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Rovinj, Zadar

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14 Days

Rovinj and Zadar Workation Package

Take your time with a 14-day Croatia Workation in Rovinj and Zadar for a fantastic immersion into the opulent past and delicious present. Explore, work, and enjoy your days as you visit local towns, witness surprising nature, and visit the remarkable history on your timeline.


What’s included

Accommodation with appraised working amenities
Great working wifi
Restaurants and activities that are vetted and recommended by locals
Guided tours
Tickets to museums when touring
Airport Transfers
Local knowledge and suggestions

Customizable itinerary

This is a sample itinerary to inspire a personalized trip designed with your travel specialist

The medieval town of Rovinj is an immersion into living history and the beauty of the Istrian Peninsula. Enjoy the vetted accommodations inside of town that will provide the amenities you need to enjoy your Workation. 

Depending on when your flight arrives, you can take your time to get accustomed to the town that juts out into the Adriatic Sea.  You may find the smell of the sea blending with the aromas of grilled seafood and citrus. Take your time walking the cobblestone streets and quiet plazas hidden beneath the tower of St. Euphemia’s Church, topped by a copper statue of the saint.

Close your lips and inhale through your nose for four seconds. Hold your breath for seven seconds. Exhale through your mouth while making a whoosh sound for eight seconds. Do this three times. Notice how it makes you feel in this new space.

Don’t overlook the baroque architecture and cultural treasures inside the Heritage Museum. 

With the entire day to enjoy Rovinj and the surroundings, travel out of town to explore Lim Fjord. The natural bay encapsulates all that the Istrian Peninsula’s nature has to offer with verdant forests that climb the hilly walls of the bay. Fish and oyster farms abound along the turquoise water as you take a boat down the western coast. 

After exploring the winding shoreline, visit Vrsar, a charming fishing town that has gained popularity for its lovely beaches. No matter the time of year, the medieval streets and preserved bell tower accentuate the gorgeous view from the seaside promenade.

Strike a power pose that feels right and authentic to you. Notice how your body feels, how much space you take up, and whether or not it helps you disconnect from work or helps you dig deeper into the workflow.

Aside from the natural beauty, taste the locally farmed shellfish, like mussels or oysters, to enjoy the richer flavors of the region.

Create a ritual for yourself that helps you enter and decompress from the work mindset during your time in Croatia. As your first full work day, you can ease yourself into the comforts of your accommodations with a traditional breakfast pastry or strong coffee like the locals drink. 

After work, travel to nearby Pula to enjoy the layers of history revealed along the streets. The Roman Amphitheater could seat up to 20,000 people and continues to attract audiences during festivals and performances. The ARch of Sergii is close by and demonstrates the power of former aristocratic families under Roman rule.

Make a to-do list of things you would like to see the following day.  When you go through the city, check off your list.

If you have the opportunity to visit the Archeology Museum in Pula, you can find artifacts from Stone Age caves, Byzantine marble carvings, and ancient stone reliefs.

Start work early so you can enjoy Porec, one of the most beautiful towns in Istria. The picturesque waterfront creates an enchanting feeling among the historical plazas and ancient architecture that dates back to Roman and medieval times. The Euphrasian Basilica has foundations dating back to the 6th century and features incredible mosaics. 

The Baroque Sincic Palace embodies opulence while also hosting the Porec Museum’s Roman and early Christian artifacts. With stunning beaches and upscale resorts, Porec’s beauty is well-known, which supports the easy tourist infrastructure around the city. 

For a look deeper into the past, walk down the Trg Marafor where the original Roman pavement lines the edge beneath the northern row houses.

Look at the intersection of the Forum and Cardo Maximus, and meditate. Return to your accommodation and recall the feeling. Write it down and see if that feeling changes over time or remains. 

Visit a local sheep farm to sample the delicious cheese with a glass of wine. 

Switch your schedule around for the day to dive deep into the thrill of hunting for truffles. The Istrian Peninsula is known for its variety of truffles that change depending on the season. Follow your guide through the hills and across the undergrowth in search of the musty and earthy treasures. Trained dogs sniff the ground and dig into the soil when they find the right scent. Your guide may treat you to a delicious local lunch of shrimp with white truffle or pljukanci pasta with black truffle depending on the season to give you a better understanding of what you found, its importance, and its specific flavor. 

Sit in a busy cafe and listen to the activity around you. Can you make out any words you know or feel the passion of what others express?

Take your time in the medieval hilltop village of Motovun for a fantastic accompaniment to any truffle tour before returning to Rovinj for work.


Explore the Croatian countryside after work by visiting the beautiful artist colony of Groznjan. Postcard-perfect streets can feel like unearthing hidden treasures as you find decorated doors, leafy terraces, and artisan shops overflowing with fascinating local artwork. 

The Fonticus Gallery is located inside a 16th-century building that has its own history, while the walls promote the works of contemporary Croatian artists. Simply walking around Grznjan is a reward but witting and enjoying a home-cooked meal that features traditional Istrian dishes paired with a regional wine will give you a new level of discovery. 

Make a to-do list of things you want to eat the following day. When you go through town, check off your list.

When visiting in between May and August, take part in the artistic ambiance of town when the summer arts academies open drawing dancers, artists, actors, and activists. 

Cape Kamenjak is a rugged coastline that brings to life some of the most beautiful scenery in Croatia no matter the time of year. Beaches feel elegant, the Adriatic Sea shines turquoise beneath the white layered stone of the caves, and hiking trails wind along the coast for impressive views of the water, land, and variety of orchids. 

Visit after work or split your time in half to explore the trails crisscrossing Cape Kamenjak to find lounging monk seals or leaping dolphins. You can also take a bike and cycle the paths to cover the most ground for the impressive views over the cliffs.

Memorize a pattern on a piece of architecture. What do you notice? Does it remind you of anything or is it a new pattern?

The rocky coastline of Cape Kamenjak has great views and hidden caves to explore, as well as dinosaur footprints to discover.

When you are ready, you can leave behind the charming life of Rovinj and settle back down in the gorgeous seaside city of Zadar. The historic streets and architecture lookout to the Adriatic Sea while feeling like an artist colony filled with unique installations.

Take the time to relax and enjoy your accommodations vetted with comfort and amenities in mind to help you focus on your travels and work. When walking the city, remember to admire the Byzantine jewels reflected inside the Church of St. Mary, as well as the Roman artifacts on display inside the Archeological Museum.

Choose an object that catches your eye. Memorize it. Wait 30 minutes. Try to recall it in as much detail as possible.


Enjoy an immersion into Zadar at a cafe with a view of the Sun Salutation.

Plitvice Lakes National Park is one of the most iconic images of Croatia. 16 lakes overflow into elegant waterfalls visible from the winding Upper and Lower trails. The beauty of nature takes center stage as you wander through the hinterland beside and over the turquoise water.

It is not just the lakes and their placid ambiance but the waterfalls that connect the bodies of water that create the compelling attraction. Enjoy strolling the boardwalks and eventually take the Upper Trail for the best lookouts over the park.

Practice the Pomodoro method by exploring a neighborhood for 25 minutes then taking a 5-minute break. Do this three times.

Look for advice on the best wineries around the region for local knowledge not listed in guidebooks or travel blogs.

The work week will begin and after work, you will continue your exploration of Croatia around Zadar, this time in Kornati National Park. Set sail along the archipelago of 147 islands to view the rugged coastline riddled with caves and cliffs. Quiet coves can reveal hidden beaches or old foundations dating back to a 6th-century Byzantine fortress.

Lizards and snakes may lounge on the rocks and bask in the sunlight. Inland, olive trees thrive in the Mediterranean ecosystem alongside fig trees. For a greater sense of adventure, you can leap into the water with a snorkel and look for the combination of coral and vibrant fish.

Order a coffee, pastry or both. Practice mindfulness by focusing on the flavors and textures. What are they? Are they familiar or new? Write them down.

Visit a local restaurant to sample the seafood caught by traditional fishermen that tells a story of present-day flavors mixed with customary recipes.

Sibenik is a gorgeous city on the water but often passed over for more famous coastal places like Split or Dubrovnik. Visit after work for a taste of cinematic streets and tower homes tinted with gold at sunset. 

Preserved Old Town features architecture dating back to the 15th century as well as the elaborate Cathedral that blends Gothic and Renaissance elements. The apse possesses more than 70 unique faces carved into the frieze demonstrating the artistic prowess of the architect, artisans, and city itself. 

From inside the Renaissance-era Rector’s Palace, you can enjoy the gorgeous touches from 16th-century Venetian rule in addition to the artifacts that reflect the historical layers of the city beginning with the Neolithic period.

Spend five minutes focusing on your thoughts. What are they? Where are they taking you? Write them down.

Visit St. John’s Fortress for a great view over the city.

Nin is a small but dreamy town near Zadar that hosts sandy beaches and a unique collection of historic buildings. Definitely a place that hides under the radar of most visitors, you can discover the stunning location during your Workation after you finish work for the day. 

Walk the cobblestone streets of Old Town by taking the pedestrian bridge over the promontory. The small details can captivate you quickly, from the historic church spires to the edges of the largest remaining Roman temple in Croatia, the main square to an archeological museum that displays ancient jewelry and boats.

Learn five new facts about where you are. Where did you find them?

Find the calm and peaceful ambiance of the city at Salt Pans.


For your last day of exploration in Croatia, you can travel to Drnis outside of work to further explore the Dalmatian hinterland. Once you arrive, you can quickly see how the town exudes its religious iconography surrounded by preserved medieval fortifications. 

The large main square shines white against the surrounding emerald trees and orange-tiled rooftops. Tavernas serve traditional ham sliced thin by hand and the rail leading to the top of Cikola Canyon travels through the remains of a majestic medieval defensive system.

Read one article about the contemporary culture of the city you are in. What does it say? Where did you find it?

Find the 15th-century fortress outside of the small town of Drnis, as well as a mosque and Turkish baths.

If you don’t want to take any PTO, you can take your time working and enjoying the ambiance of Zadar, listening to the Sea Organ or remembering the lights of the Sun Salutation art installation. Depending on the time of your flight, you may have time to sit in a cafe and enjoy the sea breeze or take one more tour to view Roman Zadar. No matter how you choose to spend your last day, you will return home with the weekend to recuperate from your Workation.

Write down your top 3 favorite moments or experiences before you leave.

Zadar airport is not large, which gives you more time to enjoy the city one last time before you go.

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