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Brac Workation Package

An eight-day Workation on Brac is a mixture between an authentic island getaway and the perfect exploration of Croatia’s famous Dalmatian islands. Balance discovering hidden coves and awe-inspiring beaches with a day of work that can endlessly rejuvenate your creativity.


What’s included

Accommodation with appraised working amenities
Great working wifi
Restaurants and activities that are vetted and recommended by locals
Guided tours
Tickets to museums when touring
Airport Transfers
Local knowledge and suggestions

Customizable itinerary

This is a sample itinerary to inspire a personalized trip designed with your travel specialist

With a small network of medieval streets, local cafes, and boutique shops that demonstrate the calm and welcoming atmosphere of the island, you can quickly belong to the beauty of Brac as you settle into your pre-checked accommodations. Enjoy the necessary amenities that will help you enjoy the balance of work and life on the remote corner of the Dalmatias. 

To get acquainted with the town, enjoy a walk around Supetar to find the Church of the Annunciation. The triple-naved Baroque architecture stands out with ornate marble altars on the interior and a towering belfry that stands nearly 115 feet tall. At the Brac Museum, you can see a collection of ancient artifacts inside a fort built during the Venetian-Turkish wars for a sense of history that permeates the island.

Arrive in Brac and take time to enjoy your new home for the week by finding the shortest travel route from your accommodations to the coastline. Set your time for five minutes and just enjoy the view, nothing more.

Properly settle into the island by trying a traditional dish in a local restaurant or tavern. You could also try something sweet like the Hrapocusa, a traditional layered cake. 

With a full day to enjoy the surrounding scenery, you can set out on a full-day cruise that takes you around nearby Hvar and the Paklinski Archipelago. The sea breeze always feels fresh and the vibrant colors from the buildings in Hvar Town add to the quaint ambiance. 

The island can feel luxurious and charming as you walk through narrow marbled streets, find walls dating back to the 13th century, and find views that open to the quiet beaches. The smell of grilled shrimp and lobster often fills the streets and the dramatic medieval castle hovers above the town looking down on the red-tiled rooftops. At the Paklinski Archipelago, you can find a chain of wooded islands that fill the air with the smell of pine resin. You can visit the stone cottages, or in season, join the festive vibe around Mlini.

Turn on your timer when you arrive in Hvar and spend 20 minutes indulging in the town. Pay attention to the sounds and smells. What becomes your favorite sensory detail? 

Visit the Franciscan Monastery in Hvar Town in the nearby cove. Stroll in the garden to enjoy the tranquil atmosphere.

In the morning you can find the ritual that helps you settle into the work week. With a structure and timeline that works for you, balance your work schedule with discovering your surroundings. After work, you can easily explore the historic fishing villages or inland towns of Brac. The village of Pucisca overlooks the Makarska Riviera.

The gorgeous village is often overlooked but rises above the clear turquoise blue Adriatic with white-washed facades and orange-tiled rooftops. Walk along the cobblestone promenade or find a different perspective of the island through the remaining towers that date back to the Middle Ages. The smell of hot stone often blends with the pine from the bordering trees.

At the end of your tour, find your perfect cafe overlooking the water. Spend two minutes thinking about your favorite thing about the island so far. Focus on the reasons you enjoy that thing the most.

If you have time, enjoy a kayaking excursion for a great view of the islan from the water. 

After work, you can enjoy the adventure to the Blue Cave on the island of Vis. A boat can take you into the cave where the sunlight hits the water in a way that causes an ethereal blue project throughout the cavern. It can feel quiet and otherworldly inside as the water taps against the surrounding walls.

Once firmly on Vis, you can find a time capsule of the Yugoslavian government, as well as an authentic representation of traditional Croatian life. The smell of gourmet food spills out of the seaside restaurants often promoting a daily catch or squid-ink pasta. It is also the site where Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again was filmed, which captured the essential natural beauty of the nearly untouched island. It is a place you can savor just by watching the coastline or traveling to the top of Hum mountain for a great panorama. 

Concentrate on the color that glows in the cave. Close your eyes before you leave and memorize it. Try to recall the color back on Brac. Does it have the same glow? Does it give you the same sensation? 

If you have time, you can also visit the Green Cave, where you can swim or snorkel inside the glowing cavern.

Brac is an island blessed with great beaches. Wait until work is complete to head to the coastline and find the right beach for you, which could be embodied in Zlatni Rat beach’s famous soft pebbles and crystal-clear waters. Pine trees and lush gardens touch the marble-paved promenade that overlooks the water. 

You can dig your toes in the Adriatic or lounge beneath the Mediterranean sun in season. Zlatni Rat is often rated one of the best beaches in the world and you can relax or take part in the adventure with kitesurfers and windsurfing popular with the consistent Maestral adding a nice breeze to the warm afternoon. 

Listen to the sound of the water lapping against the coastline. Set your timer and don’t move for five minutes. Relax, disconnect, and enjoy the ultimate Dalmatian ambiance. 

Visit the famous Zlatni Rat beach if you prefer stretches of golden sand. 

A Brac food tour is not just about where to eat but what to eat when visiting the island. After work, you can easily indulge in the diverse flavors that demonstrate the culture and heritage of the community-based in the historical ingredients. 

Find mouth watering aromas and stunning terraces as you visit a collection of restaurants that celebrate the fresh seafood, the locally sourced olive oil, and hidden tavernas known mainly to locals but serving exquisite dishes like lamb prepared the same way for generations. Sample a spit-roasted dish accompanied by a four-cheese sauce or a decadent wine crafted on the island for an experience you can taste.

Find the right olive oil for you with a tasting that introduces you to the differences in flavor and style. Search for the layers in the olive oil you prefer. What makes it different? 

Don’t miss the sheep cheeses on the island that are great with olive oil and sides of olives. 

Bol is an historic town that intermingles small stone houses decorated with blossoming geraniums with views to the azure water. It is another place to simply be as opposed to finding a monument. Pine trees and sculptures line the coastal promenade and, during the season, the streets hum with activity. 

When visiting Bol, you can enjoy the start to your weekend by sipping a locally made wine in a winery that overlooks the water. The cellar is connected to an agricultural cooperative that adds to the winemaking ecosystem that produces some of the country’s finest wines steeped in local tradition. For a richer adventure, you can visit Dragon’s cave, a monastery with elements dating back to the 4th-century and sensational views of the coastline.

Visit the Blaca Monastery to step back in time. What do you notice about the architecture and the overall ambiance of the setting? Find five characteristics that stick out to you. When you return to your accommodations, what do you remember?

You can visit the town’s local wineries for a fun and exciting taste of Bol and the island of Brac. 

Brac is an island where the joys can stem from being present and taking part in the moment, instead of trying to reach the next goal. In the morning, it should be easy to remain present once more before returning to mainland Croatia for your flight home. 

Take your time with the morning breeze, the smell of the Adriatic, and the additional aromas of pastries that often spill out of the cafes. Based on your flight schedule, your Workation specialist will have already planned your travel plans to make sure you have plenty of time to reach the airport. 

If you have time in the morning, walk along one of the beaches to enjoy the view and atmosphere one last time before your flight home. Does it feel different now that you are leaving?  

Brac airport only has a limited number of flights. For more flexibility, you can fly in and out of a larger nearby airport like Split. 

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