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Greece Workation

7 Best Workation Destinations In Greece

Greece is bountiful and historical, overflowing with ancient wonder, gorgeous beaches, pristine islands, and mouthwatering food demonstrating its specific allure for travelers for millennia and the best Workation destinations in Greece explore why the country is such a fascinating place to visit.

History unravels in layers across Greece intertwined with history and culture for a Workation package that plunges you into authentic island villages or grand Doric temples, reveals the foundations of Western Civilization or uncovers the secrets to Mediterranean flavor. Surprising Venetian architecture, preserved ancient streets, and crystal-clear waters that share a sense of mythology with the past turns Greece from a charming place to visit into a powerhouse of unparalleled experiences.

A Greece Workation package not only gives you access to the country’s natural beauty but also promises the amenities you need for successfully working while enjoying the scenery, majestic heritage, and living cultural charms as you enjoy visiting the best destinations in Greece.


Athens is Greece’s capital city and often a necessary first stop for visitors from the United States because of its large airport and its instrumental connection to the country’s greater ancient history. With a combination of grit and glamor, Athens is a gorgeous city to visit and easy place to navigate during a Workation package whether it’s your first time or fifth time visiting the country. 

Ancient streets, Byzantine churches, and ruins that highlight the beauty of the past create countless opportunities to explore new corners and layers of the city crowned by the incredible cafe culture for a fantastic Workation experience.  The UNESCO-protected Acropolis overlooks the winding streets of the ancient Plaka neighborhood, the marketplaces brim with vintage artifacts and ancient ephemera, while access to the Athenian Riviera can give you more chances to rest on the beach in luxury soaking up the famous Mediterranean sun. 

Avoid the Major Pitfalls of Athens

Athens’s popularity can also be its detriment. As the capital, the city can feel crowded with locals, let alone visitors from around the world, especially in summer during the long school break. Cruise ships dock in the port and ferries transfer between islands, making the impressive historical sites equally as crowded during the season. The key to enjoy Athens during a Greece Woration is timing; take your time walking the streets or visiting the shops, and make sure time your visit outside of the most popular months to fully enjoy the experience, especially when on the beach or at the Acropolis. 


Santorini has gained critical international acclaim as one of the most beautiful destinations in the world and it deserves the attention it has received through the years. With scenic cliffs that overlook the turquoise and cobalt waters of the caldera, the typical whitewashed Cycladic architecture stands out against the background of dark rocks and sets a scene impossible to reproduce on an island where civilization has spanned more than 3,600 years.  

Instead of one large city, Santorini has a collection of villages, each with its own personality connected to the weaving streets paved in cobblestones or marble, reaching stunning views over the wate, or offering access to gorgeous beaches known for their colorful pebbles, including red, black, and white. Cycling, hiking, cooking, or relaxing with a view over the caldera only scratch the surface of things to do when enjoying the scenery and culture of Santorini during your Greece Workation. 

Avoid the Major Pitfalls of Santorini

Santorini is an island that lures visitors from around the world, both who stay on the island and those who visit for hours as an excursion from a cruise ship severely impacting the streets across the island, especially in the village of Oia. There is much more to the island than Oia, but it can often feel like the famous village is the only place to experience the quintessential sunset, views, and island culture. Avoid the crowds and enjoy your Workation package better while traveling outside of the summer peak so you can find better beach options, explore more of the island with fewer crowds, and not battle the depth of day-tours to capture your perfect sunset photo. Find out more information you should know before you travel to Greece.


Mykonos is often considered Greece’s party island but the true beauty that draws visitors in is the numerous and gorgeous beaches you can visit during your Greece Workation package. Whitewashed buildings with blue trim look out over the turquoise Aegean Sea and the main town contains maze-like streets once meant to deter pirates from attacking. 

The coastline can become a social gathering day and night or lead to remote coves allowing you to escape the crowds and relax. Villages dot the landscape, ancient history emerges along the shores of nearby Delos, and the fun of the island takes center stage for a very atmosphere that builds excitement and capitalizes on the endless beauty of the seaside.

Avoid the Major Pitfalls of Mykonos

Mykonos is considered the party island and definitely has a season in which to visit. From May to early October, the beaches and main town can feel open, glitzy, and inviting but outside of the island season, shops and beaches close turning the vibrant, cosmopolitan atmosphere into a social desert. During the height of summer, the island can feel almost overwhelming with crowds as they dominate the popular beaches or roam through the streets of Chora. By visiting at the edges of summer, you can have a more pleasant experience with a more authentic touch of the island.


Crete is Greece’s unofficial food capital, giving the entire country the idea of mezze, delicious wines, and traditional dishes showcasing the cultural heart of medieval villages hidden in the mountains. The island can feel like an adventurous storybook, with gorgeous Venetian architecture bordering the coastline and ancient Minoan civilization hiding beneath the modern surface. 

Family-run restaurants, museums with ancient artifacts connected to Mediterranean trade, and hiking trails that blend remarkable views with untouched corners of the island, Crete is an unforgettable place to discover during your Workation package, where you can sip wine, lounge on a beach, or shop in a historic center steps away from a panorama of the Aegean Sea. 

Avoid the Major Pitfalls of Crete

Crete is Greece’s largest island and popular for its diversity but trying to see the entire place in one visit often means not getting the experience the trip deserves. July and August are the most common months to travel to Crete but also result in crowds that are difficult to avoid. When traveling outside of peak season, it becomes much easier to explore at an easy and fun pace, giving you a more meaningful connection to the towns, history, and scenery along the way. The island of Crete, in all its culinary and scenic beauty was meant to be savored, not rushed.


Corfu can feel like a secret only locals know making it feel much more opulent during your Greece Workation package. Rumored to be the island on which Odysseus was shipwrecked, the combination of scenic interior and idyllic beaches makes it a great escape into hills dotted with cypress trees, villages clinging to steep cliffs, calm cobalt waters, and history dating back to the 8th century BCE. 

The maze of lanes in the main town can feel cobbled together between Venetian-era buildings and family-run taverns leading to the famous Esplanade. Neoclassical architecture accentuates local myth and swaying palm trees provide shady comfort beneath the Mediterranean sun. Elegant beaches, surprising rocky coves, and great walks make the island feel surreal yet accessible. 

Avoid the Major Pitfalls of Corfu

Corfu is another place in which taking your during your Greece Workation matters more than setting a fast pace. The island is a confluence of history, culture, heritage, and natural beauty making it paramount to experience rather than just explore. The biggest pitfalls visitors make on Corfu that you can avoid include only visiting Corfu Town and not trying the local food that celebrates the island’s soil and seasonality. Because of its size, there are many places, including the popular streets of Corfu Town, that can feel unspoiled by time and crowds.


Rhodes’s ancient reputation proceeds its marvels with history dating back to the 5th century BCE. Home to the famous Colossus of Rhodes, and now dived between the ancient and modern, visiting the island during a Greece Workation is about unraveling the past and peeling back the layers of ancient, medieval, and contemporary culture. Soaring walls, a skyline of domes and minarets, and narrow cobblestone streets opening to exciting plazas, you can easily find hints of the Ottomans, Italians, and Greeks around ever corner. 

Travel the strength of the Byzantine empire, enjoy the nearby beauty of idyllic Lindos island, or relax in picture-perfect bays reached by boat. Rhodes gives you time to breathe and the chance to discover life that lives up to the hype during your Greece Workation package.

Avoid the Major Pitfalls of Rhodes

With its major celebrity as an ancient and unique island to visit in Greece, Rhodes is often filled with visitors year-round but grows to a peak in July and August. When it is easy to travel outside of peak season, you can enjoy the breadth of beauty and intrigue in a more comfortable environment, especially if you avoid the popular beaches for lesser-known shores on which you can relax. 


Naxos packs a lot of power as the largest Cycladic island and a main town that overlooks the quiet waters of the Agean Sea. Steep cobblestone alleyways climb to the hilltop and old fortified Venetian mansions, isolated beaches offer the perfect atmosphere in which to escape thoughts of work, and mountain villages add extra intrigue that can connect to the ancient marble quarries. 

Classical Greece, Byzantine opulence, Venetian luxury showcase the island’s beauty around traditional Cycladic architecture. Wander through olive groves, visit grapevines, enjoy the smell if citrus fruit and figs, or climb to the top of the highest peak in the archipelago. Naxos is full of surprises perfect for discovering when paired with exciting ideas on a Greece Workation package

Avoid the Major Pitfalls of Naxos

Even at it its most popular, Naxos still feels low-key, representing authentic Greek hospitality. Often passed up for the fame and prestige of nearby islands like Mykonos and Santorini, Naxos is one of those places that easily becomes what you make of it. Looking for a more social occasion, eager to escape to quieter beaches, interested in the gourmet or drawn more to rustic traditions, the only downside to Naxos is leaving it. 

Find the Greece Destinations Right for Your Workation

No matter where you choose to visit in Greece, the top places to visit will bring you face-to-face with the beauty and prestige that have made the country such a popular destination for thousands of years. Stunning azure waters, atmospheric medieval streets, mouthwatering Mediterranean cuisine, and islands that represent contemporary glitz and glamour continue to make Greece a fantastic Workation destination in Europe where you can learn to balance work and travel. 

You can find the information you need and want to create your best Workation package. When you are ready, allow us to accelerate your productivity by maximizing your time with an authentic lived experience of Greece.  Take one step closer to planning your Workation or discover more information about the Best Experiences in Greece during Workation.