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10-day Split Itinerary

Enjoy the famous city of Split with a 10-day Workation where the present fills the past. Gorgeous islands, charming medieval towns, and breathtaking landscapes come together as you balance productivity and exploration for a perfect Workation. 


What’s included

Accommodation with appraised working amenities
Great working wifi
Restaurants and activities that are vetted and recommended by locals
Guided tours
Tickets to museums when touring
Airport Transfers
Local knowledge and suggestions

Customizable itinerary

This is a sample itinerary to inspire a personalized trip designed with your travel specialist

Split reflects the Dalmatian life in action, where exuberance and history meet the seaside. With a balance between modernity and tradition, you can quickly settle into the city’s beauty as it emerges from the famous ruins of Diocletian’s Palace to the hanging walls of Klis Fortress. 

Your accommodations will be pre-screened to ensure you have the amenities you need to enjoy the balance between work and life while in Croatia. Take your time during the day to enjoy Split’s ambiance or walk along the 17th-century streets and buildings at the base of Marjan Hill in the Veli Varos neighborhood to stretch your legs. 

Take in the surrounding sounds and aromas of the city. Turn on your timer and see how long it takes before you check your phone.

Get acclimated to your new surroundings by trying a typical local dish like black risotto or a fig-based dessert.

Enjoy a private tour of Split for the best introduction to the balance between past and present life. You can find how culture takes on a different meaning as you walk through Diocletian’s Palace to find the Roman-age architecture filled with contemporary cafes and boutique shops. The renewed life embodies the entire city where stone exteriors hide modern families and antique churches look out over sophisticated plazas. 

At St. Duje’s Cathedral, you can find a great example of locally designed architecture with foundations dating back to the 4th century AD. The 24 supporting columns show the Roman elements while the wooden doors demonstrate the Romanesque touches.  

Walk the Diocletian Palace and look for the creative shops stuffed with artwork by local artisans. What catches your eye? Try to memorize the details. After leaving the store, can you remember what the piece was and how it looked? 

Visit the boutique shopping area along Marmont Street to find a local perspective on fashion, design, and culture.

If the weather is nice, you enjoy a boat trip to Hvar. The gorgeous island has a long and lean makeup where the sun blankets the majority of the shoreline. Once on the island, you can walk around the main town where glitzy hotels overlook the turquoise waters and elegant restaurants exude aromas of grilled seafood and buttery pastries. 

Ancient hamlets crown the hills with empty stone structures, lavender fields add a touch of color to the rugged hillsides, and vineyards produce strong flavors from the hardy terrain. Spend time lounging on Dubovica Beach or visit the looming medieval fortress before sailing to the Blue Cave, where the light filters through the water with a rich, silvery-blue tint. 

Close your eyes in the Blue Cave and notice if you can see the color and light through your eyelids. Does it have the same effect? 

The light in the Blue Cave is best between 11 am and noon. This is when the sun hits the water just right. 

While very close to Split, Trogir can feel like a world away. After you finish work for the day, cross the bridges that connect the mainland to the island of Trogir to step into the historic center surrounded by historic walls. The seaside promenade overlooks the calm waters with a confluence of bars and cafes that peer into the wading yachts. 

Enjoy walking the cobblestone streets to find the three-naved Venetian design of St Lawrence’s Cathedral or visit the illuminated manuscripts on display in the Sacred Art Museum as you disconnect from the workday and remember where you have traveled to.

Sip a glass of wine in Trogir, close your eyes, and see if the surrounding scents affect the characteristics of the wine. 

Visit the Ston Oyster farm to learn about the growing and harvesting of oysters before a tasting. 

Start work early and head to Krka National Park to view the incredible scenery. Verdant hills blanketed in trees surround the walkways leading to waterfalls. Embrace the magical feeling that comes from the row of cascades and crystal cool water you can dip into. 

The splashing sounds from the falls mixed with the breeze, capture the spirit of the untouched landscape. Take the time to explore the village of Skradin on the ride back to Split, where colorful houses line the streets beneath the fortress hanging from the hillside. 

Keep an eye out for wildlife during your visit to Krka National Park. You can find Eurasian coot and tufted duck, as well as deer. How many birds, mammals, and fish can you find? 

If you have time, visit Visovac Lake and Monastery for the gorgeous view of the glistening water and the stoic building that is on a singular island.

You can easily travel to the island of Solta after you finish your workday to enjoy the hills, steep shore, and deep bays that stare back at Split. Pastures create the ideal landscape for beekeeping and herding sheep. Wander through the main town of Stomorska where the 16th-century stone houses represent Dalmatian heritage. 

Cafes line the streets and small stores add to the quaint ambiance. The harbor in Maslinica offers a romantic ambiance from the small fishing boats and partitioned blue and green water set beneath the historic homes. In Grohote, you can visit a traditional honey farm and even enjoy a sample. 

Enjoy an olive oil tasting on the island. Close your eyes and pay attention to the layered flavors, body, and aromas to learn how to differentiate the quality and the variations of the olive oils. 

Solta is known for wild rosemary, olive oil, and honey. Have a meal at a seaside restaurant for a true taste of the island.

The Salona ruins are super close to Split and make for a great afternoon trip after you have finished work. Discover the ancient Roman presence in the country beyond Diocletian’s Palace by walking through the archeological park.

The extensive collection of ruins visually reveals the importance of the colony to the empire, from the necropolis that dates back to the 2nd century BC to the three-naved basilica built in the 5th century AD. Walk along the old city walls where you can find the bases that once supported at least 90 towers in the 2nd century AD. 

Walk freely among the ruins and overlay a story about the history around the public baths and amphitheater. 

Visit the Tusculum Museum for more information on the site and access to the local garden that has great views. 

Sibenik is a gorgeous city that embraces its seaside position and preserved medieval architecture with equal passion. It makes for a great retreat from Split for the afternoon due to its proximity and beauty. 

Old Town retains facades from the 15th and 16th centuries while the Sibenik Cathedral adds a luster to the streets with an apse that features more than 70 distinctive faces. For a fantastic view over the orange-tiled rooftops, visit St. John’s Fortress which clings to the hillside more than 377 feet above Old Town. 

Walk the stone stairways and reach the fortified walls for views over the Adriatic. Set a timer for five minutes. Enjoy the panorama without any distractions until the timer goes off.

Take a sailing excursion along the coast and the nearby islands for a different view. 

To celebrate the weekend, take the trip to visit Plitvice Lakes National Park, one of the most famous destinations in Croatia. Set in the heart of the hinterland, the water glows a glorious turquoise against the surrounding emerald treeline. 

You can walk along the upper and lower boardwalks listening to the rumbling waterfalls as they spill over the terraced edges into the 16 crystal-clear lakes. The winding connection of wooden footbridges and trails leads to puffs of butterflies and endless rainbows caught in the mist. The scent of pine and wet rocks adds to the relaxing atmosphere. 

Take the upper trail for a different view of the waterfalls. Close your eyes and listen to the sound. What do you hear? 

Visit Zadar on the way to Plitvice Lakes to view the Sea Organ. 

Wake up early before leaving for the airport to enjoy the coffee culture in Croatia one last time. Sitting at a cafe with friends or associates sipping a specific type of coffee is common across the country and the views around Split make it much easier to enjoy the light, sea air, and aromas before your private transfer picks you up. Once at the airport, you can relax with time before your flight leaves. 

Enjoy a community feeling with breakfast at a local bakery. Sip a coffee, eat a pastry, and observe others around you. 

Split Airport is one of the busiest in Croatia. Arrive at least two hours early to account for possible delays. 

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