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Korcula Workation Package

A workation in Korcula can give you eight days to enjoy the gorgeous island getaway home to Marco Polo. Discover the essential Dalmatian Island that embodies Croatia’s essential beauty as you combine creativity and exploration. 


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Accommodation with appraised working amenities
Quality working wifi in your accommodations
Restaurants and activities recommended by local sources
Guided tours
City transfers
Airport Transfers
Local knowledge and suggestions

Customizable itinerary

This is a sample itinerary to inspire a personalized trip designed with your travel specialist

Korcula is a microcosm of greater Croatia, a destination steeped in the grandeur of antique towns, stunning coastline, and the cuisine that celebrates local vineyards and olive groves. When you arrive on the island, you can easily relax into your accommodation pre-evaluated by Workation to ensure you have the amenities you need to balance work while traveling. 

The remainder of the day is yours to walk the cobblestone streets of Old Town. Tradition remains paramount among the smell of the sea and grilled shellfish. The dominating figure of St. Mark’s Cathedral looms large above the main square with a bell tower that dates back to the 15th century. The mixture of Gothic and Renaissance design shines bright with polished limestone.

If you have time, get lost wandering the streets of Old Town. Find a restaurant or cafe that smells delicious. Sit, eat, and set a timer for 20 minutes during which you only enjoy the food and the atmosphere. Do not look at your phone until the timer goes off.

Try a traditional local dish like Makaruni pasta or sweet Klasuni cookies.

Explore the island on a day by visiting wineries that overlook the hinterland and coastlines. The combination of scenic villages and terraced grapevines creates some of the best views you can have during your trip. You can visit wineries that have indigenous grapes dating back to the 3rd century BC during the first Greek diaspora. 

You can sit back in the quintessential atmosphere as you discover the Grk grape variety, which has notes of pine and grapefruit with rich flavors of honeydew. You may even find a slight brininess, especially around vineyards that grow near olive groves with the roots soaking up the flavors of the soil. It’s a great introduction to the customs and heritage of the island through characteristic tastes. 

When wine tasting around Korcula, close your eyes and enjoy finding the different characteristics and personalities of the wine, from specific aromas to the texture of the wine to the actual flavors. Buy a bottle of the one you like best. 

During your tour, ask how to pair the food and wine. Find out which dishes or ingredients go best with the wines you like most. 

In the morning you can introduce a ritual into your day to help ease you into working in your new place. It can help make the transition quicker and easier before you set off on a cycling tour around the island. 

With a number of country lanes and trails to explore, you can mountain bike off-road near vineyards or cycle across the eastern part of the island between Zrnovo to Lumbarda. During the trip, you can find cypress trees and unencumbered views that spread across the green coastline and azure Adriatic. You may even see the Peljesac channel beyond the rows of cypress before finding an endless blanket of grapevines. 

Enjoy the view during your bike ride around Korcula. What sights capture your imagination the most? Do you prefer cycling toward the beaches or around the wineries and terraces? Notice what scenery you enjoy the most. 

There are a number of cycling paths around the island. Find the one that works best for your experience, energy level, and timeline.

Mljet is a forested island easily reached from Korcula. After work, you can head to the protected national park to enjoy the seductive atmosphere surrounded by the Adriatic Sea. The tranquility speaks to the legend that Odysseus of the famed epic poem was captivated by the island’s beauty for seven years. 

You can arrive on the shady walking trails that circle the coastline and lead to the saltwater lakes. The 12th-century monastery sit on an isolated island at the center of the Big Lake. You can row to the island in a kayak or dive into the water to view the coral reef for different views of the island. 

Reach Prozurska Luka Bay and just look out over the combination of water, greenery, red-tiled rooftops and distant islands. Breathe in with a four-count, hold your breath for an eight-count and then release the breath for a seven-count. Do this five times.

Start the visit in Sobra Village and look into renting a scooter. You will have the freedom to explore a little faster and have more access to greater views.

After work, you can once again head out on a fantastic experience around Dalmatia, this time visiting the Peljesac Peninsula. The craggy mountains and sweeping valleys of the interior offset the idyllic coves of the shoreline. 

For a great introduction to the scenery and culture, you can start at the walled town of Ston. The fortifications run nearly two miles and date back to the 14th century. The buildings shine white beneath red-tiled rooftops. If you have time, you can also trek to the top of Mount Sv. Ilija, the highest peak on the peninsula. It can take around 40 minutes depending on your fitness level but rewards you with a breathtaking view.

Travel to Ston and try the famous oysters. Find the different flavors and the layers that demonstrate its special characteristics.

Learn about the undersea winery where wine ages in terracotta amphora. 

Enjoy a boat ride around the island after work for a different view of the land, sea, and towns. You can stop at Vrnik, a tiny, uninhabited island that is part of the Korcula archipelago. Known best for its stone quarries, the civil history on the island dates back to Roman times.

Secluded coves create the perfect place to relax and enjoy the water in season and the pine trees can offer an aromatic shade as the sun drifts overhead. You can walk through the village for an ideal vision of stonemason perfection that demonstrates the art for which the quarry was coveted. 

Sit in the breeze and the smell of the sea during the boat ride. Pick a particular view. Connect the two and recall the image when smelling the sea air later. 

Visit in the warm season when you can find a secluded beach and try stand-up paddle boarding.

Once again, you can set out on an adventure to visit the village of Zavalatica after work. The homes overlook the natural cove where crystal-clear waters lap at the pebbled shore. Fishing boats often wade in the water after the fishers return with a fresh catch for the day. Homemade olive oil carries a creamy and slightly bitter smell. 

You can visit the neighboring beach of Zitna or enjoy the colorful fruit from the market. The restaurant carries the smell of lemon and grilled fish. Maybe sip a glass of rakia before returning to town for the night. 

Memorize as much of the view from the fortress as you can. Take a picture of your view. When you return to your accommodations, try to think of every last detail, then measure it against your photo. How much did you remember? 

Enjoy a slower pace of the village and visit a local restaurant where local seafood ingredients are on the menu.

You have one last morning in Korcula to enjoy the sites. Before you return to the mainland, you can walk along the city walls once more. They once held 12 towers and stood over 65 feet tall. At the Sea Gate Tower, you can find an old inscription that dates back to the 16th century while at the southern land gate to the old city, you can find stone steps and an imposing figure decorated with Venetian coats of arms. When you are ready, you will travel to Split for your flight home.

Sit in the picture of Korcula one last time before leaving for home. Memorize as much as you can. Use this as a moment to return to when you need to disconnect. 


Give yourself plenty of time to reach Split for the best flight options and flexibility.

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