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Hungary Workation FAQs

Hungary is diverse, unique, and can feel like an adventure for a memorable experience and we answer the questions travelers should know before their Workation experience. 

Where you think you should go may not meet your expectations, the weather may vary widely between regions, and you may assume locals speak English across the country. Find the answers to questions you should ask and want to know before leaving for your Hungary Workaiton to give you the best possible experience that surpasses your preconceived ideas. 

The best Hungary Workation package can help you learn more about the country, your interests, and what’s important to you as you discover more about your own work habits and life balance in a new space. Our answers will support your unforgettable adventure with key advice on how to enjoy your time according to your passions.

Hungary is an incredibly safe country to visit. 

The crime rate is low and there are no significant safety concerns for travelers. As with any destination, it is best to be vigilant and take the usual precautions like avoiding dark alleys, not leaving your belongings unattended, and not carrying large amounts of cash on you. Just like when back at home, you should stick to common sense in order to protect yourself and your valuables. When visiting the best destinations in Hungary for your Workation, you can feel safe, comfortable, and encouraged to explore.

The tap water in Hungary is generally safe to drink and can even exceed European standards in its clarity and cleanliness. The combination of water being treated regularly and the natural runoff from the mountains and open plains demonstrate the quality of water you can find across the country. 

If you have any doubts or anxieties about the water, you can purchase bottled water easily. Pay attention to the different colored caps on the water bottles in the stores. Green means lightly carbonated water, blue indicates heavily carbonated, and pink is regular, still water.  

In case of an emergency, the best number to dial is 112. 

112 is the number for the European emergency and medical services, which will connect you with direct responders 24/7 regardless of your network, wifi capabilities, or the country you are visiting as long as you have service. The number works for all first responders, such as police, fire department, and paramedics. 

Hungary does not have any specific vaccination requirements. 

It is always best to consult with your doctor before traveling, whether visiting a country that requires certain vaccinations or not. Some basic inoculations, such as those for tetanus and hepatitis A and B, are recommended to protect you from the likes of highlighted transmitted diseases but will not keep you from traveling. 

Visit Passport Health for more advice on what vaccines you should or could get before visiting Hungary. If your primary care physician is unavailable, you can speak with a travel nurse to learn more about the vaccines, what’s expected before your arrival, and your personal health. 

The currency in Hungary is the Hungarian Forint (HUF).

Hungary is part of the European Union but does not use the euro as its dominant currency. Shops and restaurants around large cities like Budapest may accept cash payments in euros or even dollars but the exchange rates are not favorable. For the best price point, you should always use Forints, although credit cards are widely accepted around larger cities like Budapest and Szeged making it easy to use in restaurants, shops, and hotels. 

ATMs are generally available around the country making it easy to withdraw cash at your convenience. It’s best to have some cash on you at all times because you know if credit cards work in small villages and towns, or if a taxi may only take cash. 

You do not need to exchange money before you arrive in Hungary. You can easily find currency exchange offices at the airport and in major cities, or change the currency in banks and hotels. Most hotels, restaurants, and shops accept credit cards, which can offer a favorable exchange rate, especially if you are using a card without foreign transaction fees. 

If you prefer to carry cash,  withdraw from the plentiful ATMs found around the country to receive money directly in Hungarian Forints. Surprisingly, ATMs generally offer better exchange rates. 

Tipping is normal in Hungary when using services like a taxi, visiting a bar, or eating at a restaurant. A tip of 10% to waiters, taxi drivers, hotel staff, and bartenders is custom. It’s considered rude not to tip at all, especially when eating in a restaurant; it means you were completely dissatisfied with the service and could cause considerable offense.

If the service feels above and beyond your expectation, locals generally tip up to 15%. You should also tip your tour guides and activity leaders when you experience the top things to do in Hungary; they can make the difference between a good time and a great time. 

Citizens from the United States and other North American countries do not need a visa to visit Hungary. As part of the Schengen Agreement, US citizens can enter Hungary as tourists or for business purposes for up to 90 days within a 180-day period without a visa. 

Starting November 2023, travelers from North America will be required to apply for the ETIAS, an EU visa valid for three years. 

When traveling to Hungary from outside of Europe, you will need an adapter or converter for your technology. 

Hungary uses plug types C and F. Plug type C has two round pins and plug type F has two round pins and a grounding clip. Some products are easily plugged in with an adapter, such as phone chargers or certain laptop chargers but other electronics like alarm clocks, PCs, and hair dryers require converters to keep your gadgets from exploding or catching fire. 

When visiting Hungary for your Workation, you can use your phone. Most major mobile networks offer roaming charges giving you easy access to your family, friends, and work back home. 

If you choose not to use your roaming charges when in Europe, you may be able to use a local SIM card to give you wifi and phone service across Hungary after your arrival. You could also rent a wifi pocket router for service across Europe during your Workation.

There is no specific etiquette to follow when in Hungary beyond the concept of being polite to those you meet around the country. 

However, to keep yourself protected, keep your valuables safe and don’t expect everyone in Hungary, or even in a popular place like Budapest, to speak English. The best thing to do during your Workation experience is to stay away from the tourist traps and take your time along the Danube River where you can.  Hungary shows how avoiding the typical can show you something brand new. 

7-10 days is the right amount of time for your Hungary Workation. 

How many days you spend in Hungary for your Workation depends greatly on what you would like to do and see, from wine tours to thermal baths or visiting ruin bars, touring Buda Castle or enjoying the views of Balaton Lake. If you want to visit multiple cities in Hungary, then a longer stay is recommended. We suggest at least 14 days in order to get the most out of your Workation.

You can find a variety of experiences and schedules that fit your lifestyle with our Hungary Workation trips that can be customized to how you want to experience the country.

The national drink of Hungary is Unicum. 

The traditional spirit is said to be passed down through the generations and is considered only one of Hungary’s national spirits. The liqueur is made from more than 40 herbs and spices, aged in an oak cask for over six months, and considered a great digestif. The history of Unicum dates back to the 18th century but the recipe and flavor have hardly changed resulting in a very herbaceous drink with a strong taste of black licorice with hints of eucalyptus. 

Hungary is a country of tradition and respect meaning some customs are followed by locals and expected of others, especially when visiting whether on vacation or a Workation. 

It is important to greet people using their last name and wait for an invitation to call them by their first name. To do otherwise is considered incredibly rude. Visitors should also wait to be invited to someone’s home before entering. If invited to someone’s home, it is recommended to bring a small gift as a token of appreciation. While a small consideration, many Hungarians also find humming, whistling, or singing in public impolite.

English is not a widely spoken language in Hungary.

Hungary is a country of nearly 10 million people and has a history connected to the Austro-Hungarian empire and Russia’s Iron Curtain, and Hungarian is considered one of the most complex languages to learn. For these reasons and more, you should not expect everyone across the country to know English during your Hungary Workation. When in larger cities or around popular monuments or retreats, you can find many English speakers. Most people in Hungary are able to understand basic English, as well, so you may be able to get by just fine even if you don’t speak the language or find a person who can help if not accompanied by a Workation representative.

Find the Answers You Need for Your Workation

Workation exists to help you find the balance between job and life that works for you. Every Workation can be life-changing but the experience depends on how you choose to explore and experience your surroundings. A Hungary Workation package changes with your schedule, interests, and workload to give you the time needed to discover the cities, countryside, and culture your way. Tour a grandiose castle with your children or take time to enjoy the vineyards with your partner after the work day is done; Workation gives you the tools to be successful when composing travel and work.

Hungary is a great place for Workation because of the access you have to gorgeous cities and quiet countryside. Find natural beauty at geothermal lakes, opulence in dramatic caves, and great infrastructure that effortlessly connects you to work when you need it. 

Find more information on where you can visit and what to do during your Hungary Workation package. When you are ready,let us enhance your productivity by building a greater balance between your work and liesiure, using our local knowledge of life and culture. Take one step closer to planning your Workation or find more information on The Best Time to Visit Hungary for your Workation.