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Hvar Workation Package

Eight days exploring the island of Hvar on your Workation gives you an impeccable work-life balance. Explore hidden beaches, visit secluded villages, and simply indulge in the beautiful scenery on one of Croatia’s most alluring islands. 


What’s included

Accommodation with appraised working amenities
Great working wifi
Restaurants and activities that are vetted and recommended by locals
Guided tours
Tickets to museums when touring
Airport Transfers
Local knowledge and suggestions

Customizable itinerary

This is a sample itinerary to inspire a personalized trip designed with your travel specialist

Hvar is a classic island with coastal towns that shine with colorful architecture and views over the glassy water. Hvar Town is small, walkable, and full of charm making it an easy place to settle for your Workation. Settle into accommodations previously vetted by Workation to make sure you have the amenities you need to fully enjoy your discovery while also making work easy to manage from abroad. 

At your leisure, walk around the narrow alleys that create the atmospheric town. At St. Stephen’s Square, you can stand beneath the looming clock tower and find the smell of roasting seafood dressed with lemon juice. The aromas of the water add to the feeling that you have arrived on a distant island and the sunset creates an unforgettable layer of colors across the horizon. Visit Spanjola Fortress for an even better view of the rooftops, coastline, and pine trees.

Turn on your timer. Indulge in the sounds and smells of the town. How long does it take before you check your phone? 

Don’t miss the Franciscan Monastery in Hvar Town perched above the nearby cove. Visit the garden to find an even more tranquil environment.

Set out on a full day of exploring the nearby Pakleni Islands. Whether on a privately chartered boat or on a group tour, you can enjoy the celebratory ambiance of sailing across the crystal-clear Adriatic Sea. The boat may stop at Sveti Klement where gorgeous bays and a historic settlement represent the famous natural grandeur for which the archipelago is known.

Visit the beaches where white pebbles dip into turquoise waters, find a quiet bay to listen to the lapping sea, or visit the busy marina where restaurants can give you exceptional local cuisine as you relax with an iconic view. 

If the weather is nice, go into the water at one of the coves. How does it feel on your skin? How long can you stay in the water? What does the coastline look like from this view? 

Get muddy with a mud bath at Soline Beach, an ancient Roman spa.

Stari Grad is a fantastic place to disconnect from work at the end of the day. Located in a quiet corner away from Hvar Town, you can stroll the quiet cobblestone streets or sit in the picturesque plazas that fill with the scent of coffee in the afternoon. The beaches overflow with charm and feel much more relaxed without the crowds that Hvar Town can accumulate. 

The historic coastal promenade boasts colorful historic homes and swaying palm trees. The architecture dates back to the Venetian Renaissance and adds to the remarkable atmosphere perfect for exploring. Visit the historic archway or walk through the gardens of Tvrdalj Palace. You could also take the opportunity to cycle the plains where millennia-old Greek and Roman history spreads across the landscape. 

Visit a winery in Stari Grad for a taste of the island’s unique flavors. What characteristics do you find in wine? How does it taste when coupled with olive oil, honey, or other island favorites? 

Relax on the seafront promenade known as the Riva and enjoy an ice cream or simply sit and watch the sunset.

In season, you can relax on some of Croatia’s most incredible beaches to help wind down after a day of work. Part of the wonder of a Workation experience is stepping outside of your everyday comforts to enjoy a new lifestyle or activity on top of your daily routine. After work, visit Pokonji Dol Beach where shades of turquoise water layer the cool and refreshing Adriatic Sea. 

The beach has one of the most relaxed atmospheres near Hvar Town, A local restaurant adds to the perfect ambiance by serving fresh seafood and cold drinks. Take a breath and enjoy the sea breeze, the bordering greenery from the trees, and the view of the clear water that brushes the shore. 

Reach the beach and set your timer for two minutes. Close your eyes and listen to the water until the timer goes off. 

Bring water shoes with you to the beach, no matter which beach you visit. The Adriatic coastline has many pebbles and rocks that make barefoot walking difficult.

After a full day of work, take your time to explore the beauty and culture of Hvar by visiting  Kabal Peninsula and villages across the island. The peninsula captures what by now has become the familiar allure of the idyllic waterfront but the inland villages provide a connection to authentic culture and Old World tradition not as prevalent in the coastal towns. 

At Velo Grablje, you may find remnants of ancestral lavender production and the customs that have been brought back to life with a village festival. The herbaceous smell can drift between the stone buildings and even fill the local restaurant that offers traditional dishes and even cooking classes that focus on authentic Dalmatian dishes. You can walk a little beyond town to visit the abandoned Malo Grablje, where antique stone houses rise above the grazing sheep. 

Follow the streets of Vrboska. Imagine what it must have been like in the 16th century as a fishing harbor. What makes it feel like a “Little Venice?”

Take the time to enjoy the view over the picturesque canal and stone bridges around the town from a cafe or restaurant. 

Start work early so you can head to the island of Vis once you are done. The easy ferry can get you to the island in under one hour and reveal the stunning nature and gourmet cuisine that borders the coastline. Vis was also the filming location for Mama Mia! Here We Go Again. Vineyards terrace the island slopes producing a local white varietal with an ancient history. 

After taking time to explore a part of the island, you can take a boat to the legendary Blue Cave. The natural phenomenon consists of the sunlight piercing the water from a particular angle causing refracted light to shine a rich blue in the water and across the cave walls. The serene and surreal experience captures the unique beauty of Croatia that you have experienced so far, ethereal, understated, and completely immersive.  

Concentrate on the color of the cave. As you leave the cave, can you close your eyes and picture the color? Is it part of the cave or separate from the cave? Does it have a feeling or just an image? 

You can also visit the Green Cave, where you can swim inside the emerald light. 

You can either travel to Brac after work or take PTO to fully enjoy your last full day in Croatia. Start at Brac, home to the natural beauty and fantastic cultural attractions of the Dalmation Coast. White pebbles create a ribbon along the coastline fading into the turquoise shades of the water. Cycling and hiking trails crisscross the interior passing fragrant olive groves and manicured rows of terraced vineyards. For a different view of the region, you can trek to the top of VIdova Gora, the highest peak on the Adriatic islands, for an unforgettable panorama that sweeps across the water and neighboring islands. 

At Jesla, you can relax on the atmospheric waterfront and embrace the feelings of Renaissance Venice wedged between the marina and verdant hills. Sip coffee by the shore, dip your toes into the warm waters at St. Luke’s Bay, or wander around the Perivoj public garden where palms, pines, and oleanders thrive. 

Enjoy an olive oil tasting and learn the differences of the olive oils produced on the island. Can you find the layers and flavors of the oil that make a difference? 

In summer, Jesla holds a classical festival named for a famous native composer. The event usually focuses on music, theater, and literature by Croatian creatives. 

In the morning in Hvar Town, it is easy to find a mixture of aromas from the seaside cafes serving pastries to the sea breeze sweeping through the streets. On your last morning before you travel to the mainland for your flight, enjoy the relaxed atmosphere and delicious combination of flavors, from pastries to coffee combined with the view of the water. You will travel to Dubrovnik Airport for your flight home and return before the work week starts on Monday. 

Use the morning to visit the Spanish Fortress for one last view. Memorize it. How does it feel? What does it sound like from the viewpoint? Wait until you reach the airport and try to recall the sensory details. 

Split is the closest and easiest airport to reach from Hvar. Give yourself plenty of time to travel from the island to the mainland and then include the travel time to the airport. 

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