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Zagreb Workation Package

Enjoy an alternative lifestyle, great views, and cultured ambiance on a nine-day Workation in Zagreb. Explore the inspiring architecture, culture, and nearby towns at your pace while you balance work and life. 


What’s included

Accommodation with appraised working amenities
Great working wifi
Vetted recommended restaurants and activities
Guided tours
Tickets to museums when touring
Airport Transfers
Local knowledge and suggestions

Customizable itinerary

This is a sample itinerary to inspire a personalized trip designed with your travel specialist

Thriving and energetic, Zagreb is a capital city that defies convention and demonstrates a fantastic connection to contemporary life and remembered culture. Arrive at your vetted accommodation with a private transfer to get you settled into a centrally located neighborhood with ease. 

For a great introduction to the city, visit Tkalciceva Street to enjoy the lively ambiance of the sidewalk cafes and restaurants. The boutique shops stay open late on Saturdays and the nearby Katpol Square creates an added regal touch with 17th-century buildings that surround the morning fruit and vegetable market. 

Train your focus during your Workation by exercising your mind. Give your full attention to your new surroundings. Have dinner at a local restaurant and take in the ambiance, the decor, and the aromas. An hour after dinner, try to recall the entire experience in detail.

Gain a better understanding of Croatia through its food by trying a dish like roasted turkey with mlinci, fuzi with truffles, or Slavonian shepherd stew. 

Zagreb is really a treasure often bypassed for more famous cities in Croatia. The real beauty of the country emerges from the Upper and Lower neighborhoods that you can explore with a private guide. 

The cathedral is a collection of historical designs dating back to the 1200s with refurbishments that resemble the original medieval design. Delicate religious iconography decorates the interior along with a treasury filled with preserved garments and sacred objects. In the Gradec neighborhood, you can walk the cobblestone streets and enjoy the Romanesque architecture of St. Mark’s Church. The winding lanes host elegant shops and apartments that embody a picturesque European town. 

Climb Lotrscak Tower and look for signs of the tower’s history. Can you find hints or telltale signs of the local legend? Focus on the details and see what stories the design tells. 

Visit the exhibition gallery and speak with a local guide to learn more about the history of the tower and its important connection to the city before you take in the view. 

Zagreb is a city with fascinating museums meant for visitors with varied interests. Ease into your work in the morning to give you plenty of time to enjoy exploring the galleries in the afternoon. Whether interested in contemporary art or ancient history, you can discover the works of Ante Topic Mimara in the Mimara Museum or view remnants of the ancient meeting between eastern and western civilizations in the Archeological Museum. 

One of the most famous galleries established in recent years is the Museum of Broken Relationships, which displays objects from former partners around the world accompanied by a detailed description of the failed partnership.  

Find an artifact that speaks to you. Read the story and see if you have any items in your life that you could have donated to the museum.

Visit one of Zagreb’s celebrated cafes and enjoy a coffee and pastry like a local. Experience the essential contemporary culture of the bohemian city.

The Art Pavilion in Zagreb can give you a different cultural perspective of the city through an exhibition space first established in 1896 and transferred from Budapest. Take your time strolling through the mixture of manicured lawn, an elaborate garden, and the iron framework for an exceptional view into the past. 

After work is done, you can find the yellow Art Nouveau structure acting as a masterful work of art itself while hosting fantastic works by Ivan Mestrovic. The structure, its former exhibitions, and its elegant surroundings have become the embodied history of Zagreb.

Look at the difference between the stone, wood, and bronze statues in the galleries. Are you attracted to one style of sculpting vs. another? Think about which draws your eye and why. 

Learn more about Croatian artist and sculptor Mestrovic for a better understanding of the artworks displayed in the 17th-century home where the artist once lived.

Sambobor is a quiet village near Zagreb that can offer a fantastic getaway from the bustling contemporary streets of Zagreb. Finish your workday and enjoy the easy ride out of the city close to the Slovenian border to find historic architecture surrounded by pristine nature.

The town has an inspiring atmosphere summed up by the serene sounds of the breeze in the trees and the relaxed but lively vibe from the central cafes in the main square. St. Anastasia stands tall above the city with a firm spire and the 13th-century castle ruins crown the hilltop reachable by an easy trail.  

Hike to the old castle above Somobor and enjoy the hidden views. Imagine what it must have looked like in the 13th century when surrounded by forest. 

Sample the famous cream cake to learn why it’s so famous. 

Finish work early and travel to Varazdin about an hour away from Zagreb. As one of the most overlooked cities in the country, you can immediately feel youthful energy that contrasts the Baroque architecture.

Instead of the unique focus of Zagreb’s museums, Varazdin’s galleries tell a story of the town from historic counts to the rulers of the modern age, as well as a collection of captivating pieces by old and new masters. The city center asks for you to stroll the cobblestone streets as they take you back in time through living history. Before you return to Zagreb, be sure to walk the waterfront to enjoy the idyllic views along the Drava River. 

Visit the serene ambiance of the Varazdin Cemetery. Wander the avenues and stand beneath the trees. What are the oldest dates you see?

Sit and enjoy the classic outdoor cafes of the town and experience why it’s called “Little Vienna of Croatia.”

You can finish your day at work and immediately step into a fairytale at Trakoscan Castle. Equal parts magic and destitute from years of neglect, the castle peaks above the tree line with regal spires and fortifications. Restructuring through the centuries has created layers of different designs attune to the tastes of Croatian nobles. The windows look over a constructed lake and the galleries host a small museum dedicated to Croatian history. 

In the bucolic town of Kumrovec, you can continue your exploration of the historic and storybook in Croatia by wandering through the open-air ethnographic museum. View the collection of old farm buildings fringed with gardens and staged scenes of traditional rural life, including a working blacksmith’s forge and active gingerbread maker. 

Sit beside the lake and enjoy the reflection. Count how many items you can see in the water, including reflections of the surroundings.

Have a meal at Noel to experience a Michelin-starred restaurant in Croatia to find a masterful selection of multi-course meals and options. 

Depending on your flight time, you can spend your morning exploring Zagreb one more time and indulging in your favorite spots. Take in a lasting view from the top of Ltrscak Tower or simply enjoy a lingering breakfast at one of the trendy restaurants found around a contemporary neighborhood. A private transfer will help you reach the airport easily and quickly to bring an end to your Workation in Croatia.  

Zagreb pushes against the normal Croatian breakfast by capitalizing on an entire breakfast scene with popular breakfast and brunch spots. Find a local favorite and pay attention to the menu. How does it relate to your favorite restaurant at home and what differences can you notice both on the menu and with the dish you order?

Zagreb Airport is the largest in Croatia and can have security delays. By arriving at least two hours before an international flight, you have enough of a buffer in case you are delayed. 

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