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Sports Activities for Visitors Zagreb

In Zagreb, the most popular sports are team sports, mostly football and handball. However, there are plenty of options for solo or small group sports, even if you’re no professional. There are many great places around the city to play racquet sports. Some offer courts (booked in advance) but there are several places where you … Read more

Sports Activities for Visitors to Tallinn

Sport plays an important role in the everyday life of Estonians. Generally we all try to follow a healthy lifestyle so you’ll see a lot of people running, cycling, cross-country skiing (in winter) and playing all sorts of team sports. When it comes to international competitions we usually do well in motorsports and other individual … Read more

Sports activities for visitors in Prague

Prague has numerous sports grounds, gyms, swimming pools, and parks, plus a decent network of cycling paths, so sport enthusiasts don’t have to give up their training routine while staying in the Czech capital. We’ve linked out to the websites for all the places mentioned. If you find it’s not in English and doesn’t have … Read more