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International Food Options in Zagreb

Zagreb’s international culinary scene has improved dramatically over the past few years and it was a most welcome transformation! For a very long time, what was offered was different shades of pretty much the same, with some international influences. As I started to research and write about global food available in Zagreb, I realized that … Read more

Date Night Restaurants Zagreb

There are many great restaurants in Zagreb, from traditional eateries serving typical Croatian food, to fusion and high-end places taking great pride in their originality. Choosing from these great options is especially difficult if you want to really impress someone, but luckily for you, here’s a short list of tried and tested restaurants. Don’t take … Read more

Date Night Restaurants in Krakow

Dating in Poland does involve some traditions and set of unwritten rules that it’s best to go by, to make sure that the evening was enjoyable for both parties. For a man it’s a common occurrence to bring flowers, especially roses (although not the yellow ones – those tend to be associated with jealousy). It’s important to … Read more

International Dining Options in Split

Split’s international food scene might not seem too big, but it offers high quality, and is growing. Walk around, and you can find favorite dishes from home, or other beloved foods. That’s not to say you won’t love Split’s Dalmatian cuisine, with its light Mediterranean dishes! You can also find diverse types of pasta, risotto, … Read more

Date Night Restaurants in Rome

Any night can be a special date night when you’re in Rome with your other half and almost any osteria or trattoria can make for a charming backdrop. But what if you want somewhere a bit more memorable? Here are a few picks for your next special night out together in Rome. Ambrosia Rooftop Restaurant … Read more