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7 Best Workation Destinations In Croatia

Croatia is a unique country with borders spreading from the Adriatic Sea to the Dinaric Alps, and the seven best destinations in Croatia demonstrate why the country is a Mediterranean fantasy.

The variety of culture, scenery, and experiences you can have on a Workation are revealed through towns with Roman foundations that stand against rolling green hills. Venetian architecture showcases layers of opulence. Truffles grow in the woodlands. The Dalmatian islands reflect the beauty of the Adriatic Sea.

A Workation in Croatia not only gives you access to Croatia’s authentic splendor, but it also provides you with the best amenities for working in the country as you discover the depth of natural and cultural splendor.


Dubrovnik is Croatia’s most popular city due to its gorgeous shoreline, steep bordering hills, and famous medieval walls. The sturdy towers and monasteries in the heart of Old Town contrast the baroque churches. Lively plazas are filled with aromatic cafes and the cable car offers a scenic ride to the top of Mount Srd. 

Hidden gardens and historic cobblestone streets add to the atmosphere that makes Dubrovnik such an alluring city to visit and an exciting city to settle in during a Workation. The UNESCO-protected Old Town defies a single definition with modern restaurants filling historic spaces and making the city an incredible place to find some of the top foods in Croatia. Perfect beaches outside of the old city walls provide an easy and scenic escape from the reflective stones on sunny days while the red-tiled roofs are an endlessly inviting sight. 

Avoid the Major Pitfalls of Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik is an exciting city and one of the most popular destinations in Croatia. Its popularity can also be seen as one of its major pitfalls. Cruise ships dock at the port outside of the city, which can create major traffic on the streets during the height of the travel season. Spending too little time in Dubrovnic, especially in summer, could mean getting caught up in the hordes of tourists who walk the streets for the day or take up space on the popular beaches.


Split is an immersive city that certainly deserves its acclaim. The architecture has lived multiple lives and has remained preserved for nearly two millennia at the center of the Old Town in the form of Diocletian’s Palace. The impressive and imposing remains of the Roman empire demonstrates architectural wonder mixed with contemporary culture. 

With opportunities to work from anywhere, It is not only easy to get lost among the narrow streets and cobblestone alleyways of split but part of the city’s charm as passageways lead to courtyards with quiet cafes or to the marble-paved promenade that overlooks the water. Find the different ways to travel around Croatia or relax on the beaches, explore the hiking paths, discover the cycling trails with each offering more opportunities to enjoy the history, culture, and scenery around Split outside of the historic center. Look for your ideal Croatia trip with our Croatia Workation Packages.

Avoid the Major Pitfalls of Split

Split is another one of Croatia’s most popular destinations. In summer, the beaches can be overcrowded, especially during the hottest part of the day and season. By planning ahead, by knowing the less popular beaches in the area, or by understanding where the locals go to avoid the major tourist crowds, you can have a better time with a more authentic experience.


Zagreb is Croatia’s capital city and while it may not have the beaches or coastline as other popular destinations, Zagreb is a fantastic city for exploring. Red-tiled rooftops overlook a warren of cobblestone streets in the Upper Town and church spires create a more dramatic skyline.

Cafe culture hums with activity harkening back to the Austro-Hungarian Empire when intellectuals and artists would debate over coffee. Music, markets, and food stalls blend into a symphony of sounds and aromas while eccentric museums demonstrate a unique perspective of local culture, heritage, and history. Rather than a city to visit during the travel season, Zagreb is a city in which you live.

Avoid the Major Pitfalls of Zagreb

Zagreb is a fantastic city but like many capitals, has its particular issues  you should avoid. Avoid driving in the city because traffic can be hazardous. Consider stopped cars and ignored traffic lights, suggested speed limits and pedestrians crossing the streets at random intervals. These are not inherently problematic but can be concerning when you are not familiar with driving in the city.  


Istria is often labeled as Croatia’s Tuscany, known for its truffles, Roman ruins, wines, and medieval hilltop villages. The peninsula is a storybook come to life, and emphasized by great culinary traditions. 

Family-run taverns, restaurants that overlook the Adriatic Sea, and multi-generational truffle hunters only add to the prestige of the Roman amphitheater still used in Pula, the medieval architecture in Rovinj, and the historic walls that circumvent Motovun. Explore a number of Croatia’s celebrated national parks, sip locally made wine in an antique estate. Cycle or hike along a former narrow railway for panoramic views, find quiet beaches far from the crowds of Dubrovnik or Split and enjoy some of the most walkable cities and towns in Croatia

Avoid the Major Pitfalls of Istria

Istria is a peninsula and with its beautiful pebbled coastline also comes the lush interior that can become super hot beneath the summer sun. If you plan on hiking or cycling when visiting in the summer, be careful of the heat and be sure to drink enough water during and after the activity.

Beyond the possibility of heat exhaustion or dehydration, the focus on tourism in Istria can also mean some activities are not available outside of high or shoulder season. Plan your trip with a local Workation Hero who can give you the information you need to make sure you can enjoy your preferred activities.

Korcula Island

Korcula is a preserved medieval town on a larger island that features imposing walls, soaring towers, and was the historic home of famous explorer Marco Polo. The cathedral adds lavish spires to the skyline, marbled streets shine in the sunlight, and the beaches provide quiet places to rest under warm Adriatic sun.

Taverns continue to cook traditional food resulting in delicious and hardy meals while archeological remains of Greek and Roman settlements act as testaments to the long line of settlers who have called the island and greater Croatia home through the millennia. Venetian architecture, vibrant markets, and local olive oil provide further indulgences into island living on Korcula.

Avoid the Major Pitfalls of Korcula

Outside of Korcula Town, the island is a seductive place with timeless beauty and untouched nature. The rich flavors of the local wine and cuisine are mouthwatering and take from the natural nutrients of the untouched corners of the island.

The serene but wild corners are difficult to reach which can create major hazards for emergency services in case of an issue. Search out hidden beaches and coves or remote woodlands but always make sure you have access to emergency services and that others know where you are visiting.

Hvar Island

Hvar Town can feel like the Hollywood of Croatia, where visitors get dressed up to be seen and enjoy, walk the cobblestone streets, and enjoy the beaches until the sun comes up. It is not just a place for high-end restaurants and glitzy cocktail bars; that natural beauty and preserved glamor of Venetian architecture helped create the allure that brought the glitterati to the island in the first place.

Hvar remains a unique blend of sandals and high heels, backpacks and cocktail dresses, unlike few other places in the world. 13th-century walls surround the historic center and marble-paved streets wind beneath the Gothic palaces. Beaches glow in the sunlight and boats whisk daytrippers away to the nearby Pakleni islands to find ancient artifacts and natural woodlands surrounded by the turquoise Adriatic.

Avoid the Major Pitfalls of Hvar

Hvar is much more than the glitz and glamor of Hvar Town in summer and the biggest pitiful to avoid is only visiting the main settlement, especially in peak travel season. The opportunities to visit traditional villages, enjoy the local wine, try authentic recipes, and just sit in the panoramas overlooking the historic marinas can give you lasting memories beyond the booming music from the yachts that roll out of town as noisily as they roll in.

Other than stepping out of Hvar Town for a more personalized experience, you should also be aware of the sea urchins, jellyfish, and harsh sunlight that can quickly turn a fun beach trip into a challenging visit and difficult memory.


Zadar has its own charm wrapped up in the combination of Bohemian art installations and historic architecture that nudges against the coastline. With over three millennia of history, Zadar is a great access point to the Dalmatian Coast with its own immersive ambiance explored on foot. Roman ruins, medieval designs, and preserved churches circle the city streets.

Restaurants and cafes celebrate the coastline with quality ingredients and beach resorts provide fantastic points to rest on the coastline and overlook the sparkling water. Listen to the haunting sounds of the Sea Organ, witness the changing lights of the Sun Salutation installation, walk past the cafes on the seaside promenade, or visit one of the oldest universities in Europe. Zadar is unlike any other city in Croatia.

Avoid the Major Pitfalls of Zadar

Zadar feels more like a contemporary city than a preserved Old-World town. If you prefer the cobblestone streets and church spires of medieval Europe or want the glamorous architecture of the Venetian Republic, Zadar can feel a world away. At the same time, the contemporary shops and restaurants can add a much needed comfort in a distant country that makes it a little easier to settle into the culture when visiting for an extended period of time. Whether interested in Zadar or one of the other top places to visit in Croatia, find the answers you need with the information you should know before your Croatia trip.

Find the Croatia Destinations Right for Your Workation

No matter where you choose to visit in Croatia, you are sure to experience the natural beauty and cultural charms that have made it such a fascinating place to visit. Shimmering turquoise sea, medieval walls, mouthwatering truffles, and even mind-blowing festivals continue to make Croatia one of the best places to visit in Europe for a Workation as you balance working and traveling.

Find the information you need and want so that you can create your best Workation experience. When you are ready, allow us to maximize your time and accelerate your productivity as you live and explore Croatia. Take one step closer to planning your Workation or discover more information about the top things to do in Croatia on Workation.