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8-day Athens Workation Package

Your 8-day Athens Workation Package focuses on life, beauty, and culture around Greece’s capital city. Feel like a local as you visit the Riviera, islands, and ancient history that have defined Western Civilization and natural beauty for the right work-life balance for you.


What’s included

Accommodation with appraised working amenities
Great working wifi
Restaurants and activities that are vetted and recommended by locals
Guided tours
Tickets to museums when touring
Airport Transfers
Local knowledge and suggestions

Customizable itinerary

This is a sample itinerary to inspire a personalized trip designed with your travel specialist

Athens is an exciting city that combines classical beauty with the bohemian grit of a contemporary city. It can feel historic and alluring in equal measures. You will meet your Workation representative at the airport and enjoy the great, pre-vetted accommodation that provides the amenities you need for a successful Workation package in Greece. 

You may find yourself looking through the antique market at Avissinias Square squeezed between Ifestou Street and Ermou Street. The cobblestones support a flea market more than a century-old with vendors offering furniture, fashion, and a look into what Greeks know as antiques. It’s easy to get wrapped into the beauty and charms of coffee sets, bud vases, and small ephemera that tell stories of local life through the generations. 

Enter your new space in Athens with a practical guide to mindful observation. Explore every corner of your new accommodation with your eyes, just to notice what feels present and absent. Can you do it without judgment? How does it feel?

Welcome yourself to Athens with a plate of Saganaki, a hard cheese, fried until crunchy with a melty interior.

You have the full day to explore the history and culture of Athens. Visiting ancient sites with a guide can give you better ideas and information into what you are seeing and the context of why the past matters in modern times. At the Temple of Olympian Zeus, the remains of the largest temple in ancient Greece tower 68 feet tall and date back to the 6th century BCE. 

Once on the Acropolis, you can tour the temples with your guide. At the Porch of the Caryatids, examples of fine classical architecture act as pillars with six maidens carved into the columns. Across from the temple stands the famous Parthenon standing on the highest point of the hilltop. With 136 fluted Doric columns and images of Athena birthed from Zeus’s head, the temple remains a magical place to visit.

Give yourself time to experience the Parthenon. Set your timer for between two to five minutes and capture all the details you can about the architecture and design.

Locals once believed muses were buried on Philopappos Hill. Visit for a great view of Athens and the Acropolis and you may understand what inspired the ancient Greeks. 

Today is the first time you will work from your new accommodation. By setting a ritual in place, you create a habit that will help you make a meaningful entrance into work at the beginning of the day and out of work when you are finished. When you’ve completed your projects for the day, you can travel to Cape Sounion to visit Poseidon’s Temple. 

The massive temple crowns the most southern point of Attica and has protected the region since the 5th century BCE. You can make it in time for the sunset, which washes over the white marble with pink, blue, and orange colors. You may have time to visit nearby Lavrio, a quiet and charming town known for a small marina and port, with an archeological museum dedicated to local artifacts that speak to ancient history.

Wait for sunset over Cape Sounion. Turn off your phone and enjoy the changing colors. Wait for at least five minutes after you leave to turn your phone back on.

When visiting the coast, you can find great seafood dishes like a traditional astakomakaronada, a type of lobster pasta with tomato and herb sauce.

Set in motion your ritual once again, finding it easier to settle into work the more you practice your habit. After work, the day is yours to explore the neighborhoods of Athens or visit the fantastic museums that explore and explain part of Greece’s dynamic heritage. 

For history fans, you can visit the National Archeological Museum and the five permanent collections of thousands of artifacts and objects. Take your time savoring the window into the ancient Greek world on the inside and the beautiful garden decorated with sculptures, lemon trees, and an olive grove. Visit with a guide to appreciate the highlights of the gallery rather than the vast collection of pottery, jewelry, frescoes, and more on your own. One of the most famous artifacts displayed is the Mask of Agamemnon, which dates back to the 15th century BCE.

There is an excellent variety of museums in Athens? Find the one right for you and choose a piece in the gallery. What’s its texture and shape? Does it have defining features? What speaks to you?

For another view of Greek history, visit the Benaki Museum of Greek Culture. 

With your ritual in place, you can travel from Athens to Aegina early to reach and work from the island for the day. It takes approximately 40 minutes from coast to coast, revealing a stunning view of what was once the capital of the newly founded Greek state in the 19th century. 

After you finish work, enjoy your time exploring the island and its gorgeous views, from the Markellos Tower to the neo-Classical Eunardeio building built in the 19th century. The Temple of Aphea Athena was built in the 6th century BC and creates a holy triangle between the Temple of Poseidon and the Parthenon. Findings from the temple are displayed in the Kolona Archaeological Museum, including a marble sphinx guarding the entryway.

Pay attention during the ferry from Athens to Aeginai. Watch out the window over the water. How does it make you feel? What do you see moving away or closer to the boat? 

For a panoramic view, travel to the top of the path of artists at Cape Plakakia. 

With your ritual firmly in place, you can start or stop your day at whatever time works best for your balance of life and work. You can start work early today to give you more time to enjoy the beaches around Athens in season. 

Athens has the longest coastline of a European capital city, with blue flag status demonstrating high standards of water quality, beach cleanliness, and safety. You can sit and relax at a beach known for its golden sands, quiet clear waters, and private sun beds with great beachside service. The combination of the sea breeze, briny smell, and refreshing water add to the luster of the view. Simply sit and relax, visit the local designer boutiques, or lounge with a massage therapist to truly unwind at the end of the day. 

Put your phone away. Listen to the sound of the water. Enjoy distancing yourself from the technology for at least one hour. Set a timer and let it go. 

If you want more facilities, you can visit an all-inclusive beach with a combination of coastline, pool, bars, and restaurants.

At the end of the day, you can celebrate the coming weekend and your final day in Athens with a tribute to the food you have enjoyed. Meet a local chef who will guide you through making traditional Greek dishes with an Athenian twist. 

Local ingredients make a huge difference in creating the distinctive flavors for which Greek food is known. You can make multiple courses beyond expected dishes like tzatziki or falafel for a more authentic taste of the city and culture. Enjoy the smell of garlic and tomato as you make stuffed eggplants or maybe taste the honey and pistacchio when making an unforgettable baklava.

Turn off your phone during the cooking class. Pay attention to the aromas of each ingredient and their texture. What can you remember at the end of the night?

Don’t be afraid to ask questions, including what dishes or flavors pair well together. Take the recipes home with you so you can repeat them after your Workation package. 

If you have time in the morning, you can enjoy walking the Plaka once more before leaving Athens. It’s easy to enjoy the ancient streets, historic homes, and the colorful flowers decorating the pastel-colored houses. Your Workation representative will meet you at your accommodation when you are ready for an easy transfer to the airpor. You can extend your Greece Workation package with a visit to the islands or travel to a new country to enjoy the balance between life, work, and exploration. 

Bring in the morning with a breathing exercise. Breath in through the nose for four seconds, hold for four seconds, and out through the mouth for four seconds.

The Athens Airport is one of the busiest airports in Greece. Take a snack with you and get there on the early side before your flight. 

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