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The Best Time to Visit Greece for Workation

The best time to visit Greece is May to June or September to October for your Greece Workation package. While these may be the best overall months to experience Greece’s famous Mediterranean climate and activities, Workation has no seasonal limits, giving you the opportunity to travel during nonpeak months for the most optimal experiences with fewer tourist crowds.

Greece is a country famous for its ancient history, gorgeous islands, and tremendous culinary scene devoted to the traditional Mediterranean diet. The spring and fall are beautiful with mild weather and fewer visitors, with plenty of sun, cities, islands, medieval towns, and surprising ruins to visit.

Greece is one of Europe’s most popular countries to visit, especially in summer when flocks of international tourists head to the famous islands to lounge on the beaches or party at one of the infamous stretches of coastline, in addition to side trips to the legendary ruins of famous cities like Athens, Delphi, and Olympia. 

In reality, Greece is a great year-round destination, with options for everyone beyond the crowded summers, giving you the chance to enjoy islands, history, and culture. Use the following list to find more information on the best time to visit Greece.

Best time for tourism

May, June, September and October

When is the best time for sightseeing in Greece?

The best months for sightseeing in Greece are May, June, September, and October. Weather plays one of the biggest factors in the time of year to visit a country but Greece’s spring and fall generally have mild temperatures, fewer crowds, and options to enjoy islands both famous and overlooked without the swelling summer heat and humidity. 

The mild weather makes it easier and much more comfortable to enjoy the best things to do in Greece, whether walking around the cities during guided tours, cycling on the trails around the coveted islands, or just relaxing on the beaches without feeling the burn, giving spring and fall the most well-rounded opportunities for your Greece Workation.

When is the best time to visit beaches in Greece?

Warm summers and mild winters can make the beaches seem like year-round destinations but the best opportunities to visit the beaches in Greece are from May to June and September to October. The combination of smaller crowds and milder sunshine gives consistent and welcoming temperatures with more open space. 

Most travelers prefer visiting the beaches in Greece without fighting for a lounge chair or standing shoulder to shoulder when walking the cobblestone streets of the main island town. Visiting in spring or fall can give you easier access to Greece’s nearly 8,500 miles of coastline, both on the islands and mainland, from the Athenian Riviera to Santorini’s Red Beach, Mykonos’s Psarou Beach or Naxos’s Plaka Beach. Depending on the type of trip you want, the shoulder season can give you the best weather in Greece for beaches. 

What is the worst time to go to Greece?

The worst time to go to Greece is in July and August. The peak summer travel season means the beaches are overcrowded with tourists and the entire Mediterranean is at its hottest for a sweltering combination that can see little relief. Avoid visiting Greece in summer as well if you are interested in a more authentic experience because most Greeks go on vacation during July and August. 

Peak summer season is generally when you should avoid your Greece Workation, due to the extreme weather, overcrowding, absent locals, but also higher prices, from goods and services to accommodations. This means you end up paying more for less. Workation has much more information on what you should know before your trip to Greece, so you can prepare beforehand and enjoy your vacation.

When is wine season in Greece?

Wine season in Greece is early October, making October a great time to visit for your Greece Workation. The fertile landscape and deep-rooted history of winemaking across the country gives you the chance to enjoy unique experiences outside of the peak travel months.

After summer ends, you can appreciate the cooler weather, ancient traditions, and authentic heritage of locals harvesting the grapes in baskets and transferring the baskets to the wineries for pressing. The history of winemaking spans millennia but during your Greece Workation package, you can visit traditional vineyards in winemaking paradises like Crete, Santorini, or Limnos.

When is the best time for a Workation in Greece?

The best time for your Greece Workation package is May to early June or Late September to October. Workation is a very specific experience tailored to how and when you want to visit Greece.

However, by visiting in spring or fall, you still have access to the islands or beaches that often close outside of the comfortable warm season, while also giving you the chance to explore the famous ruins and culture. 

Greece is a year-round destination giving you ample opportunity to enjoy your experience overall but if you prefer to visit quintessential islands, there is a timeframe that works best while still avoiding the peak travel season. 

When is the best time to visit Santorini and Mykonos?

The best time to visit Santorini and Mykonos is in May and June or September and October. Santorini and Mykonos are the two most famous islands in Greece and see so many tourists during the peak summer months. Cruise ships docking in Santorini have turned the island into a year-round destination but the beaches and many shops close outside of the long-lasting travel season generally from late October to April. 

Mykonos does see its fair share of cruise ships but has not extended its peak season like Santorini has, giving your less of a year-round opportunity with the famous island glitzy shutting down the beaches from October to May and turning the streets of Chora into a virtual ghost town. 

By visiting in spring and fall, you give yourself the chance to enjoy the famous atmosphere of both islands, as well as the full experience of beaches, sunsets, ancient cities, and boutique shops to enjoy the culture and best weather on Santorini and Mykonos.

What is the hottest month of the year in Greece?

July is the hottest month of the year in Greece. 

The long, warm days give the Aegean Sea a comforting existence, when you can dip your body in the refreshing water whether on the mainland or the islands. The sun accounts for more than 14 hours of generous light, heating the land and sea throughout the month. The mixture of hot weather and large crowds, as well as the surrounding bodies of water, create a layer of humidity that can make a hot day feel sweltering. 

Average temperatures around Greece in July and August can reach over 91 degrees on an Athenian afternoon with islands and the mountains offering a slight reprieve. The heat offers great chances for water sports, relaxing on the sand, or sailing, kayaking, and other possible adventures on the water. 

What is the coldest month of the year in Greece?

January is the coldest month of the year in Greece.

The average temperature across the country dips to 55 degrees with the mountains and northern borders seeing even colder weather in the heart of winter while islands are generally warmer by a few degrees. The sky can be overcast and when visiting humid or damp areas around the country, the wet atmosphere can feel almost bone-deep. 

But beyond the cooler weather, January is a great time to visit Greece, especially if you don’t mind the quieter streets. Some locations offer even better experiences in winter, partially due to the absence of crowds and partially due to the gorgeous landscape featured in surprising blankets of snow or cozy cuisine cooked only in the season. 

Is There a Perfect Time to Visit Greece?

The perfect time to visit Greece depends mainly on where you want to visit and what you want to experience during your Workation package. 

Low season is from December to February and can show you the Christmas atmosphere, as well as the surprising blankets of snow around the mountainsides, including over the medieval towns of the Zagori. The winter atmosphere and city streets can create great overall experiences as well as access to ski resorts making it the right time of year for the right type of person.

High season from July to August can give you hot days and active beaches, as well as islands open to the general public across the Aegean Sea. If you prefer island hopping and the buzz of famous beaches, summer is the best time to visit Greece for your Workation.

Shoulder season is from May to June and September to October, which offers milder weather, less crowded streets, and open beaches. If you want quieter cities that still offer a variety of things to do with a steady stream of visitors and locals, the shoulder season offers your best months to visit. 

There is no generic answer for the best time to visit Greece and it all depends greatly on the type of Workation package you want. Consider how you like to travel, the tours you may want to take and foods you like to eat, and the interactions you want to have. The weather may even come as an afterthought. By taking all these ideas into account, you can narrow down your ideal time for a Greece trip. 

Find the Right Time of Year for Your Workation

Greece is a place that excites every kind of traveler and offers unique experiences unlike anywhere else in the world. Whether you stay for one week or one month, it’s important to learn how the weather and seasonal travel crowds can affect your overall Workation to help maximize your best experience amidst local life.

You can navigate the information you need and want for your best Workation package before allowing us to help accelerate your productivity. Take one step closer to planning your Workation or find more information about the Top Places to Visit in Greece.