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8-day Mykonos Workation Package

This 8-day Mykonos Workation Package indulges in the beauty and cosmopolitan culture of the island while giving you the perfect introduction into your work-life balance. Enjoy the beaches, food, and remains of ancient history as you live like a local, focused on life’s simple pleasures in a famous island paradise.


What’s included

Accommodation with appraised working amenities
Great working wifi
Restaurants and activities that are vetted and recommended by locals
Guided tours
Tickets to museums when touring
Airport Transfers
Local knowledge and suggestions

Customizable itinerary

This is a sample itinerary to inspire a personalized trip designed with your travel specialist

Mykonos is Greece’s island dream, where glamor meets the natural beauty of the Cyclades. The famous whitewashed walls greet visitors at the port with the renowned windmills watching over the water. The reputation for large parties adds a zest of life along the popular beaches and within the main town of Chora but is easily avoided to enjoy a quieter charm and chic atmosphere around the cafes, bars, and boutiques. 

Your Workation representative will meet you at the airport and help you settle into your accommodations for the week that have been prescreened for the amenities you need for a successful Workation on the island. As you get comfortable on Mykonos, you can walk the cobblestone streets weaving and wind through the main town creating a purposeful labyrinth. Find the iconic colorful faces of Little Venice hovering above the water near the port for a great view and the essential spirit of Mykonos. 

Practice mindful observation in Chora by walking with intention and noticing what feels absent and present with your eyes, ears, and nose. How does the town feel? 

If you have time, you can visit Lena’s House Folk Museum for a better idea of Mykonos’s cultural history.

With a full day on the island, you can experience the best of beauty and culture by first diving into an exploration of the scenery starting at the Armenistis Lighthouse. The feature stands on the cliff overlooking the cerulean Aegean Sea and acts as a monument to the island’s essential maritime history. The octagonal tower is still managed by the Hellenic Navy and offers a great view to the nearby island of Tinos. 

For a casual and relaxing visit to the water, you can enjoy an afternoon at Agios Sostis beach. The more remote location offers a step away from the thumping base and crows of the more famous stretches of sand near Chora. Access to the beach is limited, making it just you, those who have chosen to actively enjoy the seclusion, and the golden sands fading into the calm clear waters. The local tavern often fills the air with the smell of slowly cooked beans and freshly grilled fish adding another layer to the unspoiled atmosphere.

Close your eyes and search for the different sensory details you can find. What do you hear, feel, smell, and even taste? How does it add to your experience?

If you prefer culture to coastline, you can visit the Archeological Museum of Mykonos for a great look at some key finds around on and around the island.

You will have your first day of work during your Mykonos Workation package and can set in place a ritual that helps you focus. By implementing a habit with intention and purpose, you will have a much easier time moving between work and travel mindsets. 

After work, you can disconnect from the computer and visit a traditional island village like Ano Mera. The cubist architecture colored with white walls and blue trim may become familiar as it stands out against the golden hillsides and elevated views to the water. Ano Mera is serene with a large public plaza and quiet maze of cobblestone streets. The 16th-century monastery connects to walking trails leading to the surrounding rocky hills offering a great view.

Enjoy a pastry from one of the bakeries on Ano Mera and sit like a local, breathing in the pleasures of a quiet afternoon. Turn off your phone for 10 minutes and just sit.

Visit the nearby town of Klouvas, which is known for its exceptional seafood dishes.

You will have another chance to implement your ritual before work, taking the time to focus on the purpose and intention of your actions and how it will help you focus. This will also help you disconnect from work at the end of the day to better enjoy your work-life balance. 

After work, take the time to visit Delos, a nearby island known as the birthplace of gods Apollo and Artemis. The power of the former sacred city reaches the 2nd century BCE when it became a powerful trading center for the Mediterranean. Walking along the remnants of the marble streets can give you views of the Terrace of Lions that protected the former sacred lake, and can also lead you to the remaining face of the Doric Temple of Isis. 

Look around the ancient city and pay attention to the artifacts, ruins, and scenery. Does any of it speak to you? What texture do the stones take, does the city lay flat on the island? Take note of the defining features that stand out in your mind.

The small Archeological Museum has some great artifacts that reflect some of the island’s former opulence including ephemera from the 6th century BCE.

By now you have firmly established your ritual and can easily move in and out of focus for the projects you need to complete. After work, you can enjoy a different perspective of Mykonos with a horseback riding tour of the island starting at Fokos Beach. Settle into the relaxed and comfortable environment nearly hypnotized by the rhythmic pace of your horse. 


The breeze, smell of the salt water, and golden beach will couple with rocky mountains and grazing sheep as you explore the countryside. You can reach a secluded coastline and take some time to dig your toes into the hot sand or continue riding as you find wild donkeys enjoying the last hours of sunlight.

Shut off your phone during the ride. Focus on your surroundings and riding the horse. Find joy in disconnecting from technology until you realize you haven’t even thought about your phone.

You can visit a local tavern with your guide and try traditional Mykonos food, including fresh fish.

Start work early so you can end the day quickly and enjoy a boat ride to Rhenia Island. The ride is a relaxing and enjoyable experience as the salty breeze flows through your hair and the views of Mykonos turn into the protected coves of Rhenia. Churches and ancient temples stand out against the rugged flatland, with foundations dating back 7 millennia, in addition to the sporadic farmers and grazing goats working on the quiet landscape. 

The island can feel like a secluded paradise with Doric columns interspersed among fallen medieval bricks. You can take the time to dip into the cerulean water and enjoy the warm temperatures of the Aegean Sea. 

Visit the remaining churches on the island. What do you hear and see? Do they belong or do they stand out?

There are plenty of hidden places to swim. Make sure you are safe and others know where you are but enjoy the freedom and seclusion around the island.

Celebrate the final day of the week with a cooking class that can separate the work from the weekend. Food plays an important part in a culture’s representation and the cuisine of Mykonos demonstrates the interconnection of larger Greek nationality with favored island ingredients. 

Your chef will guide you through the process of making a number of dishes while focusing on local and seasonal ingredients for an authentic taste of the island. You might make a traditional souvlaki, a customary dish that has withstood cultural evolution, accompanied by creamy garlic and cucumber flavors of tzatziki. Whether using chicken or vegetables, the kitchen will fill with the essence of garlic, onion, cucumber, salt, and pepper for a great combination of mouthwatering smells and a taste of Mykonos.

Pay attention to the specific characters of the ingredients, taking note of how their flavors may differ slightly or massively from what you expected or know. As you cook, taste, and listen, learn more about your own preferences and where you may have prejudged your experience or tastes.

Enjoy asking questions, trying new things, and taking the recipes home with you to make again for yourself, friends, or family.

If you have time before your flight, you may want to visit the beach one more time, taking to the sands at Kalafati, which is popular for its umbrellas, loungers, and watersports. The nearby small fishing village of Divounia has an authentic Cycladic atmosphere punctuated by the anchored fishing boats in the water. 

Your Workation representative will meet you at the accommodations and take you to the airport for your flight home. You can always add more time to your Workation Package, choosing to visit more of Greece or travel to other corners of Europe like Croatia or Italy.

A morning breathing exercise will ground you and connect you to your surroundings. Inhale for seven seconds, hold your breath for three seconds, and exhale for seven seconds. Do a cycle of three and see how you feel at the end.

The Mykonos airport is pretty easy to reach and doesn’t often feel overcrowded. Your Workation representative can give you the best advice on when to be ready to leave for the airport.

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