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Rovinj Workation Package

Enjoy eight days in the medieval seaside city of Rovinj as you relax in the gorgeous atmosphere of Croatia’s Istrian Peninsula. Embrace local life, eat delicious cuisine, and explore historic hilltop towns to balance the joy of exploring on a workation. 


What’s included

Accommodation with appraised working amenities
Great working wifi
Vetted recommended restaurants and activities
Guided tours
Tickets to museums when touring
Airport Transfers
Local knowledge and suggestions

Customizable itinerary

This is a sample itinerary to inspire a personalized trip designed with your travel specialist

Rovinj embodies the best of the Istrian peninsula and Croatia’s desirable coastline that shines with effortless charm. Steep cobblestone streets and small plazas wind beneath elaborate churches. When you arrive, you can easily experience the ambiance that has attracted visitors to the seaside town and its nearby 14 islands. 

Take your time to get to know the city in which you can live and work. To get settled, you can walk through the oak and pine groves of Golden Cape Forest Park or look into the bay for a fantastic introduction into Croatia’s grand panoramas. 

If you make it time, sit and enjoy the Rovinj sunset. Count the colors. Notice if and how they bounce off the water. Don’t think about other viewpoints and just sit in the moment settling into your new city for the week.

Walk along the waterfront for your best introduction to Rovinj. Feel the inviting atmosphere of the sea breeze and buzzing restaurants, especially after sunset.

The cobblestone streets and squares dotted with cafes make Rovinj a city that feels familiar and comfortable. You can explore the history at your pace by simply walking around the alleyways and finding new marvelous medieval buildings as well as the Baroque design of the Cathedral of St. Euphemia. 

At Balbi’s Arch, you can find an elaborate decoration that includes the head of a Turk on one side that contrasts the head of a Venetian on the other. The archway marks the entrance to the old Venetian quarter where Gothic influence stands starkly against the medieval designs outside of the neighborhood. 

Visit the Rovinj City Museum. Find artwork or exhibition that catches your eye. Try to figure out what about it interests you. Is it the use of colors, the shadows, the information provided, a richer connection to local history, etc.? By focusing on why an artifact or art piece interests you, you can connect to your interests around Rovinj and Istria. 

Climb the bell tower that dominates the skyline for a fantastic view of the city, coastline, and surrounding countryside. 

Carve out your work schedule for the day or map out how you can structure your days during the week to make the most of your Workation before visiting the town of Motovun in the afternoon. The streets, walls, and houses terrace the hillside overlooking the Mirna River Valley and date back to the 14th century. Enjoy the fairytale ambiance enhanced by Gothic and Romanesque architecture. 

Artists display their works in large windows, boutique stores share contemporary designs that contrast the historical ambiance of the city, and cafes set out tables with views over the surrounding landscape. In season, restaurants practically overflow with dishes featuring truffles. 

Visit the artists of Motovun and learn more about their craft and its entrenched connection to the medieval city. How does the action of their art connect to your work and disconnect you from work?

Cycle the Parenzana trail for an incredible panoramic view of Motovun and the surrounding hilltop. 

Part of Croatia’s unbridled charm is its preserved nature and Brijuni National Park represents the magic that can emerge from a protected landscape. Start work early so you have plenty of time to explore Brijuni National Park, which consists of a number of islands and islets. 

You must have a guide during your visit and can discover areas that reveal a second-century Byzantine fortress, a Roman villa, and African wildlife that once populated the grounds of the former Yugoslavian President’s summer residence. One of the most unique areas to visit is the set of 200 million-year-old dinosaur footprints etched deep into the limestone. 

View the juxtaposition of the Croatian landscape with the oddities of international wildlife and wilderness. How do the animals stand out? Listen for the animals. What do they sound like? Do how they sound match how you imagined?  

Visit the Ethno Park for richer insight into the typical Istrian homestead including animal species like local ox, sheep, and goats.

After a day of work, you can disconnect from the process and connect to your surroundings with a wine tour of the Istrian peninsula. The region is often compared to Italy’s Tuscany as a location of medieval hilltop towns, quality cuisine, and remarkable boutique wines that don’t often leave the country. 

As your guide takes you around the various vineyards, you can find unique varietals that showcase orange wine or simply relax on a traditional vineyard while sipping a typical Croatian varietal like Teran or Malvazija. For an extra treat, you can pair your wines with specialty cheeses to enhance the flavors that you find, from apricot and caramel to chocolate and berries.

Listen to your guide and learn to focus on the flavors, body, and aromas of the wines you taste. By concentrating on the sensations of the wine, you train your mind to slow down and focus, whether on work or on life’s little pleasures. 

Talk to your guide to learn about the local food to best pair the wines you like. Teran wines go great with meaty pastas and Coronica Gran Malvazija goes well with shellfish.

Work at your own pace today but give yourself time to travel to the small fishing town of Vrsar. The promenade demonstrates a timelessness captured in colorful architecture, old stone houses, and winding streets that lead to unforgettable viewpoints. Coupled with the legend that Casanova visited the town on multiple occasions, Vrsar reveals itself as a treasure trove of simple pleasures. 

Walking through the town is the best way to enjoy the quiet ambiance and sea breeze before visiting the viewpoints for which the town is known. A steep walk up the hill rewards you with sensational views of the archipelago with the nearby orange-tiled houses, distant cobalt waters, and lush forest threaded in between. 

Visit the sculpture park in Vrsar before returning to work and focus on the details of the stone, its specific characteristics, and how those characteristics add to the overall artistic interpretation of the sculptures. 

Take your time cycling the trail that connects Vrsar to Porec. The scenery takes you through vineyards and olive grows for a perfect way to disconnect from work and connect to Croatia. 

Take the whole day to enjoy the beauty of Istria by combining the unforgettable flavor of truffle and the wealth of Roman architecture in Pula. Start exploring in the morning with a guided truffle hunt as you trek through the forest with excited dogs looking for the culinary equivalent of gold. 

Your guide can offer more detailed information on the unique properties of different types before you have the opportunity to sample the noticeable umami flavor with lunch. Pula is an exciting city with a preserved Roman amphitheater dominating the center. With beaches, fragrant pines, cafes celebrated for seaside views, and antique city walls, the city is easy to sink into. 

Close your eyes when you smell the truffles to get a sense of the earthy smell. When you taste the truffles in a recipe, close your eyes again. Where do you notice the flavor on your tongue? Do you notice only the flavor or the scent too?

Check the performance schedule for the Roman Arena. Concerts, public meetings, theater productions, and even hockey games take place there, and you could take part in an event inside the ancient amphitheater when visiting.

Depending on your flight time, you can take the morning to relax or to continue exploring different parts of Istria. If you have time, visit the town of Pazin to see the Ethnographic or Civic museums that represent different perspectives of local history, from traditional costumes to archeological finds, respectively. When ready, you will have a private driver take you to the airport bringing an end to your Workation. 

Have an easy breakfast at a seaside cafe. Enjoy a drink and a pastry. Set your timer for five minutes. Do not look at your phone until the timer goes off. Do you notice anything different about the view, the taste of your drink or your pastry?

Crowds can be intense at Pula Airport during the peak summer season. Get there early to have plenty of time to pass through security.

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