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Istria Peninsula

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10 Days

Istria Peninsula 10-day Itinerary

Your 10-day Istria Workation focuses on the balance between beauty, food, work, and life as you enjoy Croatia. Find medieval towns, enjoy the Croatian coastline, and relax after hours as you discover the essence of the Istrian Peninsula. 


What’s included

Accommodation with appraised working amenities
Great working wifi
Vetted recommended restaurants and activities
Guided tours
Tickets to museums
Airport Transfers
Local knowledge and suggestions

Customizable itinerary

This is a sample itinerary to inspire a personalized trip designed with your travel specialist

Pula is the perfect introduction to the Istrian Peninsula during your workation. As the most popular and largest city in the region, you can easily settle into the quiet pace and fantastic views of shore, dappled with images of Roman ruins and Venetian Renaissance architecture. 


Your accommodations have been pre-varified by Workation to ensure you have the amenities you need to enjoy work and life while visiting Croatia. Take your time to get to know the city on your arrival. As a place easily experienced simply by walking through the streets, you can find a great atmosphere strolling the cobblestone streets of Sergijevaca, where boutique shops and caves overlook the meandering crowds. 

Enjoy a view of the Pula sunset to welcome you to Istria. Sit, take a breath. Set a timer for two minutes and focus on the colors. 

Enjoy a stroll on the waterfront during the season. At sunset, the atmosphere can change around the coastline and city with restaurants and shops taking on a different feeling.

Your first full day in Pula is yours to enjoy as you explore the history and culture of the city. The Roman arena was used by gladiators and medieval knights, and currently holds concerts and events. It beautifully captures the great synthesis of ancient, medieval, and contemporary culture. The small museum beneath the amphitheater hosts ancient clay pots and the history of the massive structure above. 

Pass by the Temple of Augustus, where the opulent portico showcases architectural wonders made of stone and bronze statues gathered from all across the city. With its formidable walls and spectacular stronghold, the Venetian fortification crowns the central park. 

Explore how the waterfront changes between day and night. What shifts in the atmosphere of the city? Sit and enjoy a drink after sunset and notice the sights and sounds.

Experience the diverse foods of Istria by enjoying a multi-course meal highlighting local ingredients like olive oil and local seafood. 

Travel to Brijuni National Park in the morning to enjoy a full day exploring the unique collection of scenery and culture. Find a rare combination of dinosaur footprints, prehistoric remains, traditional life on display, and an exceptional safari park. 

View the collection of South American, African, and Asian fauna, including the Indian elephant, llamas, and zebras, to feel like stepping back in time and into another planet. The collection of wildlife was brought to the island by the former dictator Tito. Despite its size, the elephant walks with a deceptively light gait, which makes it difficult to hear them walking through the forest and grassland. 

Discover Brijuni National Park’s wildlife. Use your senses to uncover what makes the environment unique. First, find different sounds, then smells, then notice what looks different. 

Visit the Ethno Park for more information on the regional homestead and animal species. 

You will start work in the morning when you are ready for your first day balancing life and your schedule. Dive into the coffee culture of Croatia by starting with a rich espresso and buttery pastry. Listen to the water lap against the promenade and watch locals pass by before starting your day. 

At the end of work, disconnect from the computer and reconnect with Pula during a sunset cruise. Dolphins are often spotted jumping from the water at this time of day. They like to play in the boat’s wake or search for fish near the horizon. You can enjoy the sea breeze and the colors of sunset as they paint the sky over the Adriatic with deep shades of orange, red, and purple. 

Set a timer on your phone for 30 minutes. Do not look at your phone until the timer goes off. Immerse yourself in the feeling of sunset on the water. Look for dolphins. Watch the light. 

Combine a habit with a specific meaning to set yourself a ritual that makes it easier to dive into work when you are ready. 

Once again you can wait until you finish the work day before heading out onto the water to visit Cape Kamenjak at the southern edge of the peninsula. 11 uninhabited islands dot the nearby water, each featuring an incredible local charm with orchids to dinosaur tracks. 

As you sail around the islands, you can stop at the coastal cliffs and dive into the water to enjoy the cool temperature and crystal-clear character of the Adriatic Sea. You may have time to walk along the western trail of the peninsula for a better panorama of the islands near the Porer Lighthouse. 

When on the water on a kayak; find a moment of quiet. Count the seconds until another noise distracts you. Do this three times. How high did you count? 

Take the time to visit a local family farm. You can learn more about the local produce and enjoy the traditional environment. 

After work, you can travel to Rovinj with an easy transfer. Your accommodations will once more be pre-varified to ensure you have everything you need to succeed during your Workation. After visiting your living space, you’ll have time to explore Rovinj at your pace. With its cobblestone alleyways, restored medieval façade, and little squares dotted with antique churches, this is a medieval town with inexhaustible charm. 

Visit the Cathedral of St. Euphemia, which is baroque in style, and located near the heart of Old Town. Get to know the streets and ambiance, visit the restaurants and cafes, or sit near the harbor and notice how quiet the streets may feel when compared to Pula. 

Visit the waterfront, enjoy a drink, and close your eyes noticing the different atmosphere between Rovinj and Pula. Can you find five similarities and five differences?

If you have time, climb the Bell Tower of Sain Euphemia Church for a great view of the old city and coastline.

Instead of starting work early, you can change up your routine by taking a morning truffle tour. As you journey into the forest with a guide and trained dogs in search of the prized truffle, the type you find can vary depending on the season. 

The chilly morning air along the peninsula can be helpful in both setting the ambiance and offering a reprieve from the day’s oncoming heat. Before you find one, the air may be filled with the aroma of pine or oak. After the dogs signal they have found one, you can inhale the scent and breathe in the leathery, earthy personality of a coveted truffle. 

During your truffle hunt, Inhale the smell of the truffle with your eyes open and then closed. What do you smell? Do you notice anything familiar or different? 

If you have time, visit with town of Motovun and their specialty artisans. Their crafts have a rich connection to preserved medieval history. 

Winetasting is a must when in Istria with the tradition on the peninsula dating back millennia. After a long day at work, your step into winetasting will take you on stops at many vineyards to explore the flavors of the renowned vines produced around the Istrian Peninsula. 

You can find the ideal flavors for your palette by pairing a plate of traditional cheese and prosciutto or a sampling of wine and olive oils produced in the area. You may find a traditional Malvasia wine a celebrated vineyard possesses aromas of honeysuckle and jasmine that leave the flavors of star anise and honey on your tongue. 

Talk to the local vintners to explore more ideas about the wines and their local characteristics. Focus on the different flavors, the textures, and the aromas to train your senses.  

Listen to locals to learn more about the local food that pairs well with which regional wines. They can explain why certain flavors complement one another.

Umag is an often overlooked treasure on the Istrian Peninsula. Rich in history with ruins dating back to the Roman empire, you can unravel the stunning architecture and heritage that exudes from the Mediterranean cuisine to the stunning pebbled beaches that overlook crystal-clear water. 

You can walk to the Savudrija Lighthouse to view one of the oldest lighthouses in Croatia while enjoying the cool sea air or visit the centuries-old churches to find oil paintings dating back to the 16th century. In the Parish Church of the Annunciation, the Venetian-style marble altars demonstrate an unmissable historical opulence. 

Enjoy a cycling tour along the edges of Umag and into the hinterlands. Pay attention to the vineyards, olive groves, and medieval towns along the way. 

There is a 19-mile loop that can take you from Umag into the hinterlands and back. Take your time and enjoy the scenery.  

Before leaving for the airport, you can soak in the atmosphere of Rovinj for a little longer by enjoying a customary coffee and pastry at a cafe. The ambiance is part of the reason the city remains alluring to people from around the world, and you were able to spend time living in the combination of bohemian locals, cosmopolitan boutiques, and seaside sounds as the waves splashed against the edge town. Your transfer will take you to Pula Airport where you can ease your way into travel home. 

Take your time before your flight home to enjoy the atmosphere of Rovinj in the morning, perhaps along the water. Sit, close your eyes, and memorize the feeling. When you reach the airport, try to remember what it felt like before you left Rovinj. 

You can schedule your flight for early in the morning if you want to be back home before the work week starts Monday.

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