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Hungary Workation

7 Best Workation Destinations in Hungary

Hungary is a country of endless beauty, fascinating culture, and rich history demonstrating a deeper connection between East and West, making it the perfect destination to explore with our list of the best places to visit in Hungary for your Workation package. From the architectural prestige of Buda Castle to the charming cobblestone streets of Eger, Hungary is a country of diversity offering new adventures and exceptional discoveries during any Workation experience.

Immerse yourself in the culture as you explore the many historic sites, take in the impressive views, or enjoy the vibrant nightlife of the cities as culture spills out of cafes and coffee houses, unique bars and delicious restaurants. Hungary’s countryside features rolling hills, quaint villages, and tranquil lakes that speak to the heart of the national heritage. 

Visit the traditions and preserved folklore in rural villages and find time to relax in historic hot springs. Tou bustling markets, sip mouthwatering specialty coffee in a cozy cafe, and enjoy your personalized Hungary Workaiton package as you create everlasting memories learning to balance work and life. 


Tour Budapest, Hungary’s capital city and one of the most beautiful places to visit in Central Europe. Often referred to as the “Paris of the East,” Budapest is a gorgeous metropolis straddling the Danube River and famous for its relaxing thermal springs. 

Beneath the surface of contemporary culture lie layers of the past depicted in the impressive architecture, elements of Communist imperialism, and classical features related to the Austro-Hungarian empire. 

Castle Hill towers over the riverbanks crowned by Buda Castle, the Parliament Building acts like a jewel along the water, and St. Stephen’s Basilica offers a stunning view of the skyline adding to the texture with its impressive towers. No matter how you like to spend your time, Budapest is home to some of the best things to do in Hungary.

Avoid the Major Pitfalls of Budapest

Visiting Budapest is a great experience, but avoid the pitfalls during your Hungary Workation by visiting outside of peak season. In the summer months, Budapest is often overcrowded, with tourists coming in from nearby cities and from countries around the world. The influx of tourists increases pricing and can make visiting popular places difficult or at least more crowded. 

The city’s famous nightlife can spill over into the streets at times, making areas with bars or clubs extra noisy or boisterous but still easily avoidable. To avoid these problems and make your trip as enjoyable as possible, visit outside of the peak season and avoid the busiest times of the year. It’s also a good idea to stay away from the most popular nightlife spots on weekends.

Working with Workation can help you avoid high prices and ensure you get the most out of your experience with a memorable and stress-free Hungary Workation package.


Pécs can feel like a surprise for travelers not well-versed in Hungary’s history and culture but the city has a welcoming climate and illustrious past making it one of the best places to visit during your Workation. The handful of universities create a youthful atmosphere as the city rises along the Danube River spreading out to the Drava plains. 

With access to the famous wineries, mouthwatering fruits, and exciting cultural neighborhoods, Pécs is unlike any other city in the country. A relaxed feeling within the colorful buildings and active marketplaces give a sense that Pécs is Hungary in miniature. 

Avoid the Major Pitfalls of Pécs

The best time to visit Hungary for your workation may affect your experience in Pécs. The city is gorgeous, with plenty of landmarks and cultural activities to shout about but with prestige comes crowds. In the peak summer months of July and August, the city can feel overwhelmed with tourists. The crowds mixing with the hot and humid climate can make the days feel uncomfortable, especially around major attractions. 

The activity in the city also adds to the slight pollution, which doesn’t have a major effect on visitors but can feel that much more stodgy in the summer during the heat. By traveling for your Hungary Workation package during shoulder season, you can avoid the major pitfalls of Pécs, especially when the city is known for its extended warm days leading long into the fall. 


What once was an industrial city during the communist era has become a gorgeous destination from which to explore the local culture and surrounding sights of Hungary’s northeast. 

As the fourth-largest city in Hungary, the university plays a prominent role in the friendly and vibrant atmosphere, coupled with the anticipation for visitors to see the charismatic Main Street and Baroque architecture of the Avas neighborhood hiding around 8000 wine cellars. 

With a Gothic protestant church, a relaxing thermal bath hidden in a cave, and a preserved castle representing the city’s impressive age, Miskolc is far more than a transport hub and even connects to the unique grandeur of Lillafured Palace and its waterfall.

Avoid the Major Pitfalls of Miskolc

Miskolc has a reputation as a tough city, but in reality, is a pleasant place to visit with plenty to offer. Like all major cities around the world, certain neighborhoods should and could be avoided to keep yourself completely safe during your Hungary Workation package while keeping to the main roads or transportation options. 

Hungary, in general, is a safe place to visit for travelers with occasional issues with pickpockets which are relatively normal across Europe. Working with a local representative to understand the best places to explore and the right activities to enjoy for you, can help narrow down where you want to spend your time, especially to avoid unfamiliar neighborhoods or the infamously sticky summer heat during your Hunagry Workation package.


Eger is all-around impressive with its cobblestone streets, historic thermal spas, and luxurious mansions designed with Baroque flourish. The city feels regal among the northern region of Hungary, standing out for its 18th-century imperial opulence and touches of the Ottoman empire. 

Robust with wine, steeped in the grandeur of the remaining 13th-century castle, and featuring impressive medieval manuscripts, Eger can feel like a surprising beauty hidden in the shadow of Budapest with more special impressions made by the delicious food that celebrates regional and national tradition. Wildlife, monuments, shopping, and gastronomy turn Eger from a place to visit into a Hungarian cultural behemoth you can learn more about by exploring the possibilities for your Hungary Workation.

Avoid the Major Pitfalls of Eger

Eger is one of Hungary’s most charismatic cities, with art, architecture, wine, and food that celebrates culture but there are a few pitfalls to watch out for when visiting. The city is known for its extreme temperatures, with summers reaching as high as 95 degrees Fahrenheit and winters that can reach as low as 25 degrees Fahrenheit.

The extreme weather conditions are easy to avoid, and not harsh enough to change an exhilarating experience. Instead, by planning around the peak winter or summer months, you can make sure you have a pleasant Hungary Workation in Eger absent of the humid and hot weather in July or the frigid cold in February. English may not be as widely spoken in Eger as a city like Budapest but with the right planning, it would only enhance your trip by giving you an undiscovered city to enjoy. 


Szeged is a city that stands out in Hungary for the collective attributes that make it charismatic without a singular monument or landmark standing out on its own. Tranquil benches fill the main squares turning the plazas into picturesque parks, cafes set tables and chairs onto the streets for optimal people-watching, and the Old Town exudes opulence with historic palaces enhanced by the lively-university atmosphere. 

With waters sweeping by in the Tisza River and thermal baths offering an escape from the cafe conversations, Szeged can feel decorative and immersive at the same time. Visit the Votive Church, tour the Mora Ference Muzeum, or enjoy the architecture from the outside as you find the ease in which to balance work and life in the city. 

Avoid the Major Pitfalls of Szeged

Visiting Szeged is rewarding at any time of year but you can plan ahead to avoid the major pitfalls during your Hungary Workation. The weather is often considered mild and even “perfect” throughout the year with its fair share of sunny days highlighted by the lively atmosphere, but in the summer months, the city can get slightly polluted. The low elevation means the summer heat can sit in the city in July and feel a bit stifling, especially as the tourist crowds pick up. 

As Hungary’s third-largest city, Szeged can also have its typical share of petty crimes often associated with urban living. You can work with a Workation representative to plan your trip in advance to learn about any potential risks to your experience, but also to ensure you have a trip personalized to your personality while staying safe and comfortable.


The history of Sopron dates back to the Celts and has watched empires come and go, from the Romans to the Austrians, as well as the fall of the Iron curtain. 

The medieval district immediately gives credence to Sopron’s boast as one of the most beautiful towns in Hungary, where the cobblestone streets become an easy way to lose time among the colorful architecture and reputation for delicious wines. 

Vineyards flourish around the city’s outskirts and its proximity to Vienna accounts for Sopron’s endless culinary and architectural appeals demonstrating the different ways communities can make and appreciate art. Towers, lakes, and easy access to serene forests only make your possible Workation experience that much more enticing. 

Avoid the Major Pitfalls of Sopron

Sopron’s biggest pitfall is it’s own charisma. The very charms that make the city such a wonderful place to visit lure visitors from around the world all year round, especially visitors from nearby Vienna looking for a weekend getaway. 

Sopron can be a slice of country charm easily accessible for nationals and neighboring countries who wish to escape to the thermal baths, serene medieval quarter, and tasty wine region known for celebrating endemic grapes.  

Winters can be incredibly cold and plush with snow reaching consistent temperatures around 14 degrees Fahrenheit but by planning ahead, you can choose the best month to visit and avoid the popular summer months or cold winter months to find the right time for your visit. 


Tapolca is the type of charming lake town you visit when you want to explore the unexpected. Unspoiled and gorgeous, the quaint town known for its position around Lake Cave and Malon-tó offers culture, relaxation, and nature’s beauty. The main square can feel like a street dressed with a Little Princess Statue while the synagogue offers a look at the diverse cultures that added to the heritage fabric. 

Quiet churches, a charming mill, and the calming waters of the lake and pond provide a mixture of cultural monuments and natural wonders to visit. Tapolca symbolizes the type of escape from large cities you can enjoy during your Hungary Workation for a touch of historical opulence and regional magic turning the countryside into a storybook. 

Avoid the Major Pitfalls of Tapolca

Tapolca is a beautiful lakeside town in Hungary, but there are a few pitfalls you can avoid by starting with the extremes in temperatures during the summer and winter months. The hot July and August contrast the cold January and February, which often comes as a surprise to those not expecting the weather patterns with suitable clothing.

The peak summer travel months can get crowded, adding to the high temperature and humidity of the season. The combination of lots of people on the streets adding to the humidity and heat can result in a more uncomfortable environment. Plan ahead for your Hungary Workation, and you can avoid the peak temperatures for your best experience. 

Find the Hungary Destinations Right for Your Workation

When considering your Hungary Workation package, remote lakes may become more alluring with promises of thermal baths or hiking excursions to remote caves could be more your style. Find narrow medieval streets and atmospheric city centers brimming with cafe culture and castles to create your ideal Workation experience. 

During your time in Hungary, you will become more productive as you take advantage the remote location to focus on a work-life balance right for you. With established digital infrastructure and easy connectivity standards, Hungary is the perfect destination to find productivity and success during your Workation mixed with vibrant culture, enticing history, and welcoming sights.

With the right blend of cultural engagement and relaxation, we can help you plan the Workation experience of a lifetime. Take one step closer to planning your Workation or discover more information about what you need to know before travel to Hungary for your Workation.