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14-day Budapest/Eger/Székesfehérvár Itinerary

Enjoy the right work-life balance for you on a 14-day Hungary Republic Workation package in Budapest, Eger, and Székesfehérvár by letting yourself discover the medieval streets, Baroque architecture, great cafes culture, and exciting history. Take advantage of the best from both career and leisure without burning any PTO.


What’s included

Accommodation with appraised working amenities
Great working wifi
Restaurants and activities that are vetted and recommended by locals
Guided tours
Tickets to museums when touring
Airport Transfers
Local knowledge and suggestions

Customizable itinerary

This is a sample itinerary to inspire a personalized trip designed with your travel specialist

Budapest is a vibrant city that buzzes with its own unique energy. It’s often equated to Paris in its grand boulevards, lively riverbanks, and opulent architecture. This city has an array of hot thermal springs that will soothe your tired muscles, while charming boutique shops offer a fascinating mix of contemporary high-end clothing and traditional artisan goods. 

As you make your way from the airport with your Workation representative, your anticipation can quickly build before reaching your accommodations. Look around and enjoy the pre-vetted modern amenities that will help you succeed during your Workation before stepping into the city to get acquainted with a welcoming neighborhood. Find the aromas of sweet paprika and celery drifting out of the restaurants and even visit the luxury shops known for lining the walkways of the Inner City. 

Focus: When you arrive in your new accommodations, focus on your breath. Take three deep breaths, and then pay attention to how it moves in and out of your body. 

Suggestion: Budapest has around seven Michelin-starred restaurants only adding to the reasons it’s a great city for foodies or those interested in tasting essential flavors.

In the morning you will start your first full workday after arriving in Hungary. Put a ritual in place that help you focus no matter where in the world you work. When you step into the city, you can enjoy a more thorough discovery and logistical tour with a guide, who will explain not only the historical aspects of a monument but also the cultural significance as you visit Buda on the opposite bank of the famous Parliament building. The iconic Buda castle stands on a hilltop and offers stunning views of the city. 

The rich history exudes from the dramatic walls and looming towers hiding a number of museums and art galleries, including the Hungarian National Gallery.  The foundations date back to the 13th century and support the more than 200 rooms inside the palatial walls. At Matthias Church, you can find a stunning neo-Gothic design dating back to the 14th century. The colorful tiled roof and intricate carvings add to the elegance of the stained glass windows and the remains of medieval touches.

Focus:  When you’re doing a task, focus on that task fully. 

Suggestion: When touring Buda, don’t miss the Fisherman’s Bastion for great views over the river and the rooftops of the city’s Pest side. 

On your second full day of work in Hungary, you can reinstate your ritual that will help you focus on the work at hand allowing you to engage and disengage at your leisure. When done, step out into the city once more, this time with the intention of visiting Pest. The Hungarian Parliament building is one of the iconic images of the city and towers above the Danube River Bank like a majestic palace. 

At St. Stephen’s Basilica, you can view the impressive dome reaching over 315 feet tall making it one of the few landmarks visible from most anywhere in the city. Glass paintings and a pipe organ add to the robust effect of gilded decor highlighting the more than millennium-old foundations. 

Focus:  Practice body scanning by taking two deep breaths and tracing your body from head to toe, noticing any areas of tension or discomfort. Breathe into any tension and try to release it.

Suggestion: If you have time, don’t miss Hero’s Square to view the bronze statues depicting the seven chieftains of the Magars. 

By now you have your ritual in place to settle easily into work in the morning. Perhaps it’s as simple as grabbing a coffee from your local cafe, or you have put in place a breathing exercise to help you focus. The right balance of routine and intention is what makes the best ritual for you. At the end of the day, you can institute a second ritual to disconnect from work and focus on the joys of exploring your surroundings. 

After work, visit the nearby town of Visegrád, located on the Danube Bend. The grandeur of history becomes your focus as you visit Visegrád Castle, a medieval structure dating back to the 14th century. As the symbol of the city, the powerful walls crown the citadel and overlook the rushing waters of the famous river, as well as offering sweeping views of the rolling hills and luxuriant forest. You can climb to the top of Solomon Tower for the breathtaking views reaching across the landscape. 

Focus: Pay attention to the sights, sounds, and smells around you. Notice the details of your environment, like the colors of the buildings, the textures of the ground, or the sounds of traffic. 

Suggestion: If you have the time, you can take a boat tour and enjoy the scenery from the water. 

As the week continues, you find it easier to focus on work and release yourself from thinking about any lingering projects because of the rituals you have put in place. After work, tour the town of Szentendre, and enjoy a different perspective of Hungary’s preserved culture. The main square represents the physical and cultural heart of the city where pastel colors glow on the building facades creating a lively atmosphere amid the restaurants and cafes. 

At the Serbian Orthodox Church, you can find 18th-century adornments with elegant frescoes decorating the interior amidst the aromas of burning frankincense. The Marzipan Museum will satisfy your sweet tooth as you learn how the sweet is made before sampling the delicate and balanced flavor. 

Focus:  Try to focus on the present moment, rather than worrying about the past or future. You can do this by paying attention to the task at hand, your breathing, or your surroundings. 

Suggestion: If you have time and the inclination, you can take a marzipan-making class when in Szentendre.

At the end of the week, you can start your workday early to make travel to Eger much easier. Your ritual is set and what works best for you when applying to work and disconnecting from your projects at the end of the workday and now at the end of the workweek. Your Workation representative will meet you at your accommodations and take you to Eger. 

Once in the quiet city, you can get acquainted with your accommodations to find the pre-considered amenities you need to succeed while enjoying Workation. Take time to walk around your neighborhood, stroll down the cobblestone streets, and even try the famous chimney cakes brushed with cinnamon and sugar, if you have not yet tried one as you stroll beneath the looming figure of Eger Castle. If you have time, you can visit the castle and enjoy walking among the renovated ruins, medieval walls, and red-tiled rooftops. 

Focus: Take a few minutes to step away from your work and find a quiet space to sit or stand as you set your timer for five to 10 minutes before returning to work. 

Suggestion: Eger is home to many award-winning restaurants that can give you a welcomed introduction to the history, heritage, and modern culture through the food.

With a full day to enjoy your surroundings, you can walk through the city’s cobblestone streets, enjoy the atmosphere set by the cafes filling the air with hints of cinnamon, sugar, and coffee before visiting the famous Valley of the Beautiful Women. The elegant and naturally gorgeous setting offers tufted hills terraced with vineyards, marked with hidden cellars, and decorated with over 200 wineries offering unique flavor that can transport you to a different world. 

Visit the wine cellars eagerly offering samples to relax in the region’s greenery while sipping one of the local specialties, known as “Bull’s Blood.” The dark ruby wine often carries aromas of chocolate and spiced fruits perfect for pairing with rich meat or hearty dishes. 

Focus: Pay attention to the sensations of touch, taste, and smell as you taste the wines from around Eger. 

Suggestion: If you prefer white wine, you can try the Muskotály and Leányka

With another full day to enjoy Eger and the surrounding natural beauty, you can visit Bukk National Park. The scenery becomes the main focus of your trip for the day, with an incredible view of dense greenery and blossoming flowers in season. 

Walk along the meandering trails to find great views of the forest and open meadows reaching into the rocky peaks. You may see deer grazing on the flowerbeds or find foxes burrowing beneath fallen logs before you visit the waterfall trundling down Szinva Stream. The thin cascade is a veil of whitewater more than 64 feet tall and splashing into the secluded pool. 

Focus: Use your senses to bring yourself back to the present moment as you walk the trails of Bukk National Park. Focus on the sensation of your feet on the ground, the feeling of your clothes on your skin, or the breeze through the trees.

Suggestion: You can also spend time in Istállós-Kö Cave, where archeologists found jewels made of bones. 

You will ease back into the workweek by returning to your ritual, finding it easy to progress on your projects and once again disconnect at the end of the day.  After stepping away from your computer, enjoy a visit to the  Town Under the Town, a network of cellars created in the 17th century. 

After Eger as taken back from the Ottoman Empire, the collection of cellars became tunnels perfect for storing wine with nearly two miles of connected systems in place until World War II.  The pillars intersect across 14 galleries turning the system into a labyrinthine in whichyou can hear your own footsteps echo. You may still find sporadic aromas that remind you of the wine once sitting beneath the city. 

Focus: Listen to the sounds around you, such as the echo of your footsteps. Try to focus on one sound at a time.

Suggestion: The Archbishop’s Garden is a marvelous public park that was once a private green space. Enjoy visiting after touring the cellars.

The workday will take most of your focus but you can start early in order to make the transfer to Lake Balaton much easier. Your Workation representative will meet you at your accommodations and take you on a scenic drive to Siofók, one of the towns on the shores of Lake Batalon.

In summer, the city is a popular getaway from Hungarians but throughout the year, the buildings seem to sparkle against the soft glow of the water and grand design of the Evangelical Great Church. You can once again settle into your pre-screened accommodations to find the amenities you need to enjoy both work and life during your Hungary Workation package. 

Focus: Pay attention to your posture and try to sit or stand in a way that feels comfortable and aligned during your work hours. 

Suggestion: If you had time during the day, you could visit the Rose Garden or the nearby medieval Abbey of Saint Benedictine. 

After work, make a visit to Bory Castle in Székesfehérvár. The unique complex looks like a castle renovated through time but is in fact a product of the 20th century by Hungarian sculptor and architect Jeno Bory. Notice the Romanesque and Gothic inspiration, as well as hints of Scottish embellishments as you walk along the garden paths to find notable sculptures. 

Outside, find seven towers while inside you can walk among the 30 rooms that include three studios and places decorated with antiques and artifacts that make the 20th-century fiction feel authentically aged. 

Focus: Observe your thoughts and emotions without judgment or criticism; simply notice and then release them.

Suggestion: If you prefer actual ancient history, you can visit Tác and the Roman ruins in Gorsium Archeological Park. 

As you inch closer to the end of the week and your Hungary Workation, you can finish your workday and visit the charismatic medieval town of Tihany. The garden-like pathways weaving between homes can make much of the lakeside settlement feel like a village. 

When visiting, beyond standing on the hillside enjoying the view of the water, you can visit Echo Hill and shout towards the local abbey to hear your voice repeat seven times before fading away. At the abbey, you can feel like stepping back in time 1,000 years to visit hallowed ground before the Turkish invasion and a castle stronghold during the Ottoman occupation. 18th-century frescoes give a gilded atmosphere to the grounds.

Focus: At the end of the day, write what you saw and how you felt in a journal. What do you remember most? 

Suggestion: When visiting between late June and early July, you can take part in Tihany’s famous Lavender Festival. 

Hungary has more natural thermal baths than any other country in the world and to celebrate your final full day of Workation, as well as to bring in the weekend, you can take part in the cultural tradition. The baths are warm and relaxing, with natural minerals that can soothe aches, relieve itchiness, and make your skin feel soft and comfortable. 

After your work is complete, take time to sink into the water, enjoying the relaxing atmosphere that can feel as therapeutic as the water and embrace your participation in one of Hungary’s oldest traditions. 

Focus: Spend two minutes focusing on the details of your accommodations. Pay attention to the colors, the windows, the position of the walls.  Then close your eyes and see how much of the room you memorized. 

Suggestion: There are plenty of public baths but baths can also take on a spa-like quality with private services, massages, and other wellness treatments. 

On your final morning in Siofók, spend time walking along the water’s edge enjoying the views of Lake Batalon. The Rose Garden grows next to the promenade and Millennium Park offers a green pathway to the railway station. In summer the waters at Golden Beach fill with visitors enjoying the sunshine. Meet your Workation representative at your accommodations and travel to the airport for your departure flight. You can continue home or choose to extend your Workation in Hungary or another exciting destination in Europe. 

Focus: Take a moment to reflect on your time in Hungary. This can help you shift your focus away from stress or negative thoughts and also focus on what you enjoyed most during your Workation.

Suggestion: There is a small international airport in Sármellék but you may prefer to leave from Budapest for better options with your connecting flight home. 

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