The Czech Republic uses 220 volts, which is standard throughout much of Europe. The two, rounded prongs are not compatible with North American products or plugs. A voltage converter is necessary for appliances like PCs, hair dryers, and alarm clocks but newer technologies like laptops and phones are generally safe without converters, but still require adapters.  

Find out about what your network back home can provide while abroad, and whether they can give you phone access during your time in the Czech Republic.

Many networks have roaming coverage in Europe, as well as international plans that can cover your time while traveling to specific countries. Other possibilities when in the Czech Republic include buying a local SIM card after arriving in the country to give you data and service or renting a wifi pocket router for service across the Czech Republic and Europe. 

The Czech Republic is a unique country with many cultural intricacies and it’s important to respect them to have the best experience during your visit.

When speaking to locals, avoid talking about the country’s past under the Soviet Union and the history of the Soviet-controlled Czechoslovakia. It’s best to simply respect the country’s current government and move the conversation forward. In a similar vein, the red wine is often either cheaply made and harsh to drink or largely expensive but the white wine is delicious with its alluring characters worth trying unadulterated. 

The Czech Republic, and especially Prague, have plenty of touristy activities. The best thing to do for your Workation experience, is to avoid the typical tourist traps, which generally take place within the historic center of Prague with classical concerts, tacky souvenir shops, and crowds on the Charles Bridge at the height of the day. By avoiding the typical, you can experience the magic whether during the best time to visit the Czech Republic or when exploring during peak season. 

10-14 days would give you the right amount of time to enjoy a full Czech Republic Workation experience. 

You could easily have fewer days or give yourself 21 days to enjoy every possible thrill or give yourself more time to relax along the way, but 10-14 days is the best time for your first experience in the country. You will have plenty of opportunities to see specific cities, find the country’s highlights, and enjoy the Czech Republic like a local with authentic experiences in a new space. Travel and tour at a slower pace so you can work and live refreshed and inspired while you enjoy the best things to do in the Czech Republic during Workation.

Becherovka is the national drink of the Czech Republic.   

Many may think beer is the national drink of the Czech Republic, but Becherovka is a powerful spirit once compared to English bitters and sold as a remedy for stomach sickness. 

The liqueur has a herbaceous flavor with 20 different herbs and spices going into the traditional recipe for a rich and complex taste. Similar to many spirits in the region, the strong, herbaceous quality is said to have positive effects on digestion with a spiced and sweet flavor dominated by cloves and anise. 

When visiting the Czech Republic, the first and most important thing to remember is that local cultur dictates formalities shown through expected politeness and respect. Greetings are usually a handshake and a nod, and people tend to be more distant and reserved than in some other countries. 

Communication is mainly direct, friendly, but modest. It’s polite to say hello and goodbye even in retail situations at shops or when in a train compartment. While these may seem like small details applicable to personable environments like small towns, it is equally applicable in large cities like Prague. 

The official language of the Czech Republic is Czech. 

Czech is a West Slavic language similar to Polish or Croatian, as well as Slovak. English is largely spoken in tourist centers like Prague or the historic center of Brno. Speaking English generally shouldn’t be an issue when staying in larger cities, especially those with universities or when visiting popular tourist areas. When traveling off the beaten path to towns or villages, you may run into language barriers but in these instances locals often do what they can to communicate.

Find the Answers You Need for Your Workation

The point of a Workation is to find the right balance between work and life for you. The life-changing experience allows  you to explore and work in the Czech Republic according to your schedule, visiting the places that interest you, and spend the time discovering the country according to your likes. Whether touring a new place on your own or with your family, Workation gives you the tools to be successful when traveling and working. 

The Czech Republic is a great place for Workation because of the access you have to gorgeous cities and quiet countryside. Natural beauty shines in the lakes and rivers,  and great infrastructure connects you effortlessly to work during the hours you need it. 

Find more information on what you can do and where you can visit during your Czech Republic Workation package.  When you are ready, give us the opportunity to enhance your productivity by building a greater connection between your time of work and leisure using our knowledge of local life and culture. Take one step closer to planning your Workation or find more information on The Best Time to Visit the Czech Republic