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Greece Workation

Things to Do in Greece during Workation

Greece is the ideal Mediterranean destination, with 12 things to do during your Workation that will showcase the historical, cultural, and natural charms of the mainland and Islands. 

Museum galleries host ephemera spanning more than 5,000 years. Historic islands shine brightly with colorful fishing villages and ancient marble ruins. Immaculate dishes, local ingredients, and lively music can make all the difference when demonstrating the joys of visiting Greece. 

A Greece Workation package focuses beyond living in a new place and offers you the balance between work and life’s pleasures, as you discover the heritage through lived experience with our list that acts as a nice introduction to your potential trip. 

Artisan Crafts Experiences

Greece practically invented artisan crafts in the Western World by holding on to the traditions passed down for millennia. The craft experience in Greece makes the historical new again by demonstrating the time, effort, focus, and artistic aesthetic involved in crafting materials that can form pottery to mosaics. 

Each craft can invite a different view of history and the city or region you visit, with direct connections to the ways art and production has been passed down through the generations. Find fantastic weavers turning string into paintings or learn the art of sculpting jewelry. Sandal making to ceramics, the difference is in the details across Greece as you explore the exceptional things to do in and around the best Destinations in Greece


Hiking may not be the first activity you think of when visiting Greece but it’s the key to some of the most fabulous views and ways to experience the scenery whether on the mainland or the islands. One of the most famous trails in Greece is the village route that connects Fira to Oia on Santorini as it rings around the caldera for unfettered views of the water and horizon. 

The Mediterranean is a majestic place to explore and experience on foot, whether with multi-day hikes that can take you along the trails to the peak of Mount Olympus or walk to reach the ruins of Delphi and whisper to the infamous Oracle. No matter where you walk, the beauty of Greece unfolds before you. 


The coastline around Greece and its islands reaches more than 9,300 miles making it a perfect place for snorkeling. Crystal-clear waters, hidden coves, secluded shorelines, and islands known for ancient wonders or contemporary living can bring marine life to the forefront. 

Snorkeling in Greece is a tranquil experience with visibility up to more than 120 feet. The best spots around the country can lead to sightings of marine life like dolphins, sea turtles, and let you relax afterward on white sand beaches. Fish practically glow with the combination of colorful scales and magnified light. Marine parks and archeological parks represent the diverse treasures of Greece worth protecting with elements of natural and cultural history view only from beneath the water.

Museum and Archeological Visits

The museums and archeological sites in Greece create a new world founded in the Old World and Western Civilization. More than galleries and greater than the typical depictions of history, Greece’s museums become an immersion into the past with artifacts that relate to local culture, folklore, and the lives of ancient Greeks. 

Art galleries, whether depicting historical ephemera or contemporary perspectives, also demonstrate connections to the richer heritage of Greece based on the foundational culture shared across the mainland and islands. The most popular museums include The Acropolis Museum or the Heraklion Archeological Museum directly connect to the archeological sites nearby, such as the Acropolis known for the Parthenon, or the Palace of Knossos home to the Minotaur with each new place standing out for their ability to connect visitors to the varied displays. 


Sailing in Greece reflects the marvels of the Mediterranean and the treasures of the Aegean. The hidden coves and coveted islands become accessible as you travel across clear turquoise water, in view of dramatic coastal cliffs, or feel the complete serenity of the sea. In summer, boats practically turn into homes along the edges of famous islands with luxury trimmings matching the opulent setting of islands like Mykonos and Santorini. 

When sailing, you get to travel behind the limits of the land to find beaches others cannot reach or coves with caves worth exploring. Ancient lighthouses, impressive capes, and forgotten cities can become memories of adventure or points of relaxation, depending on how you feel like traveling during your trip.


Fishing is not only part of Greek tradition but can become a great way to experience the authentic lifestlye in addition to the stellar views across the mainland and islands. Traditional fishing villages still populate the coastline and archipelagos speckling the nearly 8,500 miles of coastline. 

You can drift away from the crowded beaches and enjoy the open sea with locals who understand the connection to the water, the desire to feel the boat wading beneath their feet, and the joy of a quiet atmosphere making the country a fantastic place to fish.  Mediterranean fish of all kinds have held a special position in Greece since antiquity and the traditions have continued through modernity with recipes showing off the abundance of local seafood ingredients you may find when fishing.

Cycling and Mountain Biking

Cycling is a year-round experience in Greece, making it a fantastic destination to explore whether on a traditional cycling route or when mountain biking. With world-class opportunities to discover the rugged hills or coastal shorelines, you can find exceptional views spreading across the Ionian and Aegean seas. 

Trails wind across the mainland connecting the coastline to far-flung corners where ancient monasteries perch on precarious cliffs, medieval towns retain their sense of historical charm, and surprising ancient ruins demonstrate the long arm of history. Whether looking for a challenging ride or a scene escape, you can enjoy cycling around Greece and its many islands or discover the incredible possibilities to enjoy during your Greece trip as you explore our Greece Workation packages

Food Tour

Greece is practically the birthplace of the Mediterranean diet. With traditions connected to olive oil, wine, and seasonal ingredients harvested fresh, dishes have a remarkable impact even when using simple recipes or seasoning. Around the country, food is a language of the culture, history, heritage, and a routine indulgence for all the senses. Trying traditional Greek food on a Greece food tour is a way to explore the country and make connections as you find new ideas surrounding local ingredients.  

Local life can circle around a good meal and the culture that stems from the cuisine, whether when making or eating a dish. If food is not the heart of Greek culture, it certainly is the way to happiness with a full experience enjoyed during a food tour that looks at the different dishes, techniques, and flavors of authentic Greek cuisine shaped by historical and local factors.

Cooking Lesson

A cooking lesson in Greece is an introduction to the past, present, and future of Greek culture. The significance of the kitchen remains powerful across the country as a connection to family and heritage. Cooking in Greece is a full body and sensory experience touching on the aromas, tastes, textures, and sounds of ingredients, as well as their flavor, in the market, in the kitchen, and on the plate.

Learn local specialties from a mother looking at traditional techniques or find avant-garde methods turning authentic dishes into modern art with a popular chef.  A cooking class in Greece focuses on cultural immersion, showing you the essential Greek ingredients and flavors with a special connection to the locality. 

Olive Oil Tasting

The use of olive oil in Greece is at least 3,500 years old and an olive oil tasting during your Workation lets you sample the quality and cultural connection to the important cooking ingredient. During an olive oil tour in Greece, you can visit the groves in which locals grow and harvest the olives before pressing and storing the oil to produce some of the world’s most highly regarded extra virgin olive oil.  

Like wine, the elements in which the olives are grown and processed can affect the overall flavor. Rich, aromatic, and made mainly from green olives, Greece’s olive oil can lead to a more peppery and robust flavor than those from other Mediterranean countries. The heritage of olive oil can be found beyond the kitchen, once used in sports, health, and religious rituals but in contemporary society, great olive oil still plays a role in the production of fantastic food you can taste during your Greece Workation package. 

Wine Tasting

Greece has been making wine for at least 6,500 years making it one of the oldest wine-producing regions in the world, and a great destination for a wine-tasting tour during your Workation package. The wine shines because of its simplicity, indigenous grape varieties, and innumerable methods for having protected local vines for millennia.

The distinct terrain adds to the elemental flavors of wine produced around Greece, with the soil introducing nutrients or defining the struggle of the grapes to grow that can fortify the flavor. Woven vines create baskets to protect the plants from the wind on Santorini and high-altitude vines can obtain a mineral quality from the local rocks. Variety, history, and heritage apply as much to the wines as the micro-climates in which they are produced, for marvelous discoveries when wine tasting in Greece during your Greece Workation package.


Scuba diving in Greece is about mixing the wonders of marine life with the ancient and natural world hidden beneath the waves. Mediterranean shipwrecks, storms that blew ancient ruins into the sea, and the life of marine animals accessible off the nearly 8,500 miles of coastline and 6,000 islands. 

Scuba diving during your Workation can introduce you to deepwater caves and quiet coral reefs. Discover ancient ephemera peeking out of the sand, witness seals lounging on the rocky beaches, or look for sea turtles and dolphins enjoying the warm water of the season. Access lava formations, plunge alongside dramatic sea walls, or discover the “Parthenon of shipwrecks” for a different view of the water during your Greece Workation package.

Find Activities Right for Your Workation

Every activity in Greece can be perfect for crafting the experiences you want and enjoying the diverse options the country can offer according to your tastes. Whether you want to enjoy the summer beaches on the islands or the fewer crowds in winter, you will work with a local Workation Hero to plan the best trip around and beyond your expectations. Taste new foods, swim in clear waters, and become surrounded by history exploring the best things to do when traveling in Greece.

Find more of what you should know when thinking of the right Workation package for you.  Let us design the best trip based on your expectations to maximize your time and boost productivity. Take one step closer to planning your Workation or learn more about What you need to know before traveling to Greece for a Workation.