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Istrian Peninsula, Rovinj

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14 Days

2 Weeks Istrian Peninsula and Rovinj Workation Package

With medieval charms, delicious food, and contemporary culture, you can enjoy a 14-day Croatia Workation with a perfect balance between discovery and workflow. Explore hilltop towns, relax by the water, and discover marvelous waterfalls to help inspire you. 


What’s included

Accommodation with appraised working amenities
Great working wifi
Restaurants and activities that are vetted and recommended by locals
Guided tours
Tickets to museums when touring
Airport Transfers
Local knowledge and suggestions

Customizable itinerary

This is a sample itinerary to inspire a personalized trip designed with your travel specialist

Rovinj is a medieval town with endless charm to explore with cobblestone streets, preserved medieval facades, and small squares punctuated by historic churches. Once in the city, you can relax at your accommodation pre-screened to make sure the amenities meet and even surpass your expectations to enjoy a work-life balance when in Croatia.

Old Town is small and features the Baroque design of the Cathedral of St. Euphemia. Get to know the streets and ambiance by walking around the atmospheric restaurants and cafes around the harbor or noticing the mixture of details featured on the Balbi’s Arch. 

Relax with a view of the Rovinj sunset. Take a breath. Set a timer and focus on the colors for five minutes. Sit in the moment. 

Enjoy a stroll on the waterfront at any time of day. At sunset, you can really experience the local ambiance from the restaurants and shops.

Set out for an exploration of the countryside with a truffle tour in the morning. The cool air along the peninsula can help as you trek along the forest floor with a guide and trained dogs in search of the coveted truffle that can change depending on the season. The air can smell of pine or oak during your search before you uncover one and even inhale the earthy, leathery aroma. 

In Motovun, you have time to enjoy the view of the hill that rises out of the Mirna River Valley. The scenic wall can make the streets feel like a fairy tale mixed with Gothic and Romanesque architecture. Visit the boutique stores or lounge in a restaurant where artists explore their creativity.  

Inhale the smell of the truffle with your eyes open and then closed. What do you notice? Close your eyes and taste the flavor of a truffle. Does it enhance the recipe? Do you notice anything familiar or different?  

Visit with the artists of Motovun. Their crafts have an integral connection to the town’s medieval history and cultural growth. 

Start your week with a ritual that helps you settle into working from Croatia. At the end of the day, head to Brijuni National Park to find the unique combination of dinosaur footprints, ancient ruins, and a very unique safari park. 

Enter into a different era and a different world when viewing the collection of South American, Africa, and Asian wildlife like the Indian elephant, llamas, and zebras. The elephant has a surprisingly light walk despite its size making it difficult to hear coming.

Explore the unique wildlife of Brijuni National Park. Breathe in the fresh air and use your senses to experience the environment. What does it sound like, smell like, look like, and feel like?

The Ethno Park can give you more information into the traditional Istrian homestead and animal species like oxen and goats.

After a full day of work, dive into the flavors of the celebrated wines around the Istrian Peninsula with a wine tasting tour visiting a selection of vineyards. Whether with a pairing plate of traditional cheese and prosciutto or a sampling of wine and olive oils created in the region, you can find the perfect flavors for your palate. 

Find a customary Malvasia where notes of honeysuckle and jasmine fill the glass leading to flavors of honey and star anise for a great way to disconnect from the workday.  

Engage with your guide to learn more about the specific characteristics you can find in the wines. Train your senses by focusing on the different flavors, body, and aromas.

Learn about the local food and how to pair the wines you like with dishes from the region.

The historic city of Vrsar is a great place to unravel the past and enjoy present-day culture as you peel back the layers to Roman times. Artists still use the Roman quarry for their sculptures and remnants of the ancient fortifications punctuate the streets around the sea gate. The water is quiet and reflects the moored boats along the harbor. 

As you dig deeper into the winding streets, you can learn how many houses were occupied by bishops and nobles throughout history. Walk along the medieval walls or visit the historic summer palace of the Porec bishops that bring the past and the present together. 

Cycle the trail that connects Vrsar to Porec. Take in the scenery and memorize as much as you can the landscape as you travel through vineyards and olive groves. After, see how much of the trail you can remember.

Visit the sculpture park and the refurbished estate of the artist Dusan Dzamonja’s former summer home.

Pula demonstrates the grand combination of ancient, medieval, and contemporary lives captured in the Roman amphitheater that was used by gladiators, medieval knights, and still hosts concerts and events. Walk past the Temple of Augustus where the grand portico displays masterpieces of stonework and bronze sculptures collected from around the city.

The Venetian fortress crowns the central park with powerful walls and a fantastical stronghold. When the weather is warm, you can relax by the clear turquoise water at Cape Kamenjak where the scent of the sea creates an alluring detail to your visit.

Stay for sunset and watch the colors light up the horizon. How does the waterfront change between day and night? What shifts in the feeling of Pula, the sounds, and the sights? 

Enjoy the diverse foods of Istria with a multi-course meal that highlights ingredients like white truffles, olive oil, and local shellfish.

Start your day with work and get ready to travel to Zagreb when you are finished. Before reaching Croatia’s capital, you can stop in Rijeka for a better connection to the daily life of the contemporary country. The streets can feel more Central European than Adriatic, where neoclassical palaces and a theater can resemble a city like Budapest. 

At Trsat Castle, climb the watchtower for a great view on foundations once used by the Illyrians millennia ago. The Central Market overflows with buzzing locals and vendors inside an art-nouveau building. Seasonal vegetables and fruit fill the market with mouth watering aromas while aromas of coffee glide down the cafes and upmarket shops along the Krozo promenade.

Follow the historical pilgrimage route by climbing the Peter Druzic Stairway. Count the steps. How do you feel when you start vs. when you finish. Focus on the view. 

Before leaving for Zagreb, climb the Trsat Castle tower for a great view. 

The contemporary and cosmopolitan capital city of Croatia has an exciting energy. Red rooftops shine on the Upper Town over cobblestone streets and beneath church spires. Neo-baroque architecture and elaborate art deco designs decorate Lower Town. 

As you explore the city with a full day free, you can find the distinct character of each neighborhood, with colorful murals bringing new life to concrete walls and cafes overflowing with conversation and the aromas of buttery pastries from Tkalciceva Street to Ilica Street. You can easily get lost in awe standing in front of the 13th-century cathedral where the ornate spires represent the periodical grandeur that defines the structure. 

Sit in a sidewalk cafe on Tkalciceva Street. Take a picture but don’t look at it. Then memorize what you see. How do the two compare?

When visiting the cathedral, don’t overlook the treasury’s display of historical religious art and sacred objects.

With a full day free, you can take the easy trip into neighboring Slovenia to explore Lake Bled and Ljubljana. The reflective turquoise alpine waters of Lake Bled can easily enchant you. A walkway circles the lakeshore leading you between the aromatic pines and beneath the looming cliff crowned with an elegant castle. 

The Church of Mary the Queen stands on the sole island at the center of the lake for a beautiful panorama of the surrounding landscape. In Ljubljana, find a contemporary charm in the masterful Art Nouveau architecture. Friendly cafes spill into the streets offering smells of coffee and traditional dishes while the unique triangular design of Preseren Square celebrates the city’s distinctive perspective. 

Soak in the view from Bled Castle. Set your timer for at least seven minutes. Just stand and watch the landscape. 

Take the boat to the Church of the Assumption of Maria in the heart of Lake Bled. Don’t be deterred by the 99 steps leading from the jetty to the door.

Settle back into the work-life balance with a full day focused on getting work done before heading to the Art Pavilion. The structure dates back to the turn of the 20th century and shines with an uplifting yellow Art Nouveau facade.

 The museum displays important works by local artist Ivan Mestrovic inside the oldest exhibition hall in the country. With 300 sculptures of the artist’s work featured inside his former home, you can witness the diverse styles, shapes, and textures the different materials conjure when working with wood or stone or bronze. 

Stand in front of the artwork that speaks to you most and recite five positive affirmations over again for two minutes.

Take time to find more information about Mestrovic to better appreciate the artwork displayed in the 17th-century house.

Samobor is full of charm and a great place to visit for an afternoon after work. Craft makers and artisans have created an ambiance of artistry nestled into the foothills at the edge of town where locals make hats, clothing, leather goods, and more. 

It’s easy to walk along the footpaths or cycle through the streets as you view the historic buildings leading to King Tomislav Square and Samobor Castle. Cafes set chairs out over the cobblestones where locals and visitors can enjoy the quiet, friendly atmosphere and aromas of the famous cream cake. 

Hike to the historic Somobor Castle. Visualize what it might have looked like in its heyday. What did the landscape, the foundations, or the forest look like in the 13th century?

Find the local ice cream cake and quickly learn why it’s so popular.

After your work day, you can take to the city to explore how you wish. Relax in your accommodations or visit your favorite cafe to listen to the sounds of the city around you. For a more cultural experience, you can visit one of the many museums in Zagreb including the celebrated Tesla Technical Museum. 

Dedicated to the evolution and technology of the famous creator’s inventions, the gallery can feel like an introduction into a historic World’s Fair. View energy transformation or ideas about transportation at the beginning of the 20th century for a glimpse into Tesla’s mind and creative process. 

Seek out the best pastries in the city. Ask one or many locals. Make a list of why they like it. Find it. Close your eyes during the first, second, and third bites. What can you notice? How do they differ? 

Zagreb is an incredible city of culture and art. Visit one of the many museums, such as the Museum of Broken Relationships or the Croatian Museum of Naive Art

The famous Plitvice Lakes National Park is approximately two hours from Zagreb and immerse you in one of Croatia’s most iconic images. A collection of countless waterfalls connect the 16 lakes that shimmer with turquoise water. Boardwalks wave and wander through the park creating a lower trail and an upper trail. 

When you walk through the park, you can easily hear the crash of the falls and feel the spray of mist while on the Lower Trail. For an aerial view not connected to the main routes, you can find a trail that lines the western cliffs for a sensational panorama connected to Veliki Slap viewpoint.

Divide your focus time between the upper and lower trails. Choose a spot on the lower trail where you can close your eyes. What do you hear? Do the same on the upper trail. How are they different? 

If you can, take a day of PTO to enjoy the full experience of the national park.

You can spend the day working at your pace before traveling to the airport or spend time visiting the Dolac Market for one more cultural immersion before you leave. The lively market fills with vendors selling fresh seasonal produce while the indoor stalls have dairy, meat, and flowers. You can also find luscious olive oil and a variety of honeys for one last look at the daily life of locals in the welcoming city. 

Take your time at a cafe to enjoy and observe your surroundings before you travel home. Remember the feeling.

If you don’t want to take PTO, you can schedule your flight for later in the evening and have the day to work.

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