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Lake Balaton

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10 Days

10-day Lake Balaton Workation Package

Focus on balancing work and life with your 10-day Hungary Workation as you settle into the resort-style living at Lake Balaton. Enjoy the local culture, the impressive history, and the inescapable views as you relax in thermal waters, taste exceptional wine, or enjoy the scenic countryside on your Workation. 


What’s included

Accommodation with appraised working amenities
Great working wifi
Restaurants and activities that are vetted and recommended by locals
Guided tours
Tickets to museums when touring
Airport Transfers
Local knowledge and suggestions

Customizable itinerary

This is a sample itinerary to inspire a personalized trip designed with your travel specialist

As you arrive in Hungary, Your Workation representative will meet you at the airport and take you to Keszthely to start your Hungary Workation package. You may find the smell of freshly brewed coffee mingling with the blooming flowers. The town feels alive with the sound of church bells ringing and the conversation of locals enjoying a day near the waters of Lake Balaton. Located on the western lakeshore, Keszthely has endless charisma with winding cobblestone streets and colorful buildings

You can quickly get comfortable in your new accommodations where you will find all the modern amenities you need to succeed in balancing work and life during your time in Hungary. You can step out onto the streets and explore, finding the famous Festetics Palace standing tall in the heart of the town. The magnificent monument to the former noble family of the area sets the tone of excitement, wonder, and opulence you can expect during your time along the lake. 

Focus: As you settle into your new space, close your eyes and slowly scan your body from head to toe, paying attention to any sensations, tension, or discomfort. 

Suggestion: If you like fish, you can get a quick taste of the region and the town with a traditional fish soup welcoming you to Hungary. 

During your first full day in Keszthely, you can explore at your pace. By walking with a guide, you can learn more about the town, its history, heritage, and the connection between the surrounding streets and your greater experience. You can revisit Festetics Palace, this time entering the grounds to view the 100 rooms dating back to the mid-18th century. 

Find Baroque decoration before you explore the 90,000 volumes on display in the Helikon Library. The glamor and glitz of the palace shine across each room where decorative arts represent the personalities of those who once lived in the palace, from the golden oak shelving of the library to the English artwork. For a fun addition to your day, tour the Toy Museum for a great look at the collection of toys through the centuries. 

Focus: Get acquainted with the town and your space in it by practicing mindful walking. Focus on the sensation of your feet touching the ground, the movement of your legs and arms, and your breathing as you walk.

Suggestion: Don’t miss the Marzipan Museum. Little more than a cake-shop, the museum shows some pretty ornate designs and offers convections you can sample in the neighboring store. 

With another full day to explore Keszthely and the shores of Lake Balaton, you can take a boat tour. Enjoy the views of the glassy water and surrounding greenery. Purple flowers bloom in spring and summer, the trees are luscious and bright. You can relax on the water and enjoy the breeze, noticing the cool air as sailboats glide past. 

Comfortable and easy, you can quickly experience why Lake Balaton is an exciting getaway for Hungarians, whether for a weekend escape from the city or a perfect summer getaway to beat the heat. In the warmer months, you can notice the crowds on the sandy beaches enjoying the sunlight and cool water, especially at The Great Beach in Siófok. 

Focus: Focus your attention on the sounds around you, without judging or analyzing them. Name them, if you can. Whether it’s a conversation, the sound of water, the sound of laughter, etc. 

Suggestion: If you prefer to relax on the beach in the season, you can lounge in Keszthely’ Municipal Beach instead of taking a boat tour.

On your first day of work during your Hungary Workation package, you can quickly get into the right frame of mind by putting in place a ritual. The right ritual for you is personal but will employ both routine and intention to help you get focused on work no matter where you are or the time of day you start. After work, you can employ a separate ritual to disconnect and enjoy your life away from your projects. 
You can visit one of the town’s many museums for more ideas on the beauty and charismatic history present through the streets and across the water. The Model Railway Museum has an exciting network of trains straight out of a storybook and the Balaton Museum has interconnected rooms detailing the life and culture around the lake, including the importance of bathing practices through the centuries, which is surprisingly interesting, especially when intertwined with the expressive paintings of János Halápy. 

Focus: As you go about your first workday, take a moment to pause and simply note what you are experiencing in the present moment, such as “thinking” or “feeling anxious.”

Suggestion: If you prefer kitsch, visit the Nostalgia Museum for a treasure trove of ordinary objects from history. 

You will have another opportunity to put your ritual in place and practice your routine with intention. Notice how much easier it is to get into the right headspace when you put your intention first. After the workday is done, disconnect from your computer and set out into Keszthely again with a guide to enjoy a local food tour. The food of Hungary is emblematic of over a millennium of trade acting as a central point between West and East. 

You can discover the way Roman legionnaires affect the cooking styles around Lake Balaton, as well as how the volcanic soil enriches the food as you eat traditional dishes from goulash to lángos.  You can also find great flavor in the customary chicken paprikash, which is known for its flavor and red color from the paprika. 

Focus: Practice mindful eating during your food tour. Eat slowly and pay attention to the taste, texture, and smell of the food.

Suggestion: Don’t miss the palacsinta, a Hungarian pancake similar to a creme and stuffed with sweet and savory fillings

After you finish your work for the day, you can visit the town of Tihany, where the fairytale atmosphere of the countryside springs to life. The village crowns the peninsula and sits high on a plateau reaching over 260 feet above the landscape. The peninsula glows with greenery and marshy meadows protected by its status as a nature reserve while the village glows red with rooftops poking through the sporadic trees. 

Walk the cobblestone streets, enjoy the vows over the shiny water, and walk the steps to the twin steeples of the 18th-century Benedictine Abbey. The altars represent a mixture of baroque and rococo design often considered a masterpiece and King Andrew I’s remains hide in the limestone sarcophagus hidden in the Romanesque crypt. 

Focus: Engage in a creative activity, such as painting or drawing, while paying attention to the physical sensations and process of creating.

Suggestion: The Lavender House is a great introduction to the history of the town and the importance of lavender production in present-day culture. There is also a nice view over the lake.

The beauty of Hungary is on full display after work when you travel to visit Székesfehérvár, home to Bory Castle. The town charm becomes elaborate and eccentric with lavish architecture surrounding the Orb fountain and Town Hall Square. The Clockwork looks like a fantasy crowned with the figures of Hungary’s legendary kings. 

They appear each morning when the bell chimes 10, and every two hours throughout the day. At Bory Castle, you will find a palatial complex built in the early 20th century by sculptor and architect Jeno Bory. The design features a variety of influences, from Scottish to Romanesque and Gothic for a unique personality against the backdrop of the cobblestone and Baroque town streets. 

Focus: Take a few minutes to pause and breathe deeply, focus on your surroundings, and let your mind and body relax.

Suggestion: Visit the gardens of Bory Castle for a fun and beautiful view of the sculptures created by the same architect. 

On your last day of work during your Hungary Workation package, you can practice your ritual and disconnect at the end of the day to taste more of the countryside. Celebrate the coming weekend with a wine tasting tour visiting some of the most interesting vineyards around Lake Balaton. 

A number of the wineries have fantastic views of the lake and offer examples of the explosive flavor from the regional soil conditions. Sit on the patio, enjoy the view, and find the flavors of local cured meats, cheeses, and their favorable pairings with local grape varietals, where you can find notes of sour cherry, leather, and vanilla.  

Focus: Take a moment to pause and fully savor a drink, noticing the taste, temperature, and sensation in your mouth and throat.

Suggestion: You can also try the traditional pálinka spirit, a fruit brandy.

You have the whole day to enjoy and explore Lake Balaton and its surrounds. Take your time in the morning at a local cafe, relax with a quiet morning, or set out to visit the town of Heviz, known to the home of the world’s largest natural thermal lake. The town is quiet and surorunded by gren forest. Water lilies grow around the thermal water adding great color to the lake. 

Walking around town has its immediate charms but the main reason to visit is the thermal lake, where you can plunge into the natural water and wade in its warmth while manouvering around the colorful lilies. The steam may rise into the air and visitors often get mineral massages on the shore overlooking the pin, white, and purple flower petals. 

Focus: Be present by paying attention to the sensation of touch as you engage in an activity, such as washing your hands, doing dishes, or petting an animal.

Suggestion: The Cserszegi füszeres wine is native to the region and popular with visitors and locals, especially during a warm day. 

Take time to enjoy one of the best places for pastries, coffee, and tea in Keszthely in the morning. Enjoy coloful confections or sweet drinks, take a walk along the lakeshore, or stroll down the cobblestone streets before your Workation representative meets at your accommodation. You will travel to your airport for your flight home, bringing an end to you Hungary Workation. You could extend your Workation in Hungary or continue to a different country for an entirely new Workation experience. 

Focus: Engage in reading while paying attention to the physical sensation of holding the book or device, and the words on the page.

Suggestion: Budapest is over 100 miles away from Lake Balaton and may not be the best airport for your flights in and out of Hungary when staying around the lake. 

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